Lifting Up the Less Fortunate

It is undeniable that we are all inter-connected on this planet. Like it or not, what one of us does affects the other. In turn, we also have certain responsibilities to our fellow man.

It is no secret that this world is full of the “haves” and the “have nots.” It has been that way since the beginning of time, from what I can tell. But that does not mean the “have nots” are any less valuable or any less worthy of our respect and love….and resources. It is our duty to lift up those who are less fortunate and help them where we can.

As we enter Thanksgiving week, I am reminded of how much hunger and suffering there really is in the world. I know families that are struggling to figure out how to pay the rent, much less if there will be a feast at the house on Turkey Day (or a sack of weed). It pains me that I cannot do more to help everyone. I hate that I live in a world where one guy has a private jet, while the other is starving. I am not saying we all deserve a private jet, but I think in a world with so much, everyone should have food. That is not a hard concept to understand.

As a society, we become less civilized when we simply ignore the less fortunate. The fact that we can walk right past people who are outright suffering in a flippant manner, jump in our fancy car, and drive to our warm and toasty home with little, or no, care for those we see suffering is barbaric. Yet, we all do this every day. The world has become more cold and callous in many ways.

Do not get me wrong, though. Not all is lost. There truly are many good people doing many good things; and many people are struggling in one way or another themselves. There is a lot of great work that is done to help the less fortunate, but even some of the larger charity organizations get caught up in the mix and lose focus of their mission. Often, a lot of would be funding goes to executive and administrative needs, rather than to those suffering. That is sad. But at the same time, there is a lot of great work done.

Unfortunately it is just not enough. There are just too many people without a warm meal and a place to stay. That disgusts me really.

Even in the world of cannabis, we could do a better job of lifting up the less fortunate. There are many patients who cannot afford the current prices of cannabis. A lot of good organizations have organized care programs that provide for the less fortunate; but often it is not enough, or patients are too embarrassed to ask for help. What is sad is that if we truly legalized weed it would be MUCH more affordable and accesible for everyone.

But in the current quasi-legal gray market we have established, there are still many who fall through the cracks. We owe it to the community, and to ourselves to do a better job of ensuring people in need can get good weed without having to cough up their rent money for it. It is great if you are already doing something, but overall we are not really doing enough. We can, and should, do more…..

If not us, then who? Who are we waiting for?

I am making a pledge this Thanksgiving to give a substancial donation to my local food bank, and to find at least one less fortunate person I can share some weed with. If we all made this commitment, we could make a serious effort in lifting up the less fortunate, and as a result, we would have a much happier and healthy society.

Do your part….If you have enough, then be a swell person and kick down to the “have nots.” It will not kill you to have a little less, so that others may have just a little. The less fortunate are not always homeless, or desolate either. Chances are someone you know is struggling. Reach out and see if you cannot make their life just a little better this day…and every day.

Together we can make a real difference.