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This blog is written by a weed activist for weed activists about weed and weed activism.

Who I am personally does not really matter. As a matter of fact, in the context of cannabis prohibition, we are all a bunch of nobodies working to change the way our world views, accepts, and understands the cannabis plant. None of us are better than the other when looking down the barrel of the gun of prohibition. We are all victims of a terrible crime against humanity.

I like weed a lot. Weed makes me feel better. Weed makes my world a more enjoyable place to live. Weed is safe. Weed helps me to live a more fulfilled life by providing stimulation and relaxation in an often hectic world. Chances are I will always smoke weed; and I am not alone.

Everyday millions of people risk punishment and imprisonment to enjoy weed. Why? Because weed is awesome. It is safe, enjoyable, and helpful.

People who like weed and who grow plants are not criminals. We are your friends, your neighbors, the person who makes your coffee, your kid’s little league coach, and your fellow man. We do not deserve to be treated like animals and have our rights violated because of our choice to use cannabis. It is a disgusting and evil policy set forth in a time of intolerance, and the bottom line is that it has to stop.

I know what you are thinking; “Weed is just a fringe issue. This is not a major problem in our society.” WRONG!

Cannabis prohibition spans many issues and has a terrible effect on our society. In America, we imprison 25% of the world’s prison population, but only have 5% of the actual population because we take (mostly poor) people to jail  for weed EVERY DAY. The Drug War has been one of the most disastrous and oppressive policies ever set forth by any society anywhere.

The laws created to control drugs have crippled our entire society. We have spent trillions of dollars militarizing our local police forces, building vast (and often privately owned) prison complexes, housing non-violent drug offenders, drug testing, and trying to arrest our way out of drug issues. It has failed miserably. It is just not working.

So the question is how long do we continue to throw good money after bad? While our infrastructure crumbles and our kids are packed into classrooms like sardines because of lack of funding for our education system, we continue to allow law enforcement to waste precious resources chasing around and imprisoning people for safe and enjoyable plant material? The opportunity cost is staggering.

We are creating a culture of disenfranchised citizens that have lost their position and standing in the community over weed. Our communities send more people to prison than to college. The 40 years of the drug war have taken an immeasurable toll on the communities we live, and continue to evolve towards disaster. We take parents from their children and destabilize much our youth over some weed.

The prohibition of cannabis has assured that the only people who sell cannabis are people willing to break the law to do so. The black market for drugs has created an immense power for criminal organizations to raise revenues. We have left the distribution of cannabis to those who often do not have the best interest of the user in mind, and who surely do not abide by any regulations. We have created an environment where it is easier for your kid to get weed than it is for them to get booze. Why? Because Jimmy, the pot dealer  down the street, does not ask for ID.

By any measuring stick, the War on Drugs has been an epic failure. There are more drugs now than ever before. Drugs are easier to get and more accesible than at any point in our history. We have managed to lock up 5x more people than the rest of the world, and have zero to show for it. Even the few people that drug laws have scared enough to not smoke weed are likely partaking in the legal alternative of alcohol, which for many will have disastrous, and even deadly, results.

WeedActivist.com is dedicated to ending the war on weed, and returning cannabis to our society for people to use for enjoyable, spiritual, medicinal, or enhancement purposes. My writings will catalog the adventure and serve as an educational and inspirational resource for those who believe the time has come to put a stop to the unjust and immoral policies of prohibition. We must quit taking people to jail for weed.

This is a big picture effort aimed at reaching the masses with a message of sensibility and honor. As the author, I have made a conscious decision to write this blog from the perspective of anonymity. Many may know who I am from my writing, and that is fine. But this is not about me and it is not about you. It is not about anyone, or any thing, in particular. It is about ending cannabis prohibition.

When we step back from our egos and the image of who we believe the world thinks we are, we can more closely examine the real underlying issues and address them accordingly. Too often, cannabis activism is mired by the few who choose to make it about themselves rather than about the plant and the injustices of prohibition.

This blog is a conscious decision to write about the efforts af cannabis activism without the “he said- she said” drama and hurt feelings. It takes a lot of people to make a world and everyone has their place, but that place will not be on the pages of this blog.

We are on the cusp of something great. Being a weed activist  is a thankless job; but I envision the day it all ends and we stand victorious in the streets. That day is coming sooner than you think.

WeedActivist.com is here to chronicle the final days of prohibition and to provide support and encouragement to all of those who continue to fight this battle for justice. I will see you in the streets.




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    1. Your articles are informative and pertinent. There are several physician groups in Las Vegas who truly want the development of this fledgling industry to be one that is guided by the medical mandate to “do no harm,” and are committed along those lines. The political process at times demands otherwise, to our dismay. So, it is good that someone points out the deficiencies. Thank you.


  1. Awesome site. I am going to start yet another blog soon with a different purpose. But it is very instructive to see how you have so focused your blogs purpose. Much respect, my friend. Keep writing and keep informing. You do both well.

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