Why #bitchface resolution is not an option


I have had many people come to me begging me to end the war with #bitchface. Let me just be clear and tell you that it is never gonna happen.

If you want to be on the same side as frauds, hucksters and cowards feel free. Unity is a myth when those involved are common criminals and charlatans. There will be no resolution. There is not going to be a kumbaya moment. Chances are it is going to get worse before it gets better.

“Why?,” you might ask. “What do I gain by putting time and energy into this situation?”

Cheryl Shuman is an evil human. She is not mistaken or misunderstood. She is a calculating con-artist who has spent her life seeking fame at any cost. It is not a mistake that she showed up in cannabis circles to try and make her claim to fame. She is here because there is attention to be gotten here, and no other reason.

I have tried to steer clear of this because she has so many pathetic issues to speak of that I didn’t have to, but let me say this out loud for everyone to hear so there is no mistaking it….


I cannot not even be sure she ever had “ovarian cancer.” But I do know that if she did, it was a “radical hysterectomy” that cured it and not cannabis. You cannot cure something with cannabis that was completely removed from your body.

Her entire story is a ruse aimed at tugging on the heart-strings of people and gaining attention for herself. Yes. She is that woman. Her entire history shows it. She has consistently lied over the years to gain sympathy and attention, even going as far as accusing Steven Seagal and an entire police force of assaulting her. Seagal was cleared of any wrongdoing and the suit was dismissed based on the claims being “repetitive and unintelligible.” Her entire life story is one case of attention getting fraud after the next. Cannabis is just the latest unsuspecting victim of this media whore.


But don’t take my word for it….Take Cheryl’s. Here is a link to a legal under oath deposition that she gave in 2008 where she admits she is a multiple felon for her role in fraudulent activities and makes NO MENTION of medical cannabis when asked about her medical history, even though this is after she claims to have “cured herself.” Here is that link: http://www.lukeford.net/Images/photos/janedoecheryl.txt

THE REPORTER: You do solemnly swear that the testimony you will give in the cause now pending will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
MS. SHUMAN: So help me God, yes.

So we establish this is under oath and so help her God, whoever that may be….

She goes on to tell of her medical condition:

Q-   Okay. Could you tell us what your medical condition is at present time, as you understand it?

A-   All of the conditions?

Q-   As best you can describe those conditions.

A-   I had ovarian cancer. I have advanced — or acute pulmonary histoplasmosis, high blood 16 pressure. Those are the main things.

Q-   Have you taken any medication —

A-   Today?

Q — within the last 24 hours.

A-   Yes, I have.

Q-   Can you tell us what medication that is?

A-   Yes. I take Synthroid for hypothyroid or something; it’s Synthroid. I take Vanasipril [phonetic] for my high blood pressure. And I have  to take Primarin, which is a hormone, because I had to have a radical hysterectomy.

Notice ZERO mention of medical cannabis being taken and the admission that her ovaries were removed in a radical hysterectomy…a far cry from curing herself with cannabis oil. She states she was told her cancer was terminal, yet makes no mention of her taking cannabis to “cure” it in any way whatsoever. In 2010 at a public meeting she claims to have liver cancer and that she is in need of a transplant. No mention of that here….or ever again for that matter.

I establish this baseline fact because it shows that her M.O. is to gain notoriety through saying she cured her cancer with cannabis, when in all reality that is just physically impossible. How do you cure cancer in an organ that was removed? It establishes a sense of fraud in the way she explains her personal cannabis story, but if we go on in the deposition we can see where she admits her fraud and cannot even remember how many felonies she has been charged with in the past.

Here is that:

Q- Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

A-   Yes, I have.

Q-   And how many times have you been convicted of a felony?

A- I don’t know.

Q-   You don’t know?

A-   I don’t know. I’ve never seen the records.

Q-   Okay. Possibly more than twice?

A-   I don’t think so.

Q-   To your understanding can you describe the that you’ve had that you would consider a felony?

A- Could — I’m sorry. Could you say the 12 question again?

Q-   Yes. What felonies have you been convicted of, to your understanding?

A- To my understanding?

Q-   Correct.

A-   I went underground after this whole situation blew up and I lived under another identity. And when I signed to get a passport and a driver’s license, I signed the DMV records under penalty of perjury or something that the foregoing was true and correct. That’s my understanding.

Q-   And where were you arrested for that; what 25 city?

A-   I think it was in Beverly Hills. There was a Beverly Hills arrest and then there was another  arrest at the Barrington Plaza.

Q- And what was the arrest at the Barrington 5 Plaza involving?

A-   Basically the same thing where I was under another identity.

Q- So you were arrested twice in two separate incidents for false identity?

A- That’s correct.

Q-   And did you spend any time in jail?

A-   Yes, I did.

Now what kind of liar cannot even recall when she was arrested or how many felonies she had? It is also funny to think that she would be arrested AND JAILED simply for hiding her identity from her attackers. That is bullshit. She had fake identities to commit fraud and was busted for it….

And she cannot even remember how long she was in jail for? Huh?

Q-   And what about the Barrington? Did you spend any time in jail?

A Yes.

Q-   How much time in jail?

A-   I honestly don’t remember.

Q-   Was it more than a month?

A-   I think so.

Q-   More than six months?

A-   No.

Q-   Less than six months?

A-   Less than six months.

Bizarre, right? If you read the entire deposition it is nuts. She accuses Steven Seagal of wanting to have sex with her and “aggressively” pursuing her after working with him for many years. She says when she came forward to report it she was attacked in her parking garage. Then she accuses Beverly Hills PD of being in on the whole thing. She states she was beat up and raped by two people dressed as police officers and that there was blood all over her apartment. She then accuses the Beverly Hills PD of breaking in her apartment and cleaning up the crime scene to hide it. This causes her to flee and change her identity….but then she returns. She is then busted for the false identity and was apparently in jail for more than a month but less than 6 months as a result.

Does it sound UNBELIEVABLE? That is because it fucking is. She is a fucking liar and a con-artist.

You can almost hear the person giving the deposition laugh, as she tries to spin this tale. Her staggered recollection of events is almost comical. She can remember mundane details in some areas, but cannot recall simple things like where, or how long she was in jail for. Crazy, right?

I bring all this up to establish a pattern of bizarre and fraudulent behavior aimed at seeking fame and fortune.

Enter cannabis.

When Cheryl began to make herself known in cannabis circles was just about the same time media began giving positive attention to our cause. It is no coincidence that she suddenly became “cured from cancer” with cannabis. It was an easy in, and who would question it? She pulled at the heartstrings of this community, and eventually the press, to gain notoriety as “the Martha Stewart of Marijuana.” She managed to work her way into cannabis circles and spent a lot of time running around taking pictures with anyone in the cannabis industry to give herself some credibility….which is why any time someone questions her validity she answers with some picture of Jack Herer and a statement saying, “See. Jack was my friend. Jack wouldn’t hang out with frauds, would he?” It is pathetic.

So in October this situation boiled over and I wrote a piece called “Cheryl Shuman is Full of Shit.” The piece was written after learning of her continued fraudulent behavior and her willingness to use unsuspecting families with sick kids for her own personal gain became apparent. I could no longer sit quietly by and watch this fraud try to become the spokesmodel for an industry I had spent most of my adult life working to develop. Her behavior was disgusting, and becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

After writing the piece I was contacted by literally hundreds of people who thanked me for having the courage to write it. My piece gave comfort to those who had felt scared to speak up in fear of what this crazy person might do to them. What followed was more people willing to stand up and share their experiences with her fraud and manipulation.

Then came the public downfall of Moms for Marijuana, and my development of a group called Parents 4 Pot. Here is a piece I wrote on that situation called “The Real Housewives of Marijuana…Another Failing Cheryl Shuman Joint.” This piece exposed her work to undermine this group and use their exposure for her gain. She was successful in co-opting the organization and making it her own. She now uses their platform of 50k followers to spew her crap and create false support from unsuspecting followers. It is sad, and extremely calculated.

In response to this, #bitchface went on HuffPost Live and completely lost her fucking mind, accusing me of being an armed robber, smoking weed in the car with my kids, doing meth, and going to prison for raping “school-aged” girls who I drugged with my medical marijuana candy. Here is that video for those who missed it:

This is a very serious deal. None of the bizarre commentary she presents here is even remotely true. She lost her fucking mind on a national media broadcast for everyone to see and tried to use her platform to destroy my reputation, and defame, my family, my children, and my organization.

She has continued her crazy person attacks, including her continued recent attacks on the parents of Brave Mykayla, a young girl fighting cancer in Oregon. Because these parents came forward and had the courage to tell the story of how she manipulated them and used them for personal gain for a lousy $49.95 donation based on lies and bullshit, she has turned her sights on them. She is now publicly accusing them of doing meth and intentionally making their child sick to benefit from donations. Just like her bizarre tales of Steven Seagal and the Beverly Hills PD conspiring to attack, rape, and destroy her, she is spinning tall tales to try and save her reputation and existence in this industry.

She called the police on Brave Mykayla’s folks the other night and is threatening them with a CPS investigation. She has lost her fucking mind. She even gave me another meth shout out yesterday too. LOL:


If anyone thinks for a minute that I am going to “forgive and forget” on the shit she is pulling, you are crazier than her. It ain’t gonna happen.

It is over when she is gone, and not a moment before.

She can cry and kick and scream all she wants. She can try to play on the emotions of her followers and demonize me and those I associate with. She can set herself on fire in protest for all I give a shit….I promise you I will not stop my criticism and exposure of her fraud anytime ever. Sorry.

So for those of you who just want this to “go away.” It is simple. It goes away when she does.

What you should be doing is working to get rid of her. Cut off her support networks. Inform people of her fraud. Boycott and condemn companies, individuals, and organizations that support her. Speak up when she makes and appearance. Do not let her go anywhere without hearing the term “fraudulent #bitchface.” Make sure she is not welcome anywhere in this industry and that she can no longer make her living taking advantage of a young and immature industry. Continue to question her integrity at every step. Do not let her find comfort anywhere. If you do, you will be on my shitlist.

If we all stand up and do this SHE WILL LEAVE. She is a parasite. Parasites need a viable organism to feed off of to survive. If we ensure she is not able to sink her claws into the good people of this movement, and her avenues of exposure and wannabe-fame dry up, she will look for a different group of suckers. But as long as stupid people int this industry and movement throw her a bone in hopes of hooking their pathetic wagon to her falling star, she will continue to exist.

As long as she still exists in this movement, you will be hearing from me and others about it. You can be sure of it.

So you want it all to stop? Then do your part to get rid of this cancer. Let’s perform that radical hysterectomy on everything that is Cheryl Shuman and remove her from this industry. Anything less is just unacceptable to me.

Now enjoy this little dance routing from your favorite mom for marijuana circa 2007 when she supposedly had cancer.


14 thoughts on “Why #bitchface resolution is not an option”

  1. Yeah I know you don’t much like me Mickey and that is dandy. But on this one we are of the same mind. Shuman IS the cancer that needs cured. Her attacks on the Krenzlers is as low as a sub-human bitch can sink and she is that bitch. So whatever beef you have with me is secondary to how we both feel about this charlatan. have a good one and keep the heat on.

  2. This is just sad…Mickey why do you use anger and hate to accomplish your goals?
    Cheryl is a positive person and is a great woman in our industry.
    I just wish you would use your energy for a real goal, not like this.

    1. If this is really Steve DeAngelo saying this then you’ve looked into this woman NOT ONE BIT. It’s either that or you’ve been swallowed up by fame and fortune as well. She’s simply the biggest fraud I’ve ever encountered in my years of private investigating. She has jumped from one gravy train to the next and is truly a psychopath. She has committed several felonies in an attempt to blackmail money from Segal, including stealing the prosecuting attorney’s letterhead and creating false documents but really all she wants is ATTENTION. Mickey is so right about that. She never had cancer. She was never cured by cannabis, in fact, I can find NOBODY that has ever seen her consume, smoke, rub into her belly, ANY cannabis. Her Beverly Hills Cannabis Club is a front for her continuing attempt at a prostitution ring, her first being her “eyeglass company” back in the 80’s and 90’s. (She lies about being an optometrist AFTER saying that she simply worked with one in order to sell that lie.) It’s a shame, really, that she doesn’t tell the truth about her life…it’s so much more interesting than the transparent lies that she tells to the numbskulls in the world. You’re going to have mud all over your own face after her life blows up again…and it will.

    2. Since I have found connections between Mr. DeAngelo and Harborside, and business interests here in New Mexico, this post really makes me wonder:

      If Mr. DeAngelo is Ms. Shuman’s champion, where do his interests really lie? Has this gentleman gone fully corporate; and if so, does he only advocate for business interests now?

  3. HAHAHAHA and HAHAHAHAHA the strip tease video was a HOOT! Funny, she told me she had Breast Cancer…somehow I do not believe that she has had ovarian, liver, and breast cancer…sad when you cannot even remember your own lies…More people should do a background check themselves….court records. after all, are legal documents, and in her case show a definite pattern….

  4. Cheryl’s defense for not mentioning medical marijuana in the deposition is that she was not aware of it yet, as after she did the sworn deposition, a friend came into her hospital room and turned her on to medical marijuana’s healing properties regarding cancer.
    And yet, in her interview on, “The View”, she claims she was prescribed medical marijuana by a psychiatrist in 1996, replacing, “Prozac and whatnot”, and then specifies, “80 mg. of Prozac a day”, to treat anxiety and depression.

  5. I took the time to research Ms. Shuman before I ventured an opinion on this California situation. Yes, I read the whole deposition — and, as someone who has read more than her share of depositions, I can say I’ve never seen one like this.

    I don’t know Ms. Shuman, but it is apparent to me that she is suffering from some kind of mental illness or disability. This is not to knock her, or anyone who suffers from mental problems — it’s just to say that this woman really needs help, and has for some time. Unfortunately, she has to WANT to get better, first. I don’t know if her behavior can be controlled with currently available medications, but it seems like she should try some type of therapy, no matter what it is.

    At this point, her entourage is just enabling her condition, apparently pushing her into a manic phase. Not that I’m a doctor or anything — just someone standing on the outside, looking in.

    There will come a point in time when enough people no longer feel sorry for Ms. Shuman, no longer hang-on to her every drama — and then she will crash. I’m thinking she’s going to take a lot of people down with her, so perhaps now is a good time to choose sides. Can’t repair the damage to reputations (through connections with Ms. Shuman) that has already occurred, but early mitigation is well advised.

  6. I used to be an investor(sadly) in RFMK when Shuman came on board. Really didn’t know much about her other than she seemed to be everywhere all the time on the social sites. Didn’t take long for people to start figuring her out at InvestorsHub where I was following the company. On that site, there are a couple of people that do some great investigating of companies and people in them, especially people promoting them. One of them caught her but good in a lie and she went so batshit crazy that they threw her off the site.

    You’ll get a kick outta this.


    LOL, RFMKs own Ms. Shuman, VERY CLEARLY and DELIBERATELY lied when she told her charlatans fable here:

    Case study in point. When I was an optician and was known as the “optician to the stars”, I remember a little movie called “Risky Business” that was so LOW BUDGET that they could not afford to spend $ on designer sunglasses. I had some old Raybans in my inventory that were about to be discontinued. The company itself was near bankruptcy and considered an “antique that should just shut down and be forgotten”. Most of those “experts” in the optical community at that time made fun of them and wrote them off as a dead end.


    However, the factual story is quite different, the Raybans in Risky Business actually were the result of a $50K/Year product placement contract that Rayban had signed in 1982 with Unique Product Placement, http://www.upp.net, in Burbank, Gary Mezzatesta, then VP of UPP, is the 1 who inked the deal, call them and ask about it, I did, and in fact, most all of the Raybans which were placed in movies and TV in the 80s were from that deal.

    annual sales were sagging when the company signed a $50,000-a-year deal in 1982 with Unique Product Placement of Burbank, California, to move Ray-Bans onto the faces of film and television stars on camera. Since then Ray-Ban shades have appeared in more than 60 movies and TV shows a year. The Wayfarer line, which sold 18,000 pairs before the placement deal, has done especially well. In 1983, when Tom Cruise wore a pair in the movie Risky Business, Wayfarer’s U.S. sales soared to 360,000. In 1984 (the debut of television’s Miami Vice in which Don Johnson donned them), they reached 720,000. In 1985 (when Bruce Willis put them on for the Moonlighting TV series), 826,000. In 1986 (Tom Cruise again, this time in Top Gun),


    So the important question that RFMK investors have to consider is WHY DID RFMKs own MS. SHUMAN deliberately lie here???, is she really this confused about reality????, is this just an example of some sociopath issues she has????, or is this a nefarious attempt by her to intentionally and maliciously mislead investors of RFMK???????

  7. Thank you for saving me from Ms. Shaman ‘s evil nonesense. I just seen Ms Shuman on KNBC and was going to call my doctor for prescription. I’m terminally ill from stage 4 ovarian cancer in which I had a hysterectomy but the cancer metastasized to my lymph nodes, and was hoping, praying for a miracle.

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