Storming the Castle

Now that we have gotten past the Christmas madness, the world sets its’ sights on the New Year. The year of 2013 will be upon us in a matter of days. Generally, this is a time for reflection and renewal. We set objectives and goals for the coming year, and work hard to keep resolutions that make us better people, and our world a better place.

So what are the resolutions for the cannabis reform movement in 2013? What are our objectives, and how can we make the world a better place for cannabis and cannabis enthusiasts?

This should be the year we end this thing once and for all. Cannabis prohibition should fade into the distance in 2013, and weedheads should be freed from the clutches of tyranny. But this will not happen by itself. Right now we have the prohibitionists reeling. They are scrambling to figure out how 55% of people in two different states voted to end taking people to jail for weed. Their positions on zero tolerance are being fiercely debated in the open, and the drug warriors do not have a lot of answers to why we should continue these disastrous policies that have cost our nation over a trillion dollars with very little to show for it.

So in 2013 it is up to us to end this thing. We must STORM THE CASTLE and demand that JUSTICE and MORALITY prevail. It will take all of us dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition to light our torches and sharpen our pitchforks. We must give everything we have to ending cannabis prohibition this year. Never before have we entered a year with so much momentum towards legalization. We must propel this momentum into real and meaningful change in federal policy.

At the very least, we must demand a solid shift in enforcement policy from the USDOJ. There must be a willingness to stand down on enforcement of cannabis laws in states where cannabis has been legalized, for medical or adult use. it is just not politically viable for anyone to continue to work directly against the will of the people, and it has become pretty clear what the will of the people is….legalize weed.

We must keep our foot on the neck of prohibition and not let up for a second. Every phone call, conversation, or communication is an opportunity to add a nail to the coffin of the war on weed. We can use our voice to demand ending prohibition, and add to the chorus of voices already calling for the end. Write a letter, make a call, send out an email, sign a petition, attend a rally, respond to comments in blogs and news articles…..keep hammering home the message of cannabis freedom anywhere and everywhere. Information is king, and the facts are on our side. Cannabis is safe, enjoyable, and helpful.

When preparing to storm any castle, it is necessary to prepare for battle, and a long and tiring fight. We must gather our weapons of knowledge and education to destroy this enemy. We must bring any tool we can muster that may break down the walls of the castle. It is our duty to give everything we have to storming the castle. Anything less than our best effort will result in failure and the downfall of our fellow weedhead. Leave no man behind and take no prisoners. The final battle for cannabis freedom is upon us. Do you got your castle storming shoes on? I know I do….

Game on…..

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