SHOW ME THE MONEY- Why the big dogs should fund Prop. 19

The LA Times did a piece entitled “Marijuana legalization receiving fewer contributions….” in which they questioned why the normal big money players in the drug reform movement had yet to put any major funding towards the Prop. 19 effort. In the article there are a number of speculations that attempt to shed light on why these normal social change enthusiasts had yet to jump in the game. There are claims that people wanted to wait until 2012 and that they were burned out from a dispiriting loss on Prop. 5 in 2008. This is hogwash. These interests that have done so much for the movement need to quit with the excuses and SHOW ME THE MONEY, JERRY!

Prop. 19 is on the ballot and is polling is close. Some show it losing- others show it winning. The truth probably lies in the middle somewhere and it is sure to be a photo finish. I predict 51% to 49% one way or another (hopefully with 19 winning). The key will be in this final 3 month press to get the vote out, convince a small percentage of the religious right that cannabis is not evil, and convincing the soccer moms that the dangers of cannabis lie in its sending their kids to jail. If that message can resonate with a small amount of voters it could be enough to push the initiative to victory. But that messaging costs money, so I am calling for those who have stood behind our movement for so many years to swallow their pride and get past the wishing it was a different year or that they were nurtured more in the process. Now is not the time for petty ego trips and power trips. Now is the time to show that Californians want cannabis legalized and that the time for the end of cannabis prohibition is now. If you think your loss on Prop 5 was demoralizing, just imagine what a loss for cannabis legalization will do to the collective psyche of the entire cannabis movement.

I understand that you are very powerful and sensible persons who have risen through the ranks of life by being pragmatic and understanding what is and what is not a good investment. Maybe the sales pitch on 19 has not been appealing so maybe I can help you to better understand why and how this will change the lives of cannabis users and those who care about them.

Prop. 19 will open up the flood gates to cannabis freedom like never before. Many people’s lives are turned upside down every year because of their choice to use cannabis. We continue to see the Drug Warriors march out their propaganda and every year more people are mislead into thinking cannabis is a dangerous and evil drug. The truth is cannabis is a healing, spiritual, and desirable natural alternative. I am tired of being scared. Do you hear that Mr. Soros, Mr. Williams, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Sperling, Mr. Goldfield, and any other multi-billion-millionaire who may be on the fence?- I NEED YOUR HELP. Everyday I fear prosecution for my choice to use cannabis. I am sick and tired of being a criminal. I do not have 2 more years of my life to run around ducking and hiding for my right to use cannabis. Everyday people are having their parole violated, having their kids taken, and being made to feel like second-class citizens for this safe and effective plant. WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN CHANGE THIS. Not tomorrow, but today. Not on your timeline, but on the timeline of freedom, justice, and morality.

I hope the report from the LA Times is off the mark because it makes these often supportive interests seem like arrogant and selfish egomaniacs that believe they are some sort of kingmaker. It would be wrong for a person to believe that they should “Let Californians stew in their own juices” as Bob Wilson, a wealthy NYC investor, suggested. I do not know you Mr. Wilson, but I would plead that you change your mind and change your discourse and use your resources to make a difference in the lives of those of us whom have stewed in our own juices for too long now. Let’s break the backs of the drug warriors and send a clear message that incarcerating and making criminals of our citizens is no longer acceptable.

The LA Times piece suggests that hopes of serious funding may lie with Ethan Nadelman of Drug Policy Alliance. He is quoted in the piece with a very interesting viewpoint…

“A victory for Prop. 19 would be a major breakthrough,” Nadelmann said, “so I am doing everything I can to help it, including trying to raise significant funds, but it’s difficult when the polling is 50-50.”

Difficult when the polling is 50-50? So you are saying that the money interests would rather not spend their money on possible securing that 1% needed to push this over the edge, but instead only put forth funds on sure things? 50-50 is better than 40-60, but obviously not 60-40. In any sense we only need 51%. Your funding could help get that 1%, but it seems that these big dogs are scared off by a little friendly competition. I mean what is the point of only investing in initiatives that are overwhelmingly heading for passage? Isn’t the real Braveheart moment, your William Wallace opportunity, lie in using your resources to win a battle that was difficult and challenging? Who cares if you can use your name, money, and power to pass a no brainer. That does not impress me. What does impress me is a person who has the conviction and prowess to understand that they can make a difference and then putting their money where their ego is to do so.

So I am asking- begging if you will- PLEASE HELP! A vote against Prop 19 may retard this movement I have given so much for. I could not sleep at night knowing that my funding could have made the difference. That I could have given 19 the boost it needed, but that I chose to let my personal image and idealistic values get in the way of social change. If on November 3rd we wake up and the vote was lost by a few thousand voters that you may have helped reach with a message they need to hear, how will you feel? Will “stewing in our juices” be enough of a reward for you? Will you regret not being the person that chose to take the high road and get behind an intiative that is already on the ballot and is teetering on passage or failure?

Do the right thing. George Soros, Peter Lewis, George Zimmer, John Gilmore, John Sperling, Bob Wilson, Jacob Goldfield, Irwin Mark Jacobs, and all of the other big money players- please help to fund the campaign to legalize cannabis in CA. It is a worthwhile effort that can only help to make the world a better place if it passes. Will you please be the one that gave it the final push it needed to pass in November? I think you could all be heroes to a lot of good people who battle on the front lines of the cannabis movement daily. We are dedicated and hard working people. Life has been good to you guys. You have more cash than any of us will ever dream of having. More than you can ever spend. Please donate to the Prop. 19 effort and help us realize our goals of seeing real change in drug policy. We can change the nation and eventually the world, but it starts here in CA. We can go backwards or we can take the biggest step forward that the reform movement has ever known. That is what you want to be a part of. That is what you want to have been known for supporting. The nail in the coffin of the freedom hating drug warriors that use cannabis as a gateway into their probable cause invasions of provacy and rights of the good citizens each and every day.

SHOW ME THE MONEY, JERRY…..SHOW ME THE MONEY. Are you feeling me, Jerry!?