Ethics and Morality in the Struggle Against Good and Evil

There is no shortage of drama in the wild world of weed. Why should today be any different?

Yesterday I got a message from a cannabis activist who claimed she had worked for an organization that was collecting donations for an inmate in prison. She claimed that she had evidence that this group had collected donations in this person’s name and had not given him as much as they had taken in. I was presented with some loose figures, surrounded by ominous language about reporting people to  the Department of Revenue and IRS. To me the tone seemed very vindictive, and not necessarily a call for help for the person who was in jail.

But I take these things seriously, as I would not want to be getting fucked over if I were sitting in Federal prison for weed. So I forwarded the info on to some associates in the area to see if I could track down some truth.

Here is the kicker…..I tell the lady making the accusations that I am going to write the inmate to see what his take on it was. She warned me to “Be careful not to upset him” and that she had tried to tell him but that “he was in denial.” HUGE RED FLAG.

Talk about scruples….

I am now presented with an accusation that these folks are stealing from this inmate, but a warning not to upset the inmate and that he may be in denial because they are the only ones giving him money. Apparently just not enough money. But the claims that his denial is based on his “dependency” on the alleged thieves is odd. If these folks are so evil then why are they the only ones putting money on his books, even if it is not as much as you think they should?

Come to find out this broad is an ex-employee of the organization and used her access to their books for what seems on the surface as a vindictive effort. If a lot of this apparently happened in 2011, and you worked there during the whole deal, but now want to make these disparaging claims AFTER you are no longer receiving your paycheck from the organization, that also raises a HUGE RED FLAG.

If the actual person who you are saying is being taken advantage of does not believe that and trusts the folks who you are accusing to the point of you having to say he is “embarrassed” and “in denial”  then maybe it is you who should be embarrassed or who is in denial. Who knows?

I bring up this point because I have seen a lot of this type of vendetta going around, and it disgusts me. In case some of y’all have not noticed, we are actually fighting a real war with real enemies that want to put us all in prison.

My gut on this tells me that it is more of a personal issue than a true-to-life bleeding-heart effort to support this inmate. But for shits and giggles, let’s assume that this person is on the up and up, and that I am just way off on this one. It is rare, but it happens.

Let us take for granted that this is actually happening and that there is an organization collecting donations for an inmate and then keeping a large majority of said donations for themselves. Just that statement reminds me of every large charity organization out there because that is what they all do, really. But in this context it is obviously different. We are talking about funds targeted for a certain individual…and individual sitting in prison helpless.

Any person or organization of people who would perpetrate such a fraud are certainly evil. There is no questioning that. Obviously we all know that the world is full of evil folks, and while I am not convinced that the people in question in this case are those evil people, I do know that evil people do exist in this movement; and that people have raised money for folks who had no intention of giving it to them. So let’s speak directly to that issue.

Sitting in prison is likely one of the worst experiences a human can have. It is demoralizing and depressing. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Every day is a terrible one and the only ray of light you have are the few people on the outside who still give a shit about you. It is a vulnerable and often lonely place to be.

For a person, or group of people, to use a tragedy like this to solicit funds for personal gain is unspeakable. It is a crime against human nature that cannot be fathomed by any person who has an ounce of morality. The people who would put forth such a ruse are the lowest scum of the earth and do not deserve to walk on the same planet as the rest of us. They are the lowest common denominator and this is just not something I could ever do. It saddens me to think that there are people that would.

From the situation that was presented to me yesterday, I have taken away some valuable lessons.

One is that people are fucked up. Either the person trying to destroy another’s reputation by making unfounded accusations, or the ones being accused, are fucked up people. Regardless, the world is full of fucked up people.

Another lesson is that trust is difficult.  Finding people who you can put your faith in that will do the right thing, even when no one is looking or after they are gone, is terribly hard. Depending on people and having them disappoint you is incredibly frustrating.

The final lesson is that I am not the morality cop of the weed industry. At least not any more. If people want to be unethical and immoral that is their prerogative. I do not have the energy or time to try and police all of the bullshit that goes on around here any longer. It is not good for my soul. People are going to be people. If they cross my path, we can deal with those realities as they come, but please leave me out of your fucking drama from here on out. Thanks.

And do the right fucking thing for once. It might feel good even….

One thought on “Ethics and Morality in the Struggle Against Good and Evil”

  1. just wanted to say i know who this story is about and i have something for you to read from a federal prisoner luke scarmazzo who happens to be on our list…FREE Luke Scarmazzo and all POWS of marijuana…Kristin Flor Kitty Greatbanks Miller Jeremy Miller and all who donated here is a letter from POW Luke Scarmazzos brother….Nick Scarmazzo
    Jay I’m good! Talk to Luke last night, got ur $100, he really appreciates it! He’s very excited that he’s hooked up Anonymous! Again I can’t thank you guys enough for keeping Luke’s story fresh and alive! I do believe justice will be served! thanks everyone its like a breath of fresh air knowing we are helping our POWS….and…CHARLES LEPP on 2/8/2013 7:21:37 PM wrote
    honey i think I’ve been more than clear i don’t think that of you two at all i have never bought in to this shit and i believe i have told everyone how very proud i am of you and how thankful i am for all you do not just for me but for everyone you help if i have failed to make that clear to you please forgive me for i have tried every time any criticizes of you has ever risen. so onse again i will say for the record for every hater ive heard of or from ive gotton ten times as many who love you and are thankful for all you do. Rember as long as your on top you will face this it is part of the ride and sadly the higher you rise the more people will hate. so remember i love you and thank you so much love dad…..CHARLES LEPP on 2/7/2013 4:18:53 PM wrote
    kitten just got email from heidi she said she took down her face book and is taking down her web site. real is pissed at her over this. and she swears she is done with al of it. i can only hope that is the truth love you dad
    Well another one is done. Down to 177 i think. Working on my B.P. 10 to region to try to get back to Calli. am doing the 2255 to get out of prison. warming up a little here summer will be here soon. Wanted to talk about things like Obama killing Americans’ with drone planes. States threaten to arrest federal officers and several other topics. How ever my darling wife the love of my life has asked that i talk about my children have to legal daughters kimi kat with Linda Lepp and Christie with Linda Senti.I met both of these girls at a very young age and was blessed to love them like my own from the beginning a love they both return. For which i will be forever grateful. That brings me to my other children thru the ministry Linda Senti and I started we came in to contact with thousands of people. we were ( Linda Lepp and I still are ) blessed to have many of them call me poppa papa dad pops. Judi, Bret, Robin,Dustin,Kari,Evonne,Arty, Bobby,Dave,Kitty,Shilo,Paul and many others I am blessed and proud that so many feel that i would be a good dad because for the most part when i was young and had kids of my own i was a lousy father and not much of a catch as a husband. I was great at whorein drinkin gamblein drugin and raisin Hell. i only wish that i had learned at a much earlier age to RESPECT ALL HURT NONE AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER.Linda and I are further blessed that we have so many true friends. That have stood with us in our time of need. As we continue to work our way thru this challenge that our love and life has become. I want to thank each of you so very much for all you do for not only do I look to each of you for strength and inspiration but for love and support. Right now there are a lot of things going on which are hurting many many people who I love care about and for. On both sides of the fence. i can only say that I’m am sorry for i fear i have failed you all. Perhaps if I would have been a better example as a father and a man then this would not be going on. So i can only ask that we all look at who we are and ask could I be a better person than I am???? I know all this drama has made me look at who i am but more important look at who I want to be. I want and need to be a better man dad husband and friend. again i am sorry if any of my actions or lack there of have hurt you please forgive me. I hope this explains how I came to have so many kids. Moxt of you wont get this but then im doing it for those who do GILY SVM pray we all become better at being human. I love you all good night. hope you all have a wonderfull drama free week!!!!!! May JAH continue to bless us all. EDDY….WE ARE ANONYMOUS.

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