Because Fuck You


I will not be silenced.

My reality is that I face a lot of attacks for my writing, and for my ability to transcribe the crazy shit that happens in the cannabis movement into understandable and digestible pieces that people seem to enjoy. My writing is not exceptional by any means, but it is real. People read what they do here because they know that, like it or not, I am going to tell the fucking truth.

The truth is a scary proposition for many, especially when it can be told by a person who has the ability to express themselves. The truth becomes dangerous when people knowing it can cause others to lose money and/or face. This, in turn, angers many and forces them to lash out in bizarre, and sometimes violent, ways.

Because of my writing I have had tracking devices put on my car, and have been threatened and followed. I have had all of my tires slashed. I was violently pepper-sprayed as I left a dispensary one day. My wife and kids have been followed, and pictures of them were sent to me with a letter stating if I cared about them I would “stay off of the internet.”  I am threatened by some chump who is mad about something I posted or wrote on social media at least weekly.

I am no stranger to being attacked and threatened. It has become par for the course. When people listen to what you have to say and value your opinion, those who you say it about cower in fear.


“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


There are plenty of hate-filled people in the cannabis movement. Because of the current “quasi-legal but not really” scenario that is the cannabis industry these days, the environment is ripe for fraud and abuse. We have a far higher percentage of con-men and shysters running around due to the perception of easy money by people who can basically do nothing about it when they get fucked.

Which is why the call for unity always makes me laugh. Who the fuck would want to unify with this band of crooks for real? No thanks. I will pass.

Save your unity for the folks who deserve it, and not just any jackass who gets off the boat spewing bullshit about how awesome they think weed is so they can sell their fancy “next big thing” weed product. Gag. They are getting off the boat faster than I can keep up these days, most with some money to buy off this group or that influential individual to get their foot in the door.

It is a sad reality.

There are a lot of fucked up people and organizations running around the game right now. There are a lot of great ones too. My point in writing about this industry has been to examine the trends and which way the political winds are blowing, and try to educate people on what is happening, and what needs to happen, for this movement to be successful. I am not perfect, but I do my homework. Most of the pieces I write are on target and accurate.

I pull no punches. I have never found that beating around the bush was a good angle for me. I am terrible at masking my feelings and thoughts to make them more palatable for the world. Generally what you get from me is pure unadulterated reality. I know that if I lay out the absolute truth, no matter what that might be, that I have the ability to make sense of complex issues.


In telling these truths there are often those who become angry. Not like a little angry. Like super angry. Like shaking angry. Like cannot even speak clearly anymore angry. Like I think I will do some crazy revenge shit angry.

Which is why I was not surprised to learn that Cheryl Shuman and her lapdog Kevin Saunders, in conjunction with Attorney Matthew Pappas, had begun spreading the godawful lie that I was a pedophile. Now I am generally all for some good old-fashioned name calling; but this shit crosses a line.

I am a hard-working father of two kids whose wife is lucky enough to not have to work and can raise our children. Our family is about as vanilla as it comes besides my activity in the world of cannabis. We try to raise our two sons the best we can in a world that is often a pretty fucked up place. It is certainly not easy and we know the dangers of the world we live in.

Both myself and my wife were molested when we were younger. Needless to say, these were life-changing events for both her and I. Nothing is more vile than destroying a child’s innocence and affecting the trajectory of their life forever. These incidents have certainly altered who my wife and I are as people, and how we view the world.

We do not take these falsified charges of me being a pedophile in some sort of twisted act of revenge lightly. It is disgusting and incredibly sad. I must be getting pretty close to sinking a person’s battleship if they are willing to stoop this low.

I have two sons. I worry daily about them being manipulated and attacked by sexual predators. My sons are not allowed to spend the night at people’s houses that we have not known for a long long time. If there is a sleep over event happening with their school my wife has to attend with them. There is no exceptions there. Because of my experiences I refuse to leave my kids in any sort of vulnerable situation until they are old enough to understand and do something about it.

So for me to be called a pedophile by some people who are so desperate for revenge that they will literally do anything to silence me is absurd. It is so transparent and pathetic that many have told me to “just let it go” or to “get over it.” Easier said than done. I am terrible at letting things go.

Things affect me deeply and I have a tendency to work to destroy things I perceive as threats. I rarely just walk away and let things be….especially when people want to accuse me of raping children. So you can be sure that not only will I not be silenced, but that I will be more vocal and willing to crush these folks by any means necessary. Game on, bitches.

What is hilarious really is the website they put up to try and scare me. I will not link to it here because I do not want to give it traffic, but there is a screenshot below:


Nice, right? What a bunch of losers. Yes…I am a convicted felon. This is true…FOR PROVIDING MEDICAL CANNABIS EDIBLES. It is always nice when folks who claim to be in the movement want to kick a person for being convicted for providing cannabis. Especially when the people making the accusations have been convicted of fraudulent activities and are admitted heroin junkies. But alas, I digress.

What I though was hilarious is here is a site charging me with being a pedophile complete with a “VICTIMS” tab; but when you click on the VICTIMS tab not only is there not one child who I supposedly molested on there, it reads like a Who’s Who list of fraudsters and charlatans. Check it out:


  • Rick Simpson
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Steve DeAngelo
  • Harborside Health Centers
  • Rob Kampia
  • MPP
  • ​Serra Frank
  • Moms for Marijuana
  • The Stanley Brothers
  • Josh Stanley
  • Realm of Caring
  • Incredibles Edibles
  • Bob Eschino
  • Cheryl Shuman
  • Aimee Shuman
  • Shari Peterson
  • Dragonfly Lyoness
  • Med Men
  • Charles Vest
  • Michael Llamas
  • HempMeds PX
  • ​MJNA

Yes….I have written negative pieces about each and every one of these folks at one time or another because of their nefarious activities and willingness to defraud our community. They forgot a few chumps like Russ Belville and Allen St. Pierre; but I guess #bitchface only listed the folks she had in her coalition of the willing to fuck you out of your money. But I stand wholeheartedly behind my “attacks” on “some of the most beloved and successful leaders in the cannabis community,” as the site puts it.

Now as we take this deal to the next level and really begin to heat up the nail of life on this matter, I wonder how many of the folks on this list are ready for another dose of reality and for me focus on their bullshit again?

As far as I am concerned, while I am 100% positive this site was created by Cheryl Shuman herself, every person who is on this list at a site that accuses me of raping children is guilty by association. Anyone on this list who is not working to have this site shut down and removed are part of the fucking problem and will be dealt with accordingly.

Why? Because FUCK YOU is why.

I will never sit down and/or shut up. You fucking losers should know that by now.

Shit like this just makes me grow louder and stronger. i will work 10x as hard to make sure you never work in cannabis again. There are no bounds as to what I am capable of when I am falsely accused of such heinous bullshit.

Some people may notice that I have removed them from my FB feed. Below is an explanation about that in case you were wondering WTF?

Hey there….Sorry you got caught up in a mess. I have been falsely accused of being a pedophile by Cheryl Shuman, Kevin Saunders, Attorney Matthew Pappas, and a profile named Jennifer Brown Johnson (which is also Cheryl Shuman). In order to insulate myself from these folks I am not accepting any friends who have mutual contact with these folks. These threats have put myself, and my family in danger. I am more than happy to be your friend and I am glad you value my input. But I have to draw a line here somewhere and begin to move past what has become extremely messy…and now dangerous. Below is a list of the pages I have deleted, and will continue to delete mutual friends from:

If you go through and remove these folks and or no longer “like” their pages, I am more than happy to add you back on. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and have simply drawn a line in the sand for myself on this issue to protect myself. I appreciate your understanding. I can assure you it was nothing personal. I even deleted some very close friends and even one of my staff. It is just how it is, and has to be, for me right now. No exceptions will be made.

Be Well,
Mickey Martin

So I have begun to take necessary steps in my life to shield myself from this bullshit. It is a defensive strategy to circle the wagons and eliminate areas where these issues lie.

Then will come the offensive attack. We will take this shit to the next level. I can assure you that. For those of you who just wish it would all go away because you hate conflict, I apologize in advance. This is likely going to get even more messy.

I am not completely innocent. I admit that since Cheryl Shuman went on Huffington Post Live and originally made these veiled attacks on me I have been on a mission to destroy any and all credibility she may have left. In this battle, names have been called and memes have been posted. While some of the things I might say seem mean spirited and uncalled for, just remember this bitch went on a national media outlet and accused me of luring school-aged girls in with my weed candy, doing meth, being an armed robber, and stating that I went to prison for these crimes. All absolute fabrications. But these losers have doubled-down and have begin to directly attack my dignity with louder and more prominent bullshit accusations of pedophilia.


Believe that my first reaction was to pack a van of motherfuckers and to go turn out a good old fashioned ass whooping on each and every one of these coward fucks. But that is probably what they want. Cheryl Shuman, Kevin Saunders, and Matthew Pappas are all miserable people who would probably thank a person for putting them out of their misery and taking them away from their pathetic existence. I am not one to do them any favors.

But what I can assure them is that at every corner they turn, and at every point they try to make, myself and my associates will be there to meet them. They will no longer be able to con people and make a living off of their bullshit. Our foot will be on their neck for the rest of their time on this planet, making sure that whatever they want to do they are challenged and exposed.

Cheryl wants to be famous more than anything. Notice she has not done a major media appearance in over 6 months. People will be sure to encourage producers that she never sees the other side of a TV camera again. Anyone who hires this #bitchface will be a target and i will make sure their business loses money.

Kevin Saunders wants to operate a cannabis collective. He is facing charges for selling a pound to undercover cops in the Monterey area and is facing over 20 charges of harassment from a school he used to attend for threatening staff and students. As one goes before the court, they generally look for support from the community. What is the opposite of court support? That is what Saunders has coming.

Matthew Pappas is running for Long beach City Attorney. I have been working to outreach people in Long Beach through media channels and friends in the area to ensure I lose him at least 10 votes a day. Pappas is the asshole whose arrogance and bullshit legal strategy nearly shut down the entire industry in the Pack case, in case you were wondering. He claims to be supported by this community, but the reality is he has done more harm than our opposition in his self-centered work.


Each of these fucking people are scumbags who are actively telling people I rape children. It is beyond bullshit, and I will not be just letting anything go. These fucks have no idea of the Pandora’s Box of bullshit they have opened with their pathetic smear campaign against me and my family.


So before folks get all holier-than-thou with their tales of “being the bigger person” and “turning the other cheek” just put yourself in my shoes. Not only is it gross and disgusting, it is very damaging to my work and my reputation. It is not something I am going to walk away from, and you can be sure all bets are off going forward.

Because FUCK YOU.

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  1. Mickey, thank you for all you do and for all your service and sacrifice to cannabis freedom. These creatures making these despicable accusations would make great jurors at the 17th century Salem Witch Trials. A couple of years ago I was down and out about the cannabis movement and you gave me encouraging words on your blog. You are true blue, Mickey.

  2. From all who work towards transparency, we salute you (and your website)! (Along with thanks to your family.)

    I’d just like to mention that the guilt-by-association belief is something I hate to consider — and yet, when we’re talking about Ms. Shuman, I think I will agree. And perhaps the problem also exists for those in the marijuana industry with direct connections to Mr. DeAngelo and Harborside, even if they have no connection to Ms. Shuman.

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