Full of Shit: Matthew Davies

So if one more person calls me and says this slimeball ex-real estate broker named Matt Davies is going around saying he did my work in Stockton and got my clients a permit there, I am going to begin a manhunt for dude. On top of that he is wandering around telling people that he has helped several groups through Phase 2 in the Sac application process, which is also bullshit….

He is approaching dispensing collectives in Sacramento in an effort to take over their permits and “manage” their operations for them. In order to do this, he must convince the unknowing that he has some real bona fides to ensure that he can lead them to the promise land. The problem? He really doesn’t. He has not done shit, knows little about cannabis, and apparently has a bunch of family money he s throwing at the wall to see what sticks. Great. Just what this industry needs…another wannabe ex-real estate guy wandering around acting as if he is the second coming of cannabis Jesus and will save all of the struggling dispensaries with his money, charm and deception. Don’t believe the hype….

Dude is a charlatan…a snake oil salesman of the worst kind. And the more digging I do on him the less I like him. I do not appreciate having some loser fuck wannabe wandering around claiming credit for my hard work. So let us be clear….Matt Davies did NO application in Stockton, and if he did it was a loser because I know all three selected applicants and his was not one of them…period. His dad, Bruce Davies put in an application and would have been selected but was in a zone with the two other applicants and was denied, but there is no record of Matt on that application besides being involved with the property. Also, only one group has made it through Phase 2 in Sacramento and he is not a part of that group. So when he comes to sell you his wolf tickets tell Matt Davies he is full of shit and to take his weak ass and unethical bullshit somewhere else. This industry’s asshole department is full. Thanks anyways, loser…