If you cannot laugh at yourself try being funnier…


I am short, a little fat, and can be a fairly grumpy asshole on most days….and that can be very funny.

I laugh at myself all of the time. I have to. I have way too many flaws and issues in my life to not find the humor in it. I can remember times when I wanted to be taken more seriously, and worked to hide my flaws to fit this mold or that trend. Believe it or not, I used to be very hard on myself and worried greatly about my public image. I used to give a shit what others thought about me to the point I was not even sure who I really was any more at times.

I cannot pinpoint the moment in my growth where that changed, but I know it came from the realization that despite my flaws and issues I am a really good person. I also looked around and decided that the other gigantic assholes I was sharing this planet with were no better than me, despite how shiny and polished they look to the naked eye. In fact, through direct experience with other humans, I understood everyone was pretty much a retarded bag of thought and emotion that did not know more about being a successful human than I did.

I have worked with some very successful people over the years, and was always enlightened by the experience. But in dealing with people who are successful, I learned that even successful people have many severe flaws. The difference is that most have acknowledged these flaws, accepted them, and have learned to be successful despite their flaws. They understand their limitations, and sometimes irrational behaviors; and they can laugh at them. By acknowledging their own shortcomings, they can then find other humans who excel where they lack and who can help them achieve their objectives.

They have taken the power from their own imperfections by embracing them and learning to overcome them. Those who cannot truly laugh at themselves can never achieve real success because they cannot understand their own failures. When we know that we are just another stupid human we can prepare for that and work around it. If we consistently deny who we are, and the way we live our life, in fear of being judged by others we lose who we are and our sense of purpose.

No matter who you are, you are a funny loser at times. Get over yourself.

The humor in life is the only thing that keeps me grounded. I like to poke fun at the world because it is an amusing place to live. I do not mind having fun poked back at me either because I am a dorky, weird, and often ill-tempered. I am the first to make fun of myself because I know firsthand how stupid I really am. No one can play the dozens with me better than me. I am that big of an asshole.

I run across a lot of people who lack a sense of humor, and who have ZERO sense of humor when it comes to themselves. These are very sad and needy creatures who fake some weird elitist self-confidence to make themselves feel important. They want so bad to command respect that they have no idea how stupid they look to the rest of us. You fuckers do know we can see you, right? Or better yet…we can see right through you.

Nothing is more sad than the person who takes their life so seriously that they really have no life at all. People hate fake people. No one who has lived on this planet for more than a decade is falling for your bullshit. We all know you are a dorky weirdo inside like the rest of us. So knock off the charades and enjoy the journey. Put down your guard every once in a while and let you be you.

Learn to laugh at yourself again. You are a funny mofo.

Some do not find my humor funny, and I can appreciate that. Most people who think that also do not know how to laugh at themselves yet. They have not figured out that there is no prize for being the coolest. They are still prisoners to their own self-conscious.

But those who have embraced who they are and who have joined in the chorus of laughter have freed themselves from the burden of ridicule. No one can make you feel bad about you if you understand that who you are is just fine, and yeah, it is a little funny.

So the next time you are feeling down, or put down by others, just embrace that dorky weird semi-crazy person that lives inside of you and laugh it off. Get a good belly laugh about what a freak you are and then move on with life knowing that the rest of us are just as big of idiots as you.

Laugh until you cannot laugh any more, and if you cannot laugh at yourself work on being funnier.