Michael Franti Endorses Prop. 19

I posted yesterday about a most interesting debate that Michael Franti from Spearhead was having on his Facebook page. Over 500 posts were made on the subject. Many were for YES on 19, while there was definitely a presence of the NO debate happening, including the standard Monsanto and Corporations take over conspiracy angle. Todd McCormick posted a great piece on his support (below) to which Michael Franti acknowledged and referred others to read. That was cool. Way to go Todd. After a long debate Michael did some research and weighed the pros and cons of the debate.

Then Franti endorsed stating:

My answer is that the present prohibition of weed must end just like it did for alcohol. No one should be rotting in prison for weed anymore than we would lock them up for drinking beer. I think this is a crucial time and an important stepĀ in the right direction. I don’t live in fear of corporations taking over, obviously they will, but i would rather see corporate weed and “micro brewed weed” than people locked up for weed. And if pot dealers lose money, than so be it…$400 for an ounce? Give me a break. Why shouldn’t it cost as much as grapes, oranges lettuce or any other garden produce. And once it’s legal to grow, the industrial hemp market will also blossom and that has the potential to benefit everyone. After reading all the comments and info I can find, this non-smoker votes YES ON 19!