Jive Turkey Pardons

So now that we are past the stupid election and we can be sure Overlord Romney will not be the leader of the Republic, it is time to hold Obama’s feet to the fire about not just stopping taking people to jail, but to also let go the people who are sitting in cages because they got caught with too much weed or too many plants. With the holidays upon us full force, it is impossible not to think about those who are in prison, and what a blessing it would be if their sentences were commuted. These folks do not deserve to spend one more day behind bars away from their loved ones for weed.

This is not a big stretch for a person who made a ceremony out of pardoning some birds named Cobbler and Gobbler the other day.

While it is great that our nation has some weird tradition where the President gets to pretend to care about the death of a turkey while innocent weedheads sit in jail, it is a mockery of the Presidential pardon, which has become less and less of a tool used to right the wrongs of our justice system in recent years. For something that costs the President nothing, it begs to wonder why he has used this power so little in his first term?

Like everything, it is politics and money. It is a cautious position that fails to utilize one of the most powerful things a President can do….bring justice to where our system has failed our fellow man.

Nothing is a more stark injustice than the fact that we have people sitting in jail for decades over some weed. It is one of the most tragic things that our society has put forth in history, and here is a person, who with the stroke of a pen, could end this nightmare and send our political prisoners home. President Obama needs to take a long deep look at this situation and decide if he is going to be the courageous leader who put an end to this madness, and who sent our brothers and sisters home for the holidays with their family.

We are better than this as a Country. Not only is it pure evil to lock people up for weed, but it is damn expensive. While we are having this huge budget discussion can we put the drug war on the table as a cost reducing factor? It would be nice to see a push for reducing the mass incarceration of our neighbors like we saw a push for healthcare reform. We can not afford to house and feed 5x more prisoners than the rest of the world. What we are doing now is not working. Fix it.

Prisons are not job creation. Prisons are where the spirit and core of our Nation have gone to die.

I am calling for not just President Obama, but all Governors as well, to release our weedheads and put an end to these policies that enslave mostly poor people for a plant far safer than the booze that we rejoice in this nation.

Let’s have that weed summit soon, okay Choomy McChoomerson?