Beyond "I gots mine" thinking to false senses of security…

We continue to see attacks on medical cannabis in the state, yet many folks have the theory that because their particular garden, company, or collective has not been under seige, that all is good and that there is no need to pass Prop. 19 to add protection to cannabis consumers. There is no logic or critical thinking and people refuse to see the writing on the wall. Medical cannabis is coming out of the shadows and into the light, as many drones seem to mimic these days, but as it does we begin to see the light get brighter, and cities and counties look for way to tighten the screws down on the industry through regulation and control. But many fail to see where this is heading. Many ignore the calls from lawmakers, law enforcers, and prosecutors to begin to eradicate the free for all that make people currently comfortable with the situation. Them having theirs could deteriorate in a flash if Cooley and Whitmann are elected and decide to roll back or invalidate SB420, and yes, that is a very real possibility.

We see towns like Morro Bay voting on banning access. Countless cities and counties already ban access. Cities making regulations and ordinances these days continue to add regulations and taxes to the mix and prices of medicine continue to stay high. Providers are being raided frequently by STATE officials and in the recent Jovan Jackson case we are seeing the first time a medical provider is being denied a medical defense in court, with the judge even ordering people not be allowed to wear ASA shirts. How is that for “safe access.” But some do not care because this is not happening to them. They are selfish and gredy and refuse to lok past their own comforts to realize that not all is good in the world of medical cannabis, and quite frankly, could deteriorate much quicker than it has developed. But do not worry. You gots yours.

Forget the numerous growers that re losing their income and freedoms to raids. Forget the owners of LA collectives that are under seige by the City Attorney’s office. Forget the folks going to trial with their hands tied behind their backs. Forget the dozens of DA’s and cops that refuse to acknowledge the existence of collectives and safe access. Forget that many lawmakers decided to not issue a directive to the Feds because they think the current medical cannabis system is fraught with abuse and illegitimate use. Forget the many cops everyday who decide to play doctor and decide if you are or are not sick enough to use cannabis. Forget the City Council’s all over the State that see the abuse in the system as reason enough to limit or deny access. Forget the outrage of people in the community who think that the medical system has been hijacked by a bunch of able-bodied young men who just want to get high. Forget all of that. You gots yours.

But remember KARMA is a bitch and when you continue to campaign against prop 19 based on loose fact and speculation and people continue to feel the wrath of a system gone bad while you thrive the karma monster is sure to find you soon enough. I understand many like the way things are. They are making their living, smoking their pot, and not worrying about the many people in their community that are under attack or do not feel like lying to a doctor to be legal. Fuck them, right? I fear for people like you. I think your false sense of security and the indifference of some law enforcers and the acceptance of a few cities have lulled you into believing that this will never change. That your freedom to operate with little regulation will never go away. But you fail to see it already is going away, little by little, and speeding up fast. So when you are sitting there getting yours today, think of those who may not be or those who are getting theirs taken away, limited, or getting busted. If you think the murky and limited freedoms that we now possess will be like this forever then you just simply are not paying attention.

Prop. 19 protects those rights by giving another layer of cannabis freedom to depend on. Medical users will not be affected no matter what the liars try to tell you. But allowing for adult use just may give those who are trying to remove your current freedom something else to focus on and your medicine becomes less of a priority. So you make the choice. You can be happy for now and possibly lose everything very soon, or you can advance the ball down the field and make it more difficult for cops and attorney’s to make cannabis user’s lives hell. VOTE YES on PROP. 19 for freedom….

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