Favorite Kinds of Weed

It is funny watching the weed game turn in to a connoisseur market, with people who will only smoke this kind of weed, or this type of hash. I remember the days when I was just glad to have any weed, and could give a shit if it was purple or not.

You know what my favorite kind of weed is? GOOD WEED.

I am not that picky. I like all kinds of weed as long as they are tasty, effective, and grown with care. I do not even mind bad weed sometimes. I just came up on some mexican brick not too long ago, and while I would not burn it everyday, a cool old-school brown weed joint was a nice break from the norm. It was a whole different effect, and took me back to my youth.

But as the industry grows and becomes more legitimized there will be a growing market for high-end, exotic, and rare strains of cannabis. It will be necessary to dive deeper into the gene pool and the race for exclusivity of strains will intensify. Could a legalized market bring patents on genetics, and legal battles over who did invent purple weed? Maybe. More likely, it will look a lot like the wine market, with different types of grapes being grown and bottled by many different vintners. But regardless, a lot more focus is, and will be, put on the varietals, their cultivation methods, and the quality of the finished products. There will come a time when you just cannot sell bad weed anywhere….at least I hope.

I still will be happy to smoke weed, regardless of what kind it is, who produced it, or whether it is my favorite kind or not. I just cannot imagine passing on a joint because it is not my flavor. My favorite kind of weed will always be the one that does not put me in jail, so whatever we got to do to get that kind of weed, let us do that….

For now, my favorite kind of weed will be the kind I have.