Snake Oil: History repeats itself


Humans can be relatively stupid and gullible creatures. We will believe anything if you put the right sales spin and fancy marketing on it.

So here we are over 100 years after the snake oil peddlers were done away with by the 1906 Food and Drug Act, which attempted to regulate medicines and curb the abuses of “travelling “doctors” with dubious credentials, selling fake medicines with boisterous marketing hype, often supported by pseudo-scientific evidence.” Sound familiar? Yes….Look around you. History is indeed repeating itself and the cannabis snake oil salespeople are out in full force to sucker you out of your hard earned cash before prohibition ends.

The ruse was simple. Wander into a town of unsuspecting people proclaiming to have the cure all for their illness and disease and sucker the townspeople into buying up all of your bullshit snake oil preparations. The way they would pull off the trick is to have accomplices in the audience that would claim that the preparation had really helped them. They would sucker people into believing their bullshit based on the testimonies of those who had supposedly used this new cure all and had been healed. Yeah…Let that soak in for a minute. Check the landscape and you can see that this ruse is more alive than ever, and the internet and social media have made it easier than ever to pull off. The quasi-legal state of cannabis and the lack of oversight or regulation make it extra easy picking for these modern day medical hucksters.


What we have is a perfect storm for fraud, corruption, and deception.

So how is this happening in the modern age of strict medical oversight and regulation? Simple….Because cannabis s first and foremost an illegal Schedule 1 narcotic it is in no way regulated. But because of the growing acceptance for medical cannabis in many states and a level of tolerance for these programs by the USDOJ, what is happening is people are pushing the boundaries of medical truth and ethics to sell hemp/weed oil products. Since the regulators cannot regulate the market without ending the complete prohibition of cannabis and acknowledging it does need oversight, people are left to make their wild claims and sell their bogus oils on the open market with very little fear of prosecution. It is disgusting.

The saddest part is that a lot of the new hype we see is aimed directly at children. Take the group “Realm of Caring” from Colorado lead by Josh Stanley and his brothers. They did a really shitty TV reality show called American Weed where they acted like some experts in weed and overacted their “reality” scenes to a point of nausea. They then were gifted a strain of cannabis which was high in CBD and found it to work well for cases of children with severe epilepsy and other conditions. Enter Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his highly watched program called “Weed” where he shifts his professional opinion on medical cannabis and does a great close-up spot on the efficacy of this medicine for a young girl named Charlotte. It is a well-done and touching piece that was informative and helped people to understand that cannabis did indeed have special healing properties. All good so far, right?

Leave it to the American value of money over morals to step in and take over though. Instead of being grateful they had discovered a remedy that could help others and working to make sure parents of these kids had access to these types of medicines, the brothers Stanley decided that they had found the magic beans and were going to keep them for their own gain. Because of the media they received they became a go to resource for parents who were desperate for relief for their children. The RoC group has truly let their minimal success based on limited sampling and over-hyped media go to their head. Parents have reported being forced onto a waiting list for care for many months and being forced to sign non-disclosure/non-compete agreements that only allow them to discuss their care and receive medicine from Realm of Caring. They are selling what amounts to a good high CBD strain dissolved in olive oil for big money to parents desperate to make their child’s suffering stop. It is pretty fucked up from an ethical standpoint on many levels. If there really was any “realm of caring” in there they would share the strain with parents in need and allow them to cultivate low cost medicine for their child; or at the very least allow other people with more production capability produce it in a higher volume to meet demands and not have to wait months because they believe everything Dr. Sanjay Gupta says on CNN.

NOTE TO PEOPLE SEEKING OIL: There are far higher quality and less expensive products available than are being offered to most caught up in the hype game.


As I dig deeper into the Stanley’s background and operations, more and more questions are raised. Now the RoC group is working to push CBD only legislation in states to ensure their place in the market by playing on drug war and prohibition fears. The Stanley’s go out of their way to play into the hype and propaganda, as they try to differentiate themselves from the average “stoner” or “pothead.” Check out these classic quotes from the Stanley’s and their mission from God:

“We are not a bunch of stoners, and we do not associate with the stereotypes of what people would like to associate with us,” Joel Stanley said. “We care about what we do.”

So you are suggesting that because one is a “stoner” that they do not care about what they do? And then there is this classic:

“If we were growing psychoactive plants for a bunch of potheads, then that would be the question,” he said. “But what people should ask is ‘How did a group of Christians come to grow a plant for sick people?'”

So now you are using your religion as a moral higher ground for your cannabis production? You are throwing the entire cannabis culture (which your friends say you were indeed a pretty deep part of…former deadheads) under the bus to play yourself as literally “God’s gift to weed?” This is the making of the modern day Snake Oil Salesman. Some fancy marketing, a little media push, and some good old fashion Jesus hyperbole for the folks in the cheap seats. It is insane that such a transparent group of charlatans have successfully bullshitted public officials and unsuspecting parents into buying their shitty story.

But they are far from the only ones. There are almost too many to mention. Swing a dead cat around and you will probably hit a person trying to push their latest miracle cure; but let’s stick to the big dogs.

The other big scam popping off is the questionable hemp derived products being pushed most notably by Hempmeds PX RHSO (Real Scientific Hemp Oil). The company claims that their product is legal to distribute in all 50 states because it is derived from hemp paste that is legal to import. Their claims are dubious and are moving targets. The parent company, Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) has a lot of affiliated companies that have made a lot of strange moves on the stock market, which is a totally different but related story. There is a good article entitled “Medical Marijuana, Inc. Definitely A Dope Opera” on Seeking Alpha that is worth checking out to get a better breakdown of the complex bullshit workings of this company, and their former partnership with Dixie, a Colorado based company also offering similar hemp derived preparations. It is extremely bizarre and frustrating. These con-artists have exploited the popularity of cannabis and zero regulation to make crazy marketing claims about their products.


The product itself is a low quality product that is produced under conditions that reportedly leave a lot to be desired. Here is a quote from one of the scientists hire by Dixie, then a part of MJNA, to help create these product lines:

I am tired of so called CBD companies claiming that what they provide is medicine. Anyone using a CBD from hemp product please be aware of what you’re actually getting because it is not what you think. These formulations start with a crude and dirty hemp paste (contaminated with microbial life! I have seen this and these organisms decompose the paste. The paste perhaps even contains residual solvent and other toxins as the extraction is done in China ) made in a process that actually renders it unfit for human consumption.

What these companies are doing is criminal and dangerous. In fact MJNA’s RSHO is literally just this hemp paste diluted in hemp seed oil. No refinement at all!!! And what Dixie Botanicals is offering is beyond disturbing. I cannot keep quiet any more. And since I formulated most of these products as head of Dixie science, I feel responsible for spreading the truth. I left Dixie for ethical reasons but it is not enough to just walk away. These frauds need to be exposed for what they are. Look out for my tell all article coming soon and feel free to contact me directly with questions as it is time to blow the whistle. Let’s keep this industry pure and safe.”

— Tamar Wise, formerly head of Dixie Science.

Sound good? Yeah…now check out the price tag:


That is right. For only $550 a tube or six tubes for $3,000 you too can have some shitty hemp paste black oil that comes from who knows where and is overseen by absolutely no one. You say, “Well Mickey….they haven’t exactly sent in people pretending to have been healed to sell their products have they?” Great question. I am glad you asked.


Check out this new MULTI_LEVEL MARKETING scam being put out by the MJNA group called Kannaway. Does it sound like some Amway pyramid scheme? Well it is. Unbelievable right? Check out this conference call the company has where this unsuspecting guy finds this great opportunity to sell these awesome products and make some extra money! How convenient. LOL:


Still not sold that is a scam yet? Listen to this bullshit fake news interview with known MJNA spokesperson Charles Vest (friend of #bitchface) where he explains the great opportunity. It is ripe with Snake Oil Salesman double-speak and bullshit:

They have posted messages like this all over social media and especially in forums where parents with sick children go to discuss their situation, often using very similar stories of success with people to lure them in:

Aloha My Friend! Listen – you’ve got to know about this. Do you already? I’m joining the 1st legal CBD product company and they’re launching in March / April. I’m going in with friendsand am gathering my troops .. it’s MLM style. 100% legit, legal, and I can send you more info. Let me know if you’re interested – this is BIG – millions of dollars and years of medical research to validate what we already know. This is going to blow up!! Do it with me, I will help you build a massive downline! If you are at all interested My ID (sponsor ID #) is: 2******* – enroll yourself first here: Kannaway | The Buzz Launch Kannaway | The Buzz Launch Team Information Website Under Development: Has been submitted to Kannaway for Compliance review. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed! Company CBD Information Website: We are now seeing the Convergence of …The Opportunity • Ground-floor … still in FREE prelaunch • March 1 – Basic ordering begins • April 1 – Official Launch with a powerful hybrid unilevel compensation plan Affiliate Company Websites • • ·

I am not sure how clear I need to make this, but these folks are making a big press to separate you from your money by providing false hope at inflated prices before the veil of prohibition is lifted and they are found out to be frauds.

Snake Oil selling is alive and well, complete with fake people who have been miraculously cured, fancy marketing, misleading labeling, and arm twisting. These bold faces liars and fraudsters are here to do one thing…make money and lots of it. They are using these schemes to boost their stock profiles as well. It is all a very twisted and ugly game to sucker investors and people who want to believe, but who do not live in a medical cannabis state, out of their hard-earned cash.

It is fucked up and we as a community should not allow for this to go on in our name. There are people’s loyalties being bought and sold on the open market to give some credence to these bullshitters; and it never ceases to amaze me what losers will fall into the traps of these frauds. But it is happening and many choose to stand back without saying a word in hopes that the whole deal does not collapse before our eyes and dismantle the work we have done so some bastards can have their get rich quick scheme based on lax supplement laws and misleading marketing.

This story is so big it is hard to write in one piece and it is only growing by the day. More to come on CBD only legislation, stock scammers, and inferior oil products in their own rights later. But it is up to us, as a community, to begin asking the tough questions and exposing these scams before good people get hurt any more.

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  1. The Stanley brothers ripped off a industrial hemp strain called FINOLA breed by dr callaway, Finola is grown all over canada by industrial hemp farmers. Stanley brothers never gave the breeder any money or credit. They are con men who are former smugglers and dealers.

    1. >The Stanley brothers ripped off a industrial hemp strain
      >called FINOLA breed by dr callaway, Finola is grown all
      >over canada by industrial hemp farmers. Stanley brothers
      >never gave the breeder any money or credit. They are con
      >men who are former smugglers and dealers.

      If this is true it should be easy to identify as Finola is
      well understood and easily identifiable by it’s creator I’m
      sure. Someone should send Jake a sample.

      1. Although it is possible, it seems unlikely. Ryan tried to grow Finola this past season in Colo and it was unsuccessful, more suited to the northern latitudes of Canada and Finland, where it’s from (thanks to genetics from the VIR). Why would the Stanleys smuggle a clone or seeds of Finola into the US, when there are 100s of 1000s of acres of high-CBD hemp growing between here and Manitoba (ditchweed)? Finola is short and bushy, with the tiniest little seeds. It is easy to spot, forget sending it to the good Doctor Jace Callaway in Kuopio, Finland.

  2. Thank you. This is a clear, non-hyperbolic article about what’s going on in the medical cannabis industry. I feel for the desperate parents who are trying to get CBD based medicine for their children, but these hucksters at the top of the food chain are really terrible people selling a terrible product (RHSO, MJNA). I don’t know much about the Stanley brothers, but their actions of throwing the medical cannabis community under the bus, while simultaneously profiting exponentially from some outrageous luck is certainly not Christ-like.

  3. Realm of Caring sucks. I contacted them months ago about acquiring CBD for my husband’s seizures, and they never responded. They should be selling the seeds to people they can’t or won’t provide product to.

  4. I had no idea of the price being charged for this oil Disgusting! Some good guys out there do give it for free 🙂

  5. First, the disclaimer: What I know or *think* I understand about this subject would fill a thimble with enough room left over to park a Mack truck in there, too. That typed, it has been reported in the (Louisville, KY) Courier-Journal newspaper that more than a few of our Commonwealth’s families have relocated (specifically to CO) in order to avail their children & in some cases themselves to the THC/CBD-based medical tinctures, ointments, etc. in an effort to alleviate/address various health conditions. I don’t have children, but can appreciate parents grasping at every available (perceivable?) straw to *attempt* to ease the suffering of their family members. After having rambled on ad infinitum, the questions I have: Are there any statistics regarding the success rate of those relocating & is relocating the ONLY avenue folks have to address their concerns/situation(s)? Apology for going on & on & on…

  6. I am also a parent desperate to help my daughter who is assaulted by seizures daily. I’ve spent over a year (since medical cannabis was legalized in my state) searching for anybody who has a high ratio CBD strain and I’ve continually chased rainbows. The best I’ve found available here is Harlequin at a 2:1 ratio. It’s not good enough. So yes we are in the waiting list for ROC- we will divide our family, leave behind the doctors who have cared for my daughter since her diagnosis and our entire support system and we will go where the medicine is because the drive to save my daughter is stronger than the challenges. But you know families like mine- we are tired. The day to day caring of a child who could be in a life threatening situation at any second is paralyzingly exhausting. I don’t have the time or energy to search any more and I don’t have the strength to endure another false lead or dispensary owner telling me these strains aren’t profitable enough to bother hunting down. I can’t bear to hear one more time that my daughters life isn’t worth saving to them.
    So yes-these organizations and companies may be taking people’s money but at least they are proving medicine and hope in exchange for it. For most of us that’s more than the medical community has ever done.

    1. You got that right. Doctors have given up so many times on so many patients with epilepsy. It’s always more drugs. More drugs. And more drugs so your kid is on 34 different drugs in two years, with 23 serious side effects and still, the epilepsy drugs suck. They are awful for the most severe seizures. You have to find the perfect balance and no doctor will ever take the time to do this that’s why so many people with severe seizures don’t get the help they need. Save yourself the pain and suffering and just get the medical cannabis, rather than going back and forth to a doctor, only to be told each time, as you sit in another waiting room, to leave with yet another change in dose or new drug, or add on drug, just get the high CBD strain asap.

  7. I could have written this, I didn’t, but I have – frequently.
    “Legislation” is just putting lipstick on the pig of prophibition.
    Patrick Monk. RN Hospice Case Manager.
    Society of Cannabis Clinicians

  8. For the life of me..for those parents who have children suffering why not use an oil higher in THC?? It is a NON TOXIC substance and no matter how much you give yourself or your kids it CAN NOT HURT YOU..I would rather rot in hell then to wait and see if I could get on the Stanley Brothers waiting list!! Just get some good quality oil in their bodies!! Waiting for the perfect CBD strain is not needed..there are 100’s of strains that will work so why not use them??? I would not be afraid to load up my child with a heavy THC strain whats the worse that can happen??? Your kid may get really stoned until they get use to it but SO WHAT! Its a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE so use it to cure your diseases!What the Stanleys are doing is BULLSHIT…Seeds and clones for everyone who needs them..thats the way it should be..please dont wait for this oil when 100’s of others will do just fine. START SAVING YOUR BABIES TODAY!

    1. I never said whether or not we did or did not try a less desirable strain or whether it did or did not help.
      But I will say that thc in higher amounts has been shown to actually trigger additional seizures by exciting the brain in some epilepsy patients. Many of these children don’t have room to take the risk.

  9. Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz CA ( is providing affordable high-CBD medicine for those in need. They are true to the spirit of Prop 215 and are wonderful people doing the right thing.

  10. Parents with seizure disorder children… The raw, non decarboxylated, and therefore non-psychoactive forms of THC and other cannabinoids can be produced into an oil(resinous tar like product really) if room temperature evaporation, rather than boil-off by heat is used to remove the 190 proof everclear solvent.

    Some decarb happens during curing, so the fresher the material the better, when raw cannabinoids are desired.

  11. Abstract
    Cannabidiol (CBD), a major nonpsychoactive constituent of cannabis, is considered an antineoplastic agent on the basis of its in vitro and in vivo activity against tumor cells. However, the exact molecular mechanism through which CBD mediates this activity is yet to be elucidated. Here, we have shown CBD-induced cell death of breast cancer cells, independent of cannabinoid and vallinoid receptor activation. Electron microscopy revealed morphologies consistent with the coexistence of autophagy and apoptosis. Western blot analysis confirmed these findings. We showed that CBD induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and, subsequently, inhibits AKT and mTOR signaling as shown by decreased levels of phosphorylated mTOR and 4EBP1, and cyclin D1. Analyzing further the cross-talk between the autophagic and apoptotic signaling pathways, we found that beclin1 plays a central role in the induction of CBD-mediated apoptosis in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. Although CBD enhances the interaction between beclin1 and Vps34, it inhibits the association between beclin1 and Bcl-2. In addition, we showed that CBD reduces mitochondrial membrane potential, triggers the translocation of BID to the mitochondria, the release of cytochrome c to the cytosol, and, ultimately, the activation of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway in breast cancer cells. CBD increased the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and ROS inhibition blocked the induction of apoptosis and autophagy. Our study revealed an intricate interplay between apoptosis and autophagy in CBD-treated breast cancer cells and highlighted the value of continued investigation into the potential use of CBD as an antineoplastic agent.
    © 2011 American Association for Cancer Research.

  12. I just started looking into Kannaway tonight, not from the “I might join this” perspective so much as “who the heck thinks this is a good idea.”

    Quick question, does anyone have any verifiable proof that MJNA and/or Kannalife has any relationship with the Kannaway MLM company? I see no mention of Kannaway on either of the other companies websites, not even news releases.

    Again, I just started looking into Kannaway but already have seen some potentially troubling things. Their website’s registration is set to private and their corporate address is a mail drop. Something isn’t adding up.

  13. Thank you for the great article. I too have a daughter with Dravet syndrome and have seen the many stories on the Stanley family and Charlotte’s Web. We live in NC and don’t have access to medical marijuana so I began searching for an alterative and found RSHO. I thought I was on to something that was legal and could help our daughter. I’m glad I found your article before getting caught up in they’re scam. I am also disappointed in the Stanley family and how they are positioning themselves in the market. Your article has been a real eye opener for me. Thank You!

    1. Hi Michael. Are you aware that North Carolina is introducing a CBD only bill next week? It restricts based on age. Access for 18 and under. What does your adult child’s, with Dravet Syndrome who cannot make any decisions for themselves, chronological age have to do with whether or not he receives medication?

  14. I suffer from crohns disease. I am a recovering addict with 23 years clean. My body is so messed up from multiple surgeries. My emotions are up and down. Every night I have to wake my wife up to rub my body because I’m in such level 10 pain.
    I want to try medical marihuana but I’m afraid I might be relapsing. I am active in NA and I feel I might be sending the wrong message. I hate how I’m living. I feel like I’m not a real person. Am I a martyr? Am I being selfish? Do I carry this NA thing too high on my shoulders? I’m confused. Can medical MJ work for me? Chemotherapy has made my life a living hell. I can’t sleep at night and I have 25 restroom visits a day. My pain level is so bad that I wish I was dead at these worst of times. Please help me. I’m a 50 year old man with a beautiful wife of 30 years. We have 4 great kids that are successful in their own lives. I see their face when I’m curled up in a ball under the covers. They just want me to feel better. I can’t go on like this. Please, I beg of you to pray for me and share your wisdom with me.

  15. When I confronted Kannaway’s pitch man on one of their FB. Threads about taking money with no product, no label and no stock, he kicked me out of the “Kannaway Private FB group” I even pointed out that they are not telling people that THC is in fact in hemp oil. Got lots of Red flags from the get go.

  16. Kannaway claims that CBD rich hemp seed oil is legal in all 50 states. This is not even close to being true. I’ll show you what Illinois law says about CBD as an example.

    Illinois Law 720 ILCS 550:
    “Cannabis” includes marihuana, hashish and other substances which are identified as including any parts of the plant Cannabis Sativa, whether growing or not; the seeds thereof, the resin extracted from any part of such plant; and any compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds, or resin, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and all other cannabinol derivatives, including its naturally occurring or synthetically produced ingredients, whether produced directly or indirectly by extraction, or independently by means of chemical synthesis or by a combination of extraction and chemical synthesis; but shall not include the mature stalks of such plant, fiber produced from such stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of such plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such mature stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom), fiber, oil or cake, or the sterilized seed of such plant which is incapable of germination.

    CBD is a Cannabinol and is illegal in Illinois. Even in states where it is legal you cannot import CBD rich hemp seed oil from other states. Illinois legalized medical marijuana but it has to be grown in a state licensed facility of which licenses will be limited to 20 and sold in one of 60 licensed dispensaries. Just to meet the licensing requirements will cost you about $500,000 with $25,000 non refundable application fees. The law still requires that it is produced and sold in one of these facilities and not be brought in from other states. This is typical of the 20 states that have a medical marijuana law on the books. You are being scammed by a Multi Level Marketing company.

    Illinois Law source:

  17. in the past 80 years, our beloved government and the uber rich families that own them have put chemicals in our food supply, added aspartame (a drug used as a sweetener that has 92 adverse side effects including Alzheimers desease–it was Donald Rumsfeld’s job to make it happen), fluoride and chlorine in our water supply (fluoride has been proven to actually put HOLES in your head), spraying chem trails worldwide in our air and what goes up does come done to poison us and our plants, soil and animals (even heard of thousands of birds falling to the ground for “no reason”), put every person on a pharmaceutical drug from the cradle to the grave and HAARP to change alter/control the weather.

    Cannabis has been used in both the THCa and CBDs for medicine for thousands of years and when the “government” (AKA Hearst, Chase & friends) demanded the government get rid of the competition since they pay for the existence, they complied. they even got hemp classified in the same vein. Hemp makes over 25,000 products and our founding fathers grew it–in the early 1600s, it was law to grow it. Look it up.

    Yes, there are different strengths of THC and CBD’s and the price adjusts accordingly–or they can extract the hemp oil themselves. Nutrition is nutrition. Our endocannabinol system can only get what it needs (CBDs) from cannabis or hemp. People should have the right to choose their heath care. God created hemp and cannabis 9all strains) and I tend to believe in the intelligence of God and nature over BIG PHARMA any day. Most likely the person who is attacting this industry is being paid by Big Rx or Big Argo to attempt to discredit/demonize a plant (industry) because of the control issues of the companies (families) that own everything else.

    If you want to attack an industry (s) that does harm and actually kills people, you have so many other better targets; cigarette, alcohol, Rx (ADD and ADHD drugs are synthetic speed. . and given to children), politicians that take the money from these corporations. this country is not based on HEALTH but rather “treatment”. Why do dentist have a candy tray at the recep desk or hospitals have a Micky Dee’s on the main floor? Why do they serve sugar/proceeded food at hospitals since diseases (colds, cancer, etc) FEED ON SUGAR and why do they say the sun is bad for you when vitamin D which the sun makes prevents cancer or the flu? But that 85% of all sun screens have an ingredient that actually CAUSES cancer .. well it doesn’t really harm you in the bottle but there is ONE thing that ACTIVATES it .. you guessed it .. SUNLIGHT. Look up Burzynski Institute, The Budwig Institute, The Gerson Institute just to name a few and the wrath of the FDA and government to put them out of business at the “request” of Big Pharma. Look up Royal Rife from the 1930s-a brilliant man who used frequencies to cure (eliminate) diseases. It worked TOO good.

    I feel for all the families with children with illnesses. Obviously the Rx drug route has not been working for them or they wouldn’t be looking elsewhere. Every synthetic (for profit)drug comes with a host of side effects that that lead to the “need” of more drugs (if they don’t lead to death themselves). . surprise surprise.
    I wonder how many vaccination their children have taken, what chemical “food” their children has eaten and how many chemicals in their drinks and water supply they (& you) have consumed. People should be asking, what CAUSED these illnesses and why cannabis and hemp has been suppressed since 1937. Hearst owned his newspapers and a lumber business .. and hemp was the competition. DuPont and Standard Oil (which owns almost everything)wanted to eliminate the competition as hemp had been used for thousands of years and wanted to monopolize their emerging industry. So find something else to attack. I have no disillusions that salve will cure cancer . . but it will provide aid for aches and pains and good for my skin. . but true hemp oil can prevent and cure cancer and other things as well. Big Pharma can’t handle that people don’t have to experience more pain and more side effects, be cut up, radiated and drugged for life or become a statistic from their drugs anymore. They DO have other options. Cannabis and Hemp are just some of them. I wish everyone the freedom and desire for truth and true health (quality of life) in their lives and for the ones they love.

  18. Though you have a very good point regarding RSHO (Or any industrial hemp); peer studies show that all the terpenes, terpenoids, thc, thc-a, etc etc etc have to be in place before CBD can do its real work. It is the male hemp cbd hucksters that are giving 1100+ peer studies (published on both Nat Cancer Institute and NIH sites that show everything from real female flower cannabis stopping tumor growth, killing leukemia, dissolving MS pain and stopping seizures; hemp cbd has no studies providing proof it can do much more than be a good analgesic (a bit better than aspirin). Yes, history is repeating itself already; in the years beginning 1933 when America’s first drug czar Harry Aslinger scheduled cannabis #1 and helped fund the production of “Reefer Madness” very much against the AMA’s wishes. This is back when meds were both herbal and allopathic. PHarmacists prescribed cannabis oil daily since it was very safe and effective for a variety of ailments. So, please share your peer study that shows cannabis treatment for these (and many other ailments) are snakeoil. We look so forward to reading them.

  19. This is exactly what should have been expected. Until regulation is in effect or at least good solid educational literature. These kinds of swindles will take place. I urge everyone to research the information. Oh cbd is only one of many cannabinoids in the hemp plant and all of them have medicinal qualities. Please research what information is available. Look at gw pharmacuticals. There is real meds in that pot. Or is it real pot in those meds lol. is a good place to start. Watch “what if cannabis cured cancer” youtube has the full documentry. Please educate.

  20. There is a company called Bluebird Botanicals that sells CBD Oil with a high concentration of CBD and a low THC. They advertise they can sell legally in all 50 states. Why is it necessary for states to introduce a CBD only bill? Is it because this is what RoC and the Stanley brothers are pushing?

    It was given to the Stanley Brothers to share and now they charge 10k a clone

  22. Can you get any legit CBD oil on the internet or is all from the same source? They all talk about it coming from organic farms in Europe, but there is no way to valid this and some CO2 extraction process that is supposed to be safer. Just curious how to figure this out because there is a crap load of people marketing this stuff. I’ve considered bluebird botanicals, but I think it all comes from the same source? Can anyone help me better understand. Thanks

  23. My name is Maricel Mark from Holland,my daughter who was suffering from epilepsy from the age of 5 years was cured with CBD and THC cannabis oil from cancer centre London i contacted via email The cannabis oil was supplied to me here in Holland with prescription on how to use it for treatment of seizures/epilepsy.After 3 months my daughter was cured and free from seizures.

  24. Hello
    Just wanna let you know that if you got any one looking for medical marijuana or cannabis oils,please direct them to me because i do have both available for patients with cancer and related ailments
    here are my contacts
    Contact:………… +1 (646) 583-4725
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  25. I have yet to read ALL the comments, so someone may have already addressed this. But I suffer from muscle spasticity due to cerebral palsy. And live in a state where medical marijuana isn’t legal. These CBD based products from Kannaway or Cibdex interested me. Is Cibdex a better option? Or is there something else out there? I’m really at a loss for where to start or what to believe at this point.

  26. I was looking forward to reading comments about a previous question by Wes on whether Bluebird Botanicals offered quality and high CBD hemp oil products that are effective and didn’t get answered. I read all of their testimonials stating effective and positive results on all levels, but I’m still very skeptical. I find the products to also be pretty expensive.

    Anyone have any experience with this company?

    I have also been reading here and there that CBD derived from industrial hemp is not the best.

    Any knowledge on this will be greatly appreciated.

    1. I purchased 2 different products from Bluebird Botanicals. CBD oil, and CBD Complete. Since I am not a chemist, doctor, or whatever with the equipment to measure and verify percentages and content of the products received, I cannot attest to their quality or claims…yet. We have also not had it more than a month to attest to any noticable results…but I’ll be happy to return to post anything relevant.

      All you can do is try.

      My wife has stage 4 lung cancer…”time” and “patience” are luxuries we don’t really have. So I guess that just makes me a wishful, hopeful “snake oil” customer.

      But I WILL tell you this; After 19 years in IT (since before the WWW) and almost 60 years on the planet, I have reached the conclusion of several undeniable constants: 1. Greed rules. (if you think CBD is expensive now, wait till the government sells it) 2. Whatever lives…dies. 3. Negative ALWAYS spreads and grows faster than positive. 4. For every person that says something can be done, or that something works…there will be 1000 that say it does not. And perhaps most importantly, 5. Whatever you want to believe…you can find support for that stand on the internet.

      So, does Bluebird Botanicals make a reputable product? I don’t know for sure yet…but I suspect I’ll have more to say about it in a couple of months. Will I feel foolish for trying? HELL NO!!

      A fool and his money are soon parted was, but he who never tries….never does.

      I wish you all the best. Good luck.

  27. I have developed an auto-immune disorder that has left me bed-ridden for the past 9 months.. I currently live in Dallas, TX and looking to acquire some oil. If anybody knows how I can acquire some please email me at

  28. I have a son with a duel diagnosis Down syndrome and level 3 autism. I have read cbd oil can help some of the mood swings he has. Need direction to obtain. I live in Illinois, but want to purchase from a ligiti company.

  29. Hi, My husband is desperately looking for a reputable company to source high quality and potent CBD oil for his father as he has recently been in and out of hospital, surgeries for a extremely rare lung and blood disorder as well as a melanoma on his head that the doctors say has gone into his scull, have operated but unsuccessfully. At the end of the day, the doctors are saying to him that they can’t operate any more, so I guess he only has time left and he isn’t really very old.

    My husband has also been trying to locate some for myself, as I have immune disorder problems. We live in Australia and can’t get it locally as the only local place to get medical grade oil from is constantly out of stock and just about impossible to get it from, so he is trying to source some from overseas. This is the trick though, there are just so many scammers out there that when you try and research companies you think may be reputable, they turn our to be on some scammers list or FDA list as not having any kind of quality product.

    Are you able to recommend any decent reputable sources that my husband can contact?

  30. I’m one of the suckers that bought Stanley Brothers’ “Charlotte’s Web” CBD oil. I’m $50 lighter now. The oil did not help at all. Don’t know why, really, since other CBD products I have used do work. (Used for pain management, not seizures.)

    I will never buy anything from Stanley Brothers again.

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