Weed refers to cannabis, or more commonly known as marijuana. Weed is the flowering clusters of the cannabis plant that are dried and consumed. These flowers contain active “cannabinoids” that, when used properly, are safe, enjoyable, and extremely helpful. These active ingredients interact with the human endocannabinoid system to help relieve certain symptoms medically, or to create a sense of euphoria and an enhanced thought process. Some people find a spiritual connection with weed to that allows them to more deeply explore their existence. Cannabis Sativa is a non-toxic plant material that has innumerable uses for humans. In addition to using the dried flowers and extractions for consumption, the plant itself is extremely viable for fuel, fiber,  food, and even an awesome building material. Weed is awesome.


The most common method of using weed is to smoke it. Some people roll weed cigarettes called “joints.” You can also roll it in a cigar paper, which is called a “blunt.” Other people use a pipe. They make all sorts of crazy cool pipes for weed these days. Using a pipe is called “smoking a bowl.” You can also use a waterpipe, or what is referred to as a “bong.” There are all sorts of ways to smoke weed. Most people smoke weed because it provides instant effects through inhalation and it is easier to regulate your intake.

Another way of inhaling the active ingredients of weed is to vaporize it. A vaporizer is a device that heats the plant material to a temperature that vaporizes the THC and other cannabinoids without burning the actual plant material. This is a healthier way of ingesting through inhalation, which many people who use weed as a medicine or do not care for smoking find beneficial. These days they make all sorts of neat portable vaporizing devices, as well as more powerful plug-in models.

Some people eat weed. You may have heard of the infamous weed brownie before. Cannabis can be infused into butter, oil, alcohol, and other vehicles to be infused into any number of food products. The effects from eating cannabis can be far different from smoking it. It is a much deeper effect that lasts much longer, and if overdone, can be mildly hallucinogenic. The idea with weed foods is to take it easy until you are sure how they are going to affect you. Eat a little, wait 30 minutes, and see if you need any more. Nothing worse than eating too much weed and not feeling well. The good news?- weed is non-toxic and will not hurt you. If you eat too much, take a ride on the couch, hydrate yourself, and stay calm. The effects will wear off in a few hours. Enjoy the colors while you are out there.

A tincture is weed extracted into a liquid, such as alcohol or vegetable glycerin. These liquids are easy to digest for folks who have nausea issues. You can put them in a drink for a discreet method of ingestion. Tinctures are excellent for some medical patients who need a palatable and safe way to take cannabis.

Weed can also be extracted in any number of methods to create what are called concentrates, or extracts. Hash is a cannabis concentrate that can be made by extracting the active ingredients from the plant material, sometimes with water or through repetitive contact. Others perform super critical extractions with a solvent and create waxy or oily types of concentrates. Sifting resin glands from the plant material produces a dry concentrate called kief. Most all of these forms of concentrate can be used in all of the ways listed above, including smoking, vaporization, eating, and tinctures.

Some people put weed in lotions and other topical applications These generally do not produce any sort of euphoric effect.


Yes. Weed has never killed anyone. That being said, it can be a powerful substance that should be used responsibly. But you would have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone in less than 10 minutes for it to even have a chance of killing you. Good luck with that.


Weed affects people differently. Different types of weed can cause different effects. But overall, weed is a relaxing feeling that overcomes your mind and body allowing for deeper thought and separation from the hassles of the world. Weed makes some people giggly. It makes people hungry. It can make people sleepy. Weed can enhance certain life experiences and make them more enjoyable. Weed can help with medical afflictions, often decreasing pain and increasing appetite stimulation in patients.

But weed is not for everyone. It can make you paranoid and uncomfortable. Some people just do not have a positive experience with weed for any number of reasons. Often, the fear of breaking the law, or being discovered as a weedhead can make people have adverse reactions. It is okay if weed is not a good option for you.


Lies. Greed. Stupidity. Evil. I could go on, but the bottom line is weed is illegal because ignorant people who wanted to use it to oppress people made it illegal. What has since ensued is one of the most tragic pieces of history. We have continued to lock up mostly poor people at alarming rates for weed. The US has 25% of the world’s prison population, but only 5% of the actual world population because we lock up people for weed every day. It is not working. We are making criminals out of good people and imprisoning our neighbors for a safe, enjoyable, and helpful plant. It has got to stop.


No. Contrary to most “stoner” stereotypes, people who use weed come in all shapes and sizes. Weed makes some people smarter, I would say, by allowing them to expand their mind and focus on deeper aspects of the human experience. Weed, when used in excess, can create moments of memory lapse or mild confusion, but it does not make one stupid. It might make you act a little silly, or experience such euphoria that you seem a little stupid; but sometimes that is the point.


By far. Alcohol is a destructive substance that makes people lose control and perform unthinkable acts. It can make people extremely agressive and nasty people. Weed is a much more calming and natural experience that does not make you black out and do stupid things. Also, weed has never killed anyone. Alcohol erodes a person from the inside out and is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.


No. Many people find weed to be not for them. It either makes them feel uncomfortable, or they just do not enjoy the experience. The illegality of weed can also cause nervousness or anxiety in some people. Others, it just does not work well for and/or is not a pleasant experience. If you are not enjoying the weed you smoke, feel free to send it to me.


Absolutely. One of the best. For many ailments it provides a safe and effective natural therapy. It is also very cost effective if it can be grown by the patient themselves. Medical cannabis is a godsend for many and provides relief where traditional medicines have failed. It is also very much an untapped medical resource, as clinical testing has been severely limited due to our nation’s failed drug policies and cannabis being scheduled as a Level 1 narcotic with no accepted medical value. It is preposterous really. Here is a great quote from The Economist magazine from a 2006 article entitled Reefer Madness:

IF CANNABIS were unknown, and bioprospectors were suddenly to find it in some remote mountain crevice, its discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would praise its potential for treating everything from pain to cancer, and marvel at its rich pharmacopoeia—many of whose chemicals mimic vital molecules in the human body.



Many people find that cannabis enhances their spiritual journey. People do not worship cannabis, but rather use it as a sacrament in their religious experience because it allows them a deeper and richer understanding of their existence and their religious principles.


Yes. For most. Weed can make food taste better. It can make movies funnier or more exciting. It can help you to write better. Some people find themselves able to concentrate on projects more clearly. It can make a night out with friends more relaxing and enjoyable. There is no good reason that an adult cannot choose to use weed to make their world a better place.


I guess that depends on who your friends and family are and what risks are associated with “coming out” to them. Most people in this day and age could likely give a shit. But theere are many twisted people in this society that believe weed should be illegal because they have been lied to about it being dangerous and criminal for decades. Some people make their living off of the drug war (prison guards, cops, lawyers, drug testing folks, etc.) and are against weed because it is good for their bottom line. If your friends and family members fall into these categories, or are openly oppesed to weed, you have to make a conscious decision if it is worth the hassle for you personally.

But there is also nothing to be ashamed of and you should feel comfortable telling others that you like weed. It is fairly natural and benign to be a weed head these days. People get it. It is a personal choice thing. Grown ass people should have no issue looking people in the eye and saying “I like weed. It makes me feel good.” If people want to look down their nose at you then who needs friends like that anyways. But do not get yourself thrown out of the will or fired either.


First and foremost say “I choose to remain silent.” Ask for an attorney. When cops say “anything you say can and WILL be used against you” believe them. They can make your life hell over some weed depending on where you live, so never give them ammunition. A lot of cops are good people though and do not give a shit about weed either. If you are just carrying some personal stash (under an ounce) chances are you will get off rather light. But that is not true everywhere.

If you are facing jail time for a large amount of weed you definitely want a good lawyer and need to drum up public support for your case. It is a shame that we continue to take people to jail for weed in this society, but that is the fact right now.

Be safe and never use your weed irresponsibly, especially near law enforcement.


Yes. Employers have a right to drug test you and terminate you for weed. It is crazy; I know. But ti is the truth. Be sure not to let your love for weed make you lose your job.


First off, I apologize. It is sad our society does this to you. How embarrassing is it to live in a world where they want you pee in a stupid cup to get a job, or whatever. How gross.

If you are being tested for weed and know you will test dirty there are many things you can try to do to help. Immediately flush your body by drinking gallons and gallons of water. There are also masking agents, supplements, and even fake pee that people have used to beat a drug test. I do not vouch for any particular remedy, so you may want to ask around and see what has worked for other people you know. I just do not work for people who drug test any more myself. I do not need their job that bad to give up some bodily fluid for it.


I have no idea. It is a disastrous policy. The long of the short of it is that the drug war is extremely profitable. We have privatized prisons, militarized police forces, and created a huge black market for drugs that fuels a number of auxiliary industries. It is really a shame and we need to stop the madness. Drug prohibition and mass incarceration of our citizens is not working. We are better than this.


Yes. We all need to work hard to create the social change needed to end this evil prohibition of one of the most beneficial plants on planet earth.


Activism and You

10 Things YOU Can Do To Be a Better Activist 

            Activism is alive and well here in America. The following are ten easy things you can do to be a better activist. Now let’s go change the world.

  1. Get Educated: Cannabis activism is no different than normal politics. We must be armed with the truth and be knowledgeable about the facts to make our message clear. We need to know the history of our cause to know how to approach the future. We should all educate ourselves on the cannabis plant, current affairs, and the legal and social issues that surround cannabis. There are many good books written on the subject and innumerable sites dedicated to cannabis studies and activism. Do some reading.   
  2. Talk to People. They Want to Listen: The time has never been better for cannabis discussions. The media is ripe with coverage on the subject, community leaders are more vocal than ever on the topic, and there is a certain buzz to the discussion. Whether it is a friend, a co-worker, or a mother on your child’s baseball team there is always an opportunity to win over the hearts and minds of others. The only way to combat decades of misinformation is to dispel the myths about cannabis one conversation at a time. Never fear having an educated discussion about something you are passionate about. Activism begins with those you are closest too. If we all discussed openly our beliefs and values surrounding cannabis use with those we interact with regularly, there would be a much greater understanding in society.
  3. Join A Group Already: There is no shortage of organizations dedicated to cannabis activism. Being a part of a group of like-minded individuals is empowering and we grow as individuals by these experiences. Multitudes of community based activist and policy groups provide a forum to be a part of a larger vision for change. No matter what your passion is, whether social, political, environmental, or economic, there is most likely a group working towards that. If there is not an established group working on your personal vision, then start one. Seek out people to share your experiences and values with. A group of committed people will always be more powerful than the most committed individual, so get involved.
  4. Organize Your Peeps: Taking the time to organize the people in your life to best help your activist goals is imperative. People have individual skills and assets that they can bring to your experience. Organizing these folks to be ready when a need arises helps to create a more fluid activist response. Identifying who may be able and willing to help with art, planning, or public speaking can make even the most harried demonstrations into professional and effective actions. Our human resources are the most valuable tools in the activist toolbox, so learn to use them wisely. 
  5. Understand Both Sides of the Argument: The only way an activist can make an effective statement with their actions is to understand completely the view of the opposition. When we can see the world through the eyes of our enemies we are able to undermine their fears and aggressions with a message that makes sense. Understanding more clearly where adversity is coming from allows us to make calculated steps in how to create opportunities for change. Learn to think like those who oppose you and you can begin to find methods of changing that way of thinking.
  6. Learn From Past Successes and Failures: Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” When planning activist actions it is helpful to look back at what worked in the past, and what did not, to strategize effectively. Throughout history there have been many activist movements that produced desired results. Using these lessons to our advantage can help us to make the progress we seek in our movement.
  7. Put Your Money (or Time) Where Your Mouth Is: Quit talking about activism like it is someone else’s responsibility. It is easy for people to complain about what is not being done, but committing time and resources is the only way to really get things done. If we all gave a small percentage to this cause we would be miles a head of the game. Buy an eighth that is five bucks cheaper and put the change towards the cause. Buy some stamps and spend an afternoon writing letters to community leaders. Donate a day of your life to helping spread the word about cannabis freedom. It doesn’t really matter what you do to help, as long as you are doing something.
  8. Networking, Networking, And Networking: In this digital age it has never been easier to network with people. Whether you Twitter, Facebook, or belong to email lists, it is important to get the message out to all of our various networks. Action planning begins with an idea that is spread from network to network and eventually there is a large contingency of support for the cause. Post a link. Text message your entire contacts list. Call people that can help us realize our ultimate goal. We are the ones we have been waiting for and it is up to us to network our message effectively.
  9. Get Off Your Couch: With wireless Internet and cell phones that can do amazing things there is a great deal of activist work that can be done from the couch. But sometimes nothing beats feet on the ground and looking people in the eye to ask for their support. Get out to a rally or protest. Hand out flyers at a farmers market. Organize a local bike ride to raise awareness. Attend a city council meeting. Getting out into the community to directly spread our activist message is necessary and effective. Plus, people like to see your smiling face, so get going.
  10. Teach Others: One activist creates another. Taking the time to make sure those around you understand the importance of their actions and the importance of the movement creates a community of educated and responsible citizens that are capable of changing the world. Take a person under your wing and share your knowledge and experiences with them. In this way we nurture the future of community activism and ensure that the people will always have a voice in the process. Our movement is growing rapidly and we must ensure that all members are given the right tools to help in the effort. The apprentice shall one day become the master.

Activism takes courage and dedication. These are some things that we can all do to become better activists and continue our journey towards justice, morality, and freedom. Our individual actions have the ability to make the world a better place. No matter to what degree activism is a part of your life, taking the necessary steps can be essential to your actions being effective. Please do your part to help us fix the world and help us to restore order to the universe. You are an activist the moment you begin to be active. Is this your moment?


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