INFILTRATED? Does Civil Rights FBI infiltration seem familiar?

As we continue to make progress in our own movement we continue to see these “so-called stoners” attempting to use their ability to infiltrate the movement to cause division and spread misinformation in the community. Have we been infiltrated by agents of prohibition? Quite possibly. We do not have to look far for evidence of this. As we read about the tactics used by the FBI and other arms of the government to get a front row seat for the Civil Rights movement, one must wonder how many of these moles have infiltrated our own movement. After all, racism was much less lucrative that prohibition. Yes. We can be sure there are certain people in this movement that are infiltrating and causing confusion to continue prohibition and serve their ultimate interest- THE MAN.

We can be sure that these folks are imbedded in our movement, portraying themselves as “one of us,” but deep down working against our ultimate goals of cannabis freedom. How far would they go? Ask yourself- “How far would the feds go to continue prohibition and continue to jail hundreds of thousands of would be law abiding citizens into entering “the system” and being less powerful because of their criminal behavior? This is a powerful way to control large segments of our population. The police use cannabis prohibition to search throught the cars, homes, live, and pockets of honest Americans everyday. With this “probable cause” often they are able to discover more things about people and identify people who have courageously participated in civil disobedience through cannabis reform. An enlightened cannabis user is a danger to the government. It is hard to control a person who thinks for themselves and the government knows it. As cannabis opens up the minds of a person and allows them to explore their hearts and minds for truth and reason. This dangerous element, along with innumerable amounts of money spent on prosecuting, jailing, enforcing, and drug testing people is A LOT of coin for the man to give up easily. So you can be sure, just like this photographer was able top penetrate so deeply that he snapped the most famous pictures of MLK’s death because he was in the mix, that we also have these types in our movement.

Notice the voices against Prop. 19 and ask yourself who they are and where they came from? Why are they using their platforms to create confusion and spread misinformation? Why do they feel the need to dress so abstractly that they look like they are playing a trippy, stoner girl in a movie? Why are they always available and seemingly do not hold a real job? What is their REAL name? Where did they go to school? Who can vouch for their past? Who the fuck are you? Chances are there is a fed or six amongst us reading this page right now and begging that they are not exposed for the frauds that they are. Don’t believe the hype. These dangers are REAL and if you believe that they are not then you have a strange reality coming…..

Report: Famed Civil Rights Photographer Ernest Withers Spied for FBI


Ernest C. Withers had been the photographer who chronicled the civil rights movement through the 50s and 60s. His photos of the gruesome racial murder of teenager Emmitt Till still resonate to this day; he was there when nine students integrated Little Rock Central High School; and his camera shutters snapped just moments after Martin Luther King was assassinated.

And all the while, according to the Memphis Commercial AppealWithers was betraying everything he knew about the civil rights movement to the FBI.

The report, released Tuesday, comes after the paper obtained records (through a Freedom of Information Act request) identifying Withers with an “informant number,” one of several people paid by the FBI to give information to the agency about civil rights leaders. Withers, who died in 2007 at the age of 85, owned a photography studio on the storied Beale Street and had traveled to some of the major scenes of the movement. But government documents show a different side of Withers, the Appeal said.

Those reports portray Withers as a prolific informant who, from at least 1968 until 1970, passed on tips and photographs detailing an insider’s view of politics, business and everyday life in Memphis’ black community.

As a foot soldier in J. Edgar Hoover’s domestic intelligence program, Withers helped the FBI gain a front-row seat to the civil rights and anti-war movements in Memphis.

Withers had been much revered as a photographer of history with displays of his work traveling the world, and also shown in many galleries. He was also famous for his photographs during the years of Negro League Baseball and four books of his work have been published.

Marc Perrusquia, projects reporter for the Appeal told NPR that his information came from 369 pages the government gave him relating to a public corruption scandal Withers was involved with during the early 70s. The references to Withers informant number, ME 338-R, were not obscured or censored and Perrusquia was able to make the connection.

Withers’ daughter, Rosalind, is withholding any comments, she says until she sees the documents. “This is the first time I’ve heard of this in my life,” she told the Appeal. “My father’s not here to defend himself. That is a very, very, strong, strong accusation.”

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