A message from Todd McCormick of Hempire Media on 19

Hello Everybody, my name is Todd McCormick and in 1995 I was the co-proponent of the “1995 California Hemp and Health Initiative” with Jack Herer who authored the book; “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, now in his passing, I am the editor of his seminal work which is the authoritative history of Cannabis/Hemp prohibition and I just released the 12th edition of his book in his honor.

I am urging everybody who lives in California to vote YES on Proposition 19 November 2 because it will legalize personal possession of 1 ounce of Cannabis for every adult in the state. It will also legalize growing for every adult in the state of California, with or without a doctor’s permit. This is the first step, of many that we must take as earthlings and not just Californian’s, to regain our personal liberties, and demand our freedom back at the ballot box.

I know firsthand how hard it is to put an initiative on the ballot, Jack Herer and I have tried to do it through volunteer effort and have failed. This initiative was put on the ballot by a wonderful person with great intention, and he, like many of us, wanted to see a more liberal initiative go forward, but because he had the money to do polls while crafting the verbiage of this initiative he had to make conservative concessions in order to write an initiative that would win the polls. The proponent of this initiative, Richard Lee, has been an activist for as long as I’ve known him and wants to see the arrests stop and our personal freedoms regained. We owe this opportunity to the generosity of one person, we should seize the moment and vote yes on November 2, while that on November 3, our work is not finished in taking back our environment, replanting hemp for a majority of our fiber, fuel, paper and food and protecting our rights to medical Cannabis.

And let me add, Prop 19 is the only thing that can protect the dignity of medical Cannabis use, no longer will adults over the age of 21 have to get a doctor’s note to smoke herb for a headache or writers block, they will be able to light up legally! Proposition 19 does not change any of the existing medical marijuana laws and will serve to stop conservative politicians from rolling back our medical liberties that we have fought so hard for in the last 14 years! Please realize that if Steve Cooley wins the Atty. general’s office in California, proposition 19 may be the only thing that stops him from doing to California what he did to Los Angeles, and that was reducing the number of medical Cannabis clubs from 500 to 41.

Proposition 19 is one step on a long ladder to liberty, it is good for everybody who loves liberty and wants personal freedom. Prop 19 only hurts the liquor industry, who has already donated against prop 19 publicly and it also hurts the black market growers who enjoyed the high profits on your marijuana smoking for the last 30+ years. Really: $400 an OZ for flowers? It will also hurt the phony doctors writing paper mills of recommendations for people that they never met, and it will also hurt the lawyers who will have to defend real criminals!


Every flower has a right to be blooming, so stay human and vote YES on 19!

Thank You,

Todd McCormick