All I want for Christmas is more legal weed.

The majestic holidaze are upon us and the elves are hard at work in Santa’s workshop. It is the season of giving and joy….and magic.

When we were little we believed in the magic and understood that, if we were good, there would be a grand present under the tree for us Christmas morning. We would wake up and run out to the tree to see if the toy or gift we had hoped for was there. Santa was a mystical being that could accomplish impossible tasks and knew everything about everyone. It was an amazing feeling and great memories for most.

I still get that feeling. Not that Santa is real; but that if I do the right thing, work really hard, and fight for what I believe in, that good things will happen. I still believe in the magic of the universe, and understand that anything truly is possible. Even on my darkest days, I can be optimistic that things will always work out. They always have. I have had a lot of great wishes come true.

This is why I am wishing for MORE LEGAL WEED for Christmas this year….and for once in my life, I feel pretty hopeful that this could really happen. Maybe not tomorrow for Christmas; but when we are this close to seeing cannabis legalized, every milestone is like opening up a Christmas present.

Every time I check Huffington Post, I get that same anticipation as hoping I got that grand present….because I know one day it will have a headline reading WEED IS LEGAL! Every day in the media and in the dialogue of our nation, there is a new and powerful call for an end to the madness of taking people to jail for weed. The house of cards is falling right in front of our eyes, and it is brilliant to watch. Another wish will come true.

I think if we all looked deep down inside, past the jadedĀ perceptionsĀ and false realities, and found that part of us that used to believe enough to make miracles happen, we could do this. If we can envision legal weed under the tree and how joyful we will be when cannabis prohibition finally ends, then we might just be able to make it so. We must find the magic.

It is not too much to ask for….It is not a pony, or anything. It is legal weed. we are not even asking for anything. The weed is here already.

All we are asking is for you to stop making people criminals, taking their kids, and violating their human rights for it. let the people you have in cages for weed go. We are just asking for them to stop doing something that has proved to be incredibly costly in the form of blood and treasure. We are just asking for them to allow cannabis to grow freely and openly. That in not asking a lot at all….it is pretty minimal really.

So as you enjoy this Christmas Eve with your friends and family, and you make your final wishes for the holidaze and the New Year, wish deeply in your heart for MORE LEGAL WEED. Besides…you know Santa gets baked to the bone. Check out his suit…..

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