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  1. I LOVE your fraud piece. It is so relevant to the scene here in MI, esp. since our medical law passed in 2008. We have “activists” parading around in fake white lab coats claiming they can cure cancer — EASILY no less — and writing letters to legitimate oncologists with these absurd claims. Yes, of course many chemicals in mmj have potential anti-tumor activity, but that is FAR FROM a clinical solution to cancer. They also bad mouth conventional treatments, though if they have cancer themselves they usually avail themselves of the “conventional” treatment; if they get better, however, they always claim the weed ALONE cured them. And you’re 100% right that no, or few, other activists will call “bullshit”.

    My question is what can we do as a community to dissociate ourselves from these fraudsters and minimize the ultimate effects of their outrageous claims — things like alienating legitimate doctors and the medical community, the judiciary, the legislature, the media, members of the general public with any normal sense of skepticism, and of course our usual neo-Luddite, prohibitionist opponents? Any ideas?

    Thanks again for this wonderful piece, and do you mind if we copy and distribute it?

    1. Hey thanks….the best thing we can do is to call bullshit when we see bullshit….there will always be some charlatan out there spouting off BS, but if we stand up and put them on notice, they generally think twice about making those claims again. Once a fraudster knows they are being watched they generally move the snake oil wagon on to the next sucker town.

      Copy and distribute away…This site is a resource for anyone who loves weed and is free to use to promote weed and weed freedom!

  2. May we have permission to repost your recent article in full at ActivistPost.com? We’ll obviously include a link back to your site in the bio.

    Thanks for considering and keep it lit.


    1. Absolutely. All work on this site is free to use for anyone who would like to use it. The site is aimed at spreading a message, and I appreciate your willingness to help get it out….Mickey

  3. Hey man, thanks for holding the torch lit, you really fired me up with this website and i am now actively taking action.
    I’m going to some festivals in Europe this summer and i’m going to have some business cards printed with a positive message and a link to your page!
    If you have a good idea for what to put on the cards then please drop a line!

    Keep fighting, i know i will!

  4. Fantastic article on Shuman…I had a run in professionally with her where she was invited to MY meeting by the clients (PR?) and then she (shaman) tried to steal the client right in front of me!!!! , no bones about it and her poser daughter sitting there , all the time it was ME ME ME and this is how you have to play the game, you have to pound them and beat them and work them and fight and …I politely said, Cheryl, your 100 percent wrong on all this, and she turned beat red from her forehead down to her “way to low buttoned shirt , please cover that leather catchers mit skin back up!”… RED all over and was almost spitting, she was so desperate to prove she was correct, I walked out of there (client ok) and watched the woman start planning all these high profile lunch meetings, (at the clients expense) wow what a nightmare, she is mentally unbalanced!. She had nothing to say but how to rip off the industry, and “GET your piece” as she said…wow, its all I can say…I am a NYC guy and get blamed all the time for “calling it like it is” out here with the PC crowd, so when my partner sent me this article, I felt VINDICATED and HOPE…Hope this disease called cheryl shuman is wiped out once and for all from this industry, oh and by the way, I am a cancer survivor and she would have a file 4 inches thick if she even was suspected of having cancer so NO SHE DID NOT HAVE ANY CANCER…LIAR!…
    I call shenanigans!

    again thanks for having the stones to call her out!

  5. Hi! I wanted to see if we could send a screener/link to you for our new doc THE CULTURE HIGH (Opening in NY on Oct. 3, LA on Oct. 10, and VOD Oct.17) I definitely think it would be of interest to your readers.

    The film features commentary from Sir Richard Branson, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, Al Jazeera’s Techknow host Cara Santa Maria, comedian Joe Rogan and many more. THE CULTURE HIGH tears into the very fibre of the modern day marijuana debate to reveal the truth behind the arguments and motives governing both those who support and oppose the existing pot laws.

    Please let me know if you would like more information – the filmmakers and select cast are available for interviews as well. Let me know and I’d be happy to send you a screener!

  6. was seriously looking to buy cannabis oil for a friend with cancer. marty of rick simpson oil wrote back telling me he does not make it but a reliable company called cbd-canada.net makes the oils. I was in touch with them. after filling out a questionnaire they recommended a grade of oil suitable for my friends particular case. they claim they graft the plant, grow it indoors, use alcohol and have very high concentrations cdb vs thc.
    so do you know or have you ever heard of them? the treatment is over $2000 . wondering if this company is legit. did you get any feedback from anyone? before I invest hard earned money I would love to check them out. im hoping you can help. thanks so very much

  7. I am interesting in cultivating some high potency CBD hemp oil. Please advise me of how I may get my hands on some plants. I also would like to learn to turn it into consumable oil for medications. I have two dogs with cancer, I would also consume it for various reasons, my family & friends for certain ailments & will teach & assist others to do the same. I will also document my treatments to determine proper dosage & daily consumptions.

    Thank you,


  8. Weed Activist,
    I am a criminal defense attorney in California. Many of my clients were not aware of their rights when it comes to search warrants. I wrote this article to help them prepare for a visit by police.

    WEED 911: Your Rights During a Search Warrant. Advice for Medical Marijuana Patients, Caregivers, Co-ops, Cultivators, Collectives when the Cops Come Knocking.


    Please consider posting this as a guest blog, or tweeting to share.

    Joseph Tully

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