Family Values: How the war on weed has become a militarized war on families.


The war on cannabis is a complete and utter failure. There is no getting around that. We have lost. Weed is not going anywhere. There is not any less of it then when we began the war on drugs over 40 years ago. There are not less people using it, and if there are that is a tragedy in itself because those people are likely using booze instead. We have spent over a trillion dollars imprisoning our neighbors and militarizing local police forces to fight this “war.” What the fuck are we doing?

Yet regardless of the obvious failures, every day we allow for armed gunmen to storm the homes of people, often good family people, to save us from the evils of weed. Somehow the logic is that if we discover a person growing safe, enjoyable, and helpful plants that the best way to protect our community is to drive a tank full of soldiers armed to the teeth to the residence and use militarized war tactics to enter the home, subdue the family, tear apart their home in search of whatever it is we say we want to look for, drag the parents off to jail, and lock their kids up with strangers in foster care centers.

I will never figure out how we believe we are solving a problem by making a dozen more. We create poverty and a black market for cannabis. We use our limited resources to pay for enforcement. We use SWAT teams to cut down gardens. We destroy families, creating further poverty. We force children to be raised without their parents. We lock people in cages for draconian mandatory minimum sentences for weed, and then wonder why our prisons are all overcrowded. And for what? What problem is ever solved by these actions?

Who is winning here? Because it certainly is not our communities, our society, or the people directly affected. We are creating a society of mistrust and anger. We cannot keep stealing people’s children in the name of your failed war on cannabis. This must stop now.

I recall when I was raided by the federal government in 2007. We were lucky enough to not be home at the time armed gunmen swarmed my home and businesses. But I remember returning to my ransacked home to find my kid’s rooms tossed and every drawer opened with my kids belongings strewed all over the room. The look on my wife’s face and the sound of her voice is one I will never forget, as she said “why would they do this to my babies rooms?” We imagined what it would have been like to be home and have these armed thugs awaken our children from their sleep at gunpoint because I made weed brownies for sick people. It made me sick to my stomach.

It is that sickness that sits with me EVERY DAY.

Yeah…I was lucky. But so many others are not. So many good families are torn apart by these unjust and immoral laws. For a long time it was a reality that I could not face. I understood the grave risk that my work in the cannabis industry put my family in. I still understand that and face it every day as an activist and part of the growing cannabis industry. I know that I am still at great risk of being torn from my family and locked in a cage for years for my involvement. It weighs heavy on me at every moment of every day.

My wife is an amazing human, which is probably the only thing that allows me to carry on. After the raid while I was awaiting my fate through the judicial process my wife and I had some very real and pointed conversations about the risk my involvement with cannabis brought to our family. My wife could not imagine having to raise our two young sons with me in prison for a decade. There was certainly a robust discussion of me walking away forever and not looking back. I even prepared a resume and began looking for work in different industries. It had certainly changed our reality.

My decision to press on and follow what I believed in was, and continues to be, one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. If you ever hear me tell my story in public, like clockwork, when I get to the part about my house being raided and my kids rooms being tossed my voice will crack and I will be overcome with emotion. I have to take a breath every time because that wave of anger and sadness overcomes me. I am paralyzed by it. The fear of losing my kids and my freedom for my fight for cannabis freedom is too much for me to comprehend at times. Which is why in all my writings, I touch on the subject very little…It is my biggest fear and my ultimate weakness.

I carry on not because I am selfish and do not care about my kids. I carry on because I love my kids (and all kids) enough to fight and make sure this does not keep happening to our community. We have been extremely lucky in our journey for justice; but most are not. Most people facing these charges for cannabis do not have the support and community that we had fighting for us. Most are very alone and facing a very scary situation with little or no direction or support. These laws target the most vulnerable poor and minority communities and destroy the family foundation in areas so desperately in need. It is something we can no longer ignore. It is very real and we are all lesser people for allowing these practices to continue in our name.

So my continued fight for cannabis freedom has little to do with me, or even my family. It has to do with a moral obligation to right the wrongs of yesterday and make sure we end these injustices once and for all.

I largely overlooked the people losing their kids issue for a long time. Because my kids were not directly affected by my raid, it was easier for me to avoid the subject. That was until I met Daisy Bram.

As a writer, a lot of things come across my desk. The audio in the Youtube video below was sent to me. I opened it and began to listen to this mother scream for her babies, as agents removed her kids because she had a medical cannabis garden in her home. Take a minute to listen to it, and like me, I am sure it will change your life forever.

I heard in Daisy’s screams the voice of my own wife…..of my friend’s wives….of my mother. I heard a mother desperate to keep her children, while heartless officers separated newborn babies from her loving arms. I could no longer ignore the reality that this was nothing more than complete terrorism of the American family unit.

I wrote a story on the issue and posted the audio for all to hear on my blog. I began feverishly posting it in cannabis circles in hopes of raising awareness. I also got to know Daisy and began working to help her where I could in organizing support for her case. I am saddened to say that Daisy is still fighting this battle and her kids are still removed from her. It breaks my heart.

But it also inspires me because Daisy Bram is one of the strongest women I have had the pleasure of meeting. I cannot say I could remain as composed and as active as she has throughout this mess. She has endured some of the most unjust treatment from the “child protective” agencies and continues to fight for her freedom and the return of her children. She has not wavered in her stance and has become a powerful voice for change. I encourage everyone to get to know Daisy, and learn from her experiences through all of this, and to continue to support her in her ongoing struggle. You can find more about her case at here Facebook page HERE.

Daisy was certainly not the first person to have her family torn apart over weed; but her sharing of her experience and the undeniable tragedy experienced through listening to her cries for help in real time during the raid gave me an insight that I could no longer ignore. Her story has also given courage to other families to speak out about their situations.

My recent path has led me to begin the development of a new group called Parents 4 Pot. It was not my intention, as like I mentioned, I often try to not think about the kid deal because it scares the living shit out of me. But fate is seldom wrong…so I try not to stand in its way. The stars have aligned and I am honored to be helping create an organization dedicated to being a voice for families who are facing issues regarding cannabis.


In doing so, we are hoping to create a support network for families affected by the tragedy of cannabis prohibition. In just a short couple of weeks, as the word has spread about the organization, we have been made aware of several stories of families being torn apart by cannabis laws. Below are just a few of these stories that have come our way that we are hoping to raise awareness for, provide support for, and to keep from happening ever again to good people who like weed:



This is an incredible story worthy of some attention and support. Josh is a father of a three-year-old daughter whose home was raided for a small garden, and some cuttings. He was subjected to a no-knock raid where heavily armed military style tactics were used to subdue him in front of his child. He lost custody of his daughter for a period of time and has been railroaded through the legal system trying to maintain his freedom. Josh has been forced to pay a large fine in a very short period of time, or face 15 years in prison for his garden. He literally has until next Monday to come up with a $4k donation to the drug fund, or his case will be sent to the Grand Jury and he could lose his legal counsel. Did I mention they could revoke his bail and remand him to custody? It is nuts. This is how our legal system works…you pay to play. Unfortunately our prisons are filled with people who have no money to pay. For more information on Josh’s story and how you can help visit his GoFundMe page HERE and kick down some money to keep this family together. Wanna make someone’s Christmas? Here is your opportunity.



This young couple was busted growing in Alabama and spent the summer in jail awaiting bond, during which she found out she was pregnant. They are being forced to pay heavy attorneys fees and for expert witnesses in hopes of avoiding prison sentences of up to 15 years each. This is a first offense for both of these kids and they are being told they will both do many years in prison even if they do take a plea bargain. They have worked hard to be upstanding members of their community since their arrest and deserve to be given a second chance. In many places like Alabame cannabis crimes are enforced more vigorously than rape or even murder. It never ceases to amaze me that a District Attorney, another human being, could see a poor struggling family who broke an unjust and immoral law as criminals worthy of spending decades in prison. I cannot comprehend it. Where did our society go so wrong? If you would like to help this young family ensure they have good legal counsel and the evidence they need to be judged accordingly for their actions, please donate to their cause HERE. Nothing is more sad than seeing young parents just starting their life being railroaded by a system gone terribly wrong. Help folks like this find justice.



Todd Simpson is the father of two daughters, one of which is very ill with a large tumor wrapped around her organs. He maintained a small medical cannabis garden and was raided by North Carolina law enforcement at gunpoint, where his daughters were also forced at gunpoint to put their hands on their heads and were detained during the search of the property. Todd has an interesting case because he actually purchased tax stamps from the State and paid the taxes on his cannabis crop. He is now facing charges for his cultivation, while also dealing with his daughter’s health issues. Below is a news piece on his case that is heartbreaking. To find more about Todd and his case check out their awesome website at:



Melanie shared her story with me also. While she is not facing years in prison, her case is also very relevant to the larger picture. She is a cannabis patient who used cannabis to relieve severe medical symptoms related to pregnancy (hyperemisis) where she would be constantly ill and malnutritioned during pregnancy. After complication due to pharmaceutical options during her first pregnancy she discussed the option of cannabis tincture with her physician who agreed it was a better option for her rare condition. The risks of malnutrition outweighed the risk of cannabis. Since it was recommended by her physician she shared her experience with social workers at the hospital. She was then blindsided by the system and faced with an investigation into her cannabis use. During this time the agency removed her children for 8 months. She was pushed around by the system and encouraged to succumb to their drug treatment programs. She found her voice and demanded to be evaluated, to which there was no evidence of addiction or drug problems found. The judge actually ended up apologizing for the actions of the agency in her case and her kids were returned to her. But for eight long month she was without their love, and they with hers. She was worried for their safety and forced to have her life examined by people claiming to have some moral higher ground. The CPS system is severely broken, and it has become profitable for many of these agencies to remove children from parents for cannabis. The system is designed to attack poor families who cannot defend themselves and it is stories of mother’s like Melanie that let us know we have a lot of work to do to end these practices. For more information on Melanie’s situation check out her petition on HERE.

SO WHAT CAN WE DO? I am glad you asked….

And these are just four cases that have touched me over the past week, or so. there are literally thousands just like them that have yet to be heard, or which may never be heard unless we give them a voice. It is up to us to help change these laws and end the evil practice of destroying families over cannabis.

No one is going to do it for us. The system is rigged and we must demand it be destroyed. These are our friends, our neighbors, and our families. These are not criminals who deserve to be in prison. These are good people.

We are better than this as a society. We must come together and be a voice for real change. It is no longer okay to sit back and hope it does not happen to us. It can happen to you and if you do not speak up and demand change it WILL happen to you. We have the power to create change and we must.

I am proud to be organizing Parents 4 Pot as a group where parents can feel safe to come together to create meaningful change. Through raising awareness, becoming active, and supporting those in our community in need of assistance we can make a difference. Please join us in our mission and help us put an end to the destruction of the American family due to the failed prohibition of a safe, enjoyable and helpful plant.




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  1. I admire your fighting spirit. You do not want others to suffer the situation you were put in. Even more, you are scared to face what could have happened to your own children, yet you will face it, bravely, to help others.

  2. Wow! Powerful stuff! This brought a lump to my throat, a tear to my eye and added fuel to the fire in my heart to end the war on this plant. Thank you Mickey Martin for everything you do for this movement. You bring hard facts and truth to a war racked with misinformation and lies. <3

  3. I too believe this is wrong and these people need to answer for there crimes against humanity Especially to hold little kids at gunpoint to make them feel important Why is all I can ask

  4. thank you so much I am completely blown away that you have made people aware of my family story. from day one they have intimidated us like cop killers they ripped our house apart and traumatized everybody within and the officer didnt even have a warrant it was a knock & talk and he pushed his way in and did a “protective sweep” and found a persinal garden with NO FLOWERS on them. He weivhed the wet immature plants at 5lbs and charged us with drug trafficking a class A felony which carries a mandatory sentance of 10-99. Yrs state. prisonwe are are set for trial the end of January and if we get convicted we will get LIFE IN PRISON the max is what Alabama is notorious for to justify spending $50,000 in trial expences. Its been 2 1/2 years since the plants were weighed and as you may know plants are 80-90% H2o given time to turn to dust we are confident we will be 2.2lbs or lower, releasing us from the devastating charge of Trafficking down to Possession first a felony still but no M.M.S. We MUST hire a private scientist to exclude all mature stalks and reweigh. We were held on million dollar bonds and stuck with killers and baby rapers and slept on the floor by the toilet in an overcrowded cell, but hey they were “helping” us. Please if anyone can help us and let us raise our 18 month old baby we would greatly appreciate.

  5. I hab glaucoma and diabetes, I know it can be cure , but the goberment an the big farmacology, industry; do not wanted. what to do?

  6. Wile I was not raided by the DEA or any swat team…I moved to Texas to a small town I grew up in to be with my very ill father with major heart problems and stage 3 lung cancer. I did not move here to change laws or even beak them, however being resident in California and completely had luxury to have a medical grow card I used mine for my anxiety and the migraines. I spent years before even becoming a parent now 2 year old and 10 month old any help and recourses for my pain and stress to no avail I talked to a doctor in California and felt I would give it a try. Even as a recovery addict from Adderall and pain pills… It was not an easy decision for me to take “legal” drugs, but they were a big fail in my life, I have kids now at age 34 yrs and my migraines and anxiety took time from them. In LA, I found a small collective that supplied me with small amounts as needed it and they also helped me with spiritual and behavioral techniques as well. So I began this process, and I became whole again and happier and migraine free. I was able to accomplish tasks throughout my day that seemed like an act of congress in my world. I began to heal from a lot of things. My kids and I are still together, I have a wonderful husband now, that is NOT a mj user at all but supports my decision and he is awesome dad to my kids. We live a very holistic and organic life, from the clothes we where to the cleaning products, food and products we use, everything is weighed by the amount of man made vs nature and how it effects our individual health as well as the environment. In August 2013 I received a visit from an DFPS investigator, Texas I was honest about my MJ card from California and had no problems taking a drug test, I was certain I would test positive and showed her my home and my kid. That was my first mistake, I never in my life have been more degraded and demoralized about my mental health and drug use. I been asked to take mental health assessments and drug assessment, even been court ordered. They use everything they can find on me, even a bad check from over 20 years ago. they keep saying things like, well you used in Texas and it is illegal here you broke the law and yet the only thing they say about is I have neglected my children and that they have suffered abuse from my mj use. I have another court date in April. I have never neglected my children and never abused them. meanwhile, I love my Dad and I feel guilty because this has become a focus in my life, I have put my college classes on hold and even sold my car to pay for bills and such, I have put my photography website and business on hold. I am overwhelmed emotionally, and mentally and have not used MMJ in 3-4 months now and my migraines have returned. If it were not for the fact that it is now in a court and Hood county has jurisdiction and they can extradite my kids from another state and they can do tat if they wanted to. I am up against a lot and my lawyer seems like a push over and the judge is a very Baptist very republican that does not care when or where MMJ is legal for me or even why, but the fact it is illegal in Texas and therefore I must “comply with CPS and their dual diagnosis program for mental illness and addiction, parenting classes, having an unwanted person in my home every 2 weeks that ask prodding questions about my life, my marriage or further actions will be warranted” The complete degradation of me as some pothead smoking it up with all my pothead friends cheech and chong style having immoral orgies is reefer madness to me and the truth is I take care and nurture my children better than anyone of the bureaucratic fear mongers that have ensured more trips to a private therapist, seeking some relief of the complete bitterness I have developed. It is obvious they are bullies and out to seek and destroy at all cost for their own personal gain weather it be an ignorant hero complex or some one just looking to validate their own personal power and authority trip. from the investigator to the judge they are hell bent on showing this alternative, hippie Cali mom… the strong arm of the law in Texas and yet I am still not sure if I am being prosecuted for smoking weed illegally in Texas ( which was only proven by a drug test) or I am being accused of neglecting my children ( which to me is a worse allegation and child abuse and neglect is a serious… very serious allegation). I applaud you for being strong. I could never imagine being raided like you or Daisy, and I still have my children and I want to be brave like you, but I am afraid, I do not want to lose my children.

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