Cheryl Shuman is Full of Shit


I have tried to be nice. I have tried to be respectful. I have bitten my tongue on more than one occasion because I also fell victim to “wanting to believe” syndrome.

Cheryl Shuman has made quite the name for herself in cannabis media circles. Her relentless pursuit of self-recognition has yielded some fruit. She has made numerous appearances on any number of news and television shows touting herself as the “Martha Stewart of marijuana.” Let me begin by saying “Shut the fuck up, Cheryl.”

You are no more the Martha Stewart of marijuana than I am the Martin Luther King Jr. of marijuana. You can run around selling that misleading bullshit if you want to, but let’s get real……Martha has more integrity in her butternut squash soup than you do in your whole pathetic existence. Martha made her name doing the work, not just talking about the work she was supposedly doing.

And if you want to know where you differ from Martha in a HUGE way…one word…..SUCCESS.

Martha Stewart’s brand is successful, and the products she endorses are successful, because Martha has a great understanding of business and is AUTHENTIC. She inspires people with her true and genuine abilities, and does not rely on the smoke and mirrors bullshit that has now become synonymous with Shuman’s antics.

When you have to have 7 different Facebook accounts to get your pathetic messaging and self-promotion out with a barrage of posts about me, me, me, me, me- you are a sad and pathetic human.

Cheryl has lost focus of the issue at hand….cannabis freedom. She uses this platform to hype her name and whatever shitty product she is pushing this week, but one has to question whether she even really likes weed at all; or if she simply likes the attention it brings to her.

The sad part is that it is so obvious this person is struggling to be relevant. It is obvious that she has made promises she cannot keep to certain products and companies and that those companies have been sold a bill of goods. Every project this woman has touched has mysteriously evaporated.

Beverly Hills Cannabis Club? Non-operational. Kush magazine? Gone. CannaCig? Irrelevant and had to be rebranded with no reference to her now. She is nowhere on their marketing anymore. Shaman Therapeutics? Irrelevant and insignificant. Stiletto Stoners? Not even sure what the fuck that is. Cannalebrity? Same self-inflated irrelevant bullshit. Haute Vape? Never fucking heard of it.

Do not believe me? Check it out for yourself…Go to the Cheryl Shuman “Brands” page on her website here:

Click on anyone of the brands listed there and you will see an identical bullshit site that says nothing about what the brand is or who they serve or what their mission might be…they are all just ANOTHER LAME COMMERCIAL for this wannabe celebrity smokescreen.

But scroll down further and look at the “Brands we have worked with.



Notice that NONE of the brands she actually put her name on, such as Kush Magazine and CannaCig are even listed, WTF is up with that?

It is called simple fraud. Inflating hopes and dreams and leaving investors in her wake is this broad’s M.O. I have been personally approached by Ms. Shuman being promised an appearance on Ricki Lake and investments into my interests. I politely denied and tried not to throw up in my mouth.

Most of my silence stems from Shuman knowing to steer clear of me. But it has become such a sideshow that it infects my interaction with other folks that I have decided my silence is no longer okay. It is time to call bullshit on one of the biggest bullshitters ever and I will come right out and say it…..“Cheryl shuman is full of shit.”

Some will question her claims of medical conditions of which “cannabis has saved her life.” People have claimed that she is lying about ever having cancer or being seriously ill. I will not do that. If a person is pathetic enough to do that shit, then my exposing them is the least of their worries. Karma is a real bitch on shit like that.

But more so…it is unnecessary. There is enough real evidence of this woman being entirely full of shit that I do not have to speculate. The evidence is there for all to see. Everything she has touched has simply turned to shit and she has left innumerable investors blowing in the wind.

There is also the case of Brave Mykayla. Cheryl latched on to this touching tale of a young girl who found success in cannabis treatments. She apparently used this story to get exposure on to the Ricki Lake show.

In the filming of the show, Shuman apparently threw a temper tantrum because the show’s producers actually wanted to talk about Mikayla instead of the shiity vape pen CannaCig products she was hucking that day. She used this family to get her 15 minutes in the spotlight and then was upset when they actually wanted to discuss the girl’s story over her shitty product line.

I am not going to get any deeper into that out of respect to Brave Mikayla’s family, but that is the type of evil shit that goes on when a person is entirely devoted to promoting themselves and are beholden to the promises they made their investors.

I went from liking Cheryl, to tolerating her, to outright being disgusted over the past two years. When she came up to me at the Boston Freedom Rally looking for attention and probably another shitty selfie with her arm around my neck, I politely told her I had fliers to hand out. We did not speak the rest of the weekend. Mostly because I did not want to tell her how ultimately disappointed I was with her bullshit. I was trying to enjoy my weekend drama free.

But I left feeling like I should have said something….Like I could no longer deal with Hurricane Shuman in a passive aggressive manner. That I myself lacked some authenticity for my failure to state the obvious…..that Cheryl is indeed full of shit.

So now I have said it and I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF. I am sure there will be a shitstorm of defensive bullshit from Cheryl and her minions. I could give a shit. Bring it. The more we dig deeper into this discussion the more of this bullshit will come to the surface, and I am positive my hands are clean… let’s do this.

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  1. LOL I love it when Charlatans are exposed. That was a pretty fair assessment too Mickey. She suckled up to my wife until she let her know we are Oregonians and have no interest in celebrity or hype to “take our product to the next level” If our product does not do it on it’s own merit then we do not belong serving patients

  2. Thanks Micky! Now it will be much easier for others to step up and tell their stories/experiences with this woman!
    Before Mike was told “You sound like a fucking paranoid old man!”
    Bravo my friend!

  3. looks like you are the one full of shit
    especially since you can not even attach
    your name as publisher of this dumb ass article

  4. I want to say that Moms for Marijuana International is a valid organization and is doing great things in their local communities for cannabis education, awareness and discussion. Please do not let the fact that Cheryl Shuman has scammed these nice women, take away from the good this org. is doing. They are not one of the bs companies that Cheryl has created, they are real women and wives and just more victims of the Cheryl Shuman virus.

  5. Spot on. I did vomit in my mouth the first time I met her. And when I heckled I was ‘shushed’ by her ‘fans’. I was unfortunate to meet her at the KUSH 2010 in Denver. She MC’ed the ‘woman moving cannabis forward’ lecture. The only woman who had anything of sense or about moving cannabis forward to say was the girl from Seattle.

    She (and all but the girl from Seattle who was put on the panel at the last minute) and the 11 out of state woman they brought in to be on the panel-spent hours talking about sex harassment from men in the pot movement. Rob Kampia had sexually attacked a few of the panel members. There was allot of crying with mike in hand. She told us we all “knew who she was and knew her famous ex” and told us she was being harassed by the LAPD and on and on and on….and not a thing about cannabis advancing, let alone through work by women.

    1. Right on Kathleen! Wonder how long it will be before some of the other famous charlatans bullshit comes out? Media Whores, plain and simple! Don’t give a shot about anyone, just want to get there faces in the spotlight!

  6. Hopefully you have strong evidence to back your claims or your gonna get sued for slander after reviewing your article it could be interpreted as someone coming across as a jealous fool

    1. she couldn’t sue for slander, as this is written word. She would have to sue for libel, which is in print. You should probably know the difference if you’re going to talk like a bigshot know-it-all lawyer.

      And even then, the only defense for libel is the truth — and the truth is this woman is a fucking fake.

  7. Canna cigs are a total con. Cumulus vapor inhalers fundamentally don’t work. The instructions are contradictory and seem to have been translated from Chinese by a third grader. We have dozens at Seattle Hempfest headquarters we can’t even give away. Completely a Shuman product. Thanks for pointing out the emperor has no clothes or morals.

    1. If you have dozens at Seattle Hempfest headquarters you can’t give away I wonder whose decision it was to nominate this shill with the National Fraud, woops I mean National Activist Award?

      Whose bright idea was that one?

  8. Thank you. More people need to share their experiences with this person because she really is a danger to the movement, and to anyone she comes into contact with. She is a con artist. She knows exactly how to spin an illusion so she can rob you blind. She has conned many in the marijuana business, as well as those in the media who only see this complex illusion she’s crafted so they give her more airtime. She relies on two things to make this possible.
    1) Her victims’ lack of research (both in the MJ community as well as lazy journalists who no longer fact-check before reporting)
    2) Her victims’ shame in admitting they made a mistake and not speaking up about it ….or….
    3) Her victims’ FEAR in speaking up about her deception because they quickly learn she is a psychopath.

    Case in point. I read an article when Shuman first emerged on the scene declaring herself president of the new Beverly Hills NORML (which, never actually existed because it was shut down before it had a chance to be established). Steve Bloom at CelebStoner wanted to know more about this new activist and did a little research and found out she had a long rap sheet of fraud, forgery, which he reported in the article. Though he mentioned this as one of the things he learned, I didn’t get the sense the article had been written with the intention to “dig for dirt” so much as initially wanting to applaud this person’s Hollywood connections because it could have been a good thing for the movement, if only it were true. However, it didn’t take long for him to see that this person had restraining orders, and thousands of haters who called her out on being a fake, a fraud, a liar, a con, and above all, a sociopathic stalker and bully who went to extremes to promote herself and destroy anyone who attempted to stand in her way by telling the truth about her many deceptions. His article seemed fair, and didn’t only touched on these alarming findings, but didn’t get into too much detail. Of course, it didn’t take long for Cheryl to do what she does best and made Bloom her new target with numerous threats, demanding he remove the article. From what I’ve heard, Bloom stood by his article for awhile, but after learning about her past and then experiencing her fury first hand, he, like so many feared her psychopathic behavior and complied.

    This master of deception and manipulation not only lies about herself, she lies about everyone she comes into contact with. If you have a good reputation, she’ll do her best to attach herself to you in some way. She’ll run up to important names in cannabis or celebrities she has no relationship whatsoever, snap a photo with them, and then make claims in her 20+ social media outlets that she’s “working with” them. If you call her out on her bullshit, she will threaten you with lawyers, and attempt to destroy your reputation in public. The reason she wanted to know Boutin’s fears? So that she can use them against him at some point if she has to. Knowing your most personal and private information is knowing a person’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses, because when you know that, you can gain power over of them. This woman not merely starved for attention, she is hungry for power and has crafted an illusion of how she wants the world to see her – as some sort of rich socialite and media superstar. However, though she’s starting to get some media attention, the backlash is sure to come fast and hard once people realize she’s gotten it based on the lie that she’s wealthy (she’s not), that she’s a successful business person (nope, every business she’s touched has been a miserable failure and a huge loss for the people she’s conned), that she’s terminally ill (no, apparently, she’s not dying either) She’s been saying that even before she was in the cannabis movement whenever she needed to garner sympathy… the woman has supposedly been on the edge of death for over a decade, yet she has the stamina and appearance of a healthy person, not to mentions she has never produced one shred of evidence of any illness. When pressed for proof, she offered an MRI to her detractors, however, this MRI does NOT show cancer, but instead shows a common, fully treatable minor respiratory infection. Once again, she relies on the fact that most people don’t know what they’re looking at on an MRI, so she can continue to craft an illusion based on their ignorance. If cannabis really cured her terminal cancer, bringing her back from the brink of death as she claims, then by golly, the whole world should know this because it would be nothing short of miraculous. If I were on my death bed, then had the kind of spontaneous healing she claims to have had, I would not hesitate to show all the documentation and medical records to show the world the undeniable scientific proof! But, with Cheryl, we’re just supposed to take her word for it because she posted an MRI of her respiratory infection and takes selfies at the doctor’s office sometimes (which could be for anything, we all have periodic doctor visits – this proves nothing.)

    But anyone who begins to know Cheryl soon realizes that exposing her fraud comes with great risks attached, why is why so few have really come forward. They know that she has no qualms about using evil, conniving and manipulative tactics to gather as much information on people as she can to use it as a weapon. Call her a liar or a fraud, and she’ll do hire an investigator to dig up any dirt on you that she can find, and won’t hesitate to blackmail you into backing down with threats that that she’ll reveal your most private and personal information in public as a way to publicly humiliate and embarrass you. Then she’ll pepper it with additional exaggerations and full-blown lies (Her favorite is to claim assault. Supposedly she’s been beaten, burglarized, gang raped, had acid thrown in her face, not to mention body slammed by an exhibitor at a HempCon, and physically and mentally abused by her former boss at Kush Magazine.) Don’t bother trying to look up the police records on these. Apparently, all the police records of being burglarized, beaten, raped and acid attacked have mysteriously gone missing because of some sort of conspiracy against her with the Beverly Hills Police Department. The assault at HempCon was refuted by dozens of eye witnesses, and there was never any evidence or witness testimonies to back up the claims re: Kush Magazine.

    To the person who said Cheryl is doing a good job, I’d like to know what you think she’s done good at exactly. If being a shameless self promoter to perpetuate her lies and deception is what you mean, then I would have to agree with you. But she has done absolutely nothing but bring shame and embarrassment to the movement by being yet another laughing stock that the opposition can target and make fun of. I for one, do not want this woman representing me, or our movement because it’s a complete fraud, inauthentic and only adds more fuel to the argument that everyone in our community is either a kook or a criminal. She happens to be both as far as I’m concerned and everyone in our movement should expose her brand of shallow, materialistic, self-absorbed, fraudulent, narcissism propped up on half-truths and crafty illusions as the absolute opposite of the vast majority of the good, honest, people of integrity that is the TRUE face of our community.

  9. Edit: when I said she relies on “two things” to make it possible, I initially intended points 2 and 3 to be combined as shame and/or fear. It ended up looking like 3 points instead of 2, but I posted it too quickly, only to find there was no “edit” function to fix it after posting. Sorry for the confusion.

    In any case. My intent is to simply to remind people to use caution when dealing with Cheryl. She has a lot of stories and claims she can’t back up, and makes many promises that are never fulfilled. Ask for documentation and references before buying into any story she tells you and check with others in the industry to get second opinions before putting faith into anything she tells you. Remember, every illusionist has mastered the art of smoke and mirrors so if you’re only going on what she tells you or the references she’s provided, then you will only see the illusion she’s created. Ask around – in just a few short years as a self-proclaimed leader in the cannabis community, she has managed to alienate a huge segment of the pot population and made some powerful enemies. I’m sure she just dismisses this as envy, claiming that people are jealous of her success (the delusion of every narcissist) but once you talk to enough people and hear their side of the story, you will soon learn its not “jealousy” that people have for Cheryl, it’s contempt for her deception and the inauthenticity she represents.

    Once that reality show on her life finally makes it on TV, the truth will surely be revealed, I’m sure. (Right!) Then again, a little bit of digging around on the internet and you see that Cheryl’s been trying be the star of her own TV show for well over a decade. How many times has she talked about her reality show as if its already concrete? Too many to count if you follow any of her social profiles. Does anyone believe it? Long before she entered the cannabis movement, she was “working on” reality shows of her supposed rags to riches story. Rumor has it she found a rich benefactor on a millionaire matchmaking site who funded her attempt at fame for a time, but when that didn’t work and her funds dried up, she reinvented herself as the pot mom. Now she’s apparently got a show about her non-existent Beverly Hills cannabis club (which is nothing more than a name and free NING site that anyone can join – it is certainly not limited to some elite group of Beverly Hills residents. In fact, I would bet there’s not one Beverly Hills resident in the group… including Cheryl herself.) Supposedly, she hasn’t maintained a residence in any prestigious zip code since her split from newsman husband Phil Shuman (Shuman is her married name, which she kept even though they divorced because it carried more prestige than her maiden name, which much of her criminal record is filed under as it seemed from the records that Bloom posted in his article). She apparently kept post office box in the 90210 though to maintain the illusion of a Beverly Hills address, and signed up for a cel phone with a Beverly Hills prefix, but even a person living in Ohio can appear to have a phone and mailing address in Beverly Hills for just a few few bucks a month if they want to.

    Anyway, do your own research. She’s managed to bury a lot of this history under her relentless self-hype, but its not too hard to find with a little digging. If you are considering doing anything with this woman, do yourself a favor and inform yourself first. The information is out there if you spent a moment on due dilligence.

  10. Let me ask you this. Has Cheryl done something specifically to wrong you? I hear rumors and second hand stories, but I haven’t met anyone yet who can tell me Cheryl Shuman personally had screwed them over, ripped them off or [enter any number of bad deeds here]. I hear people express frustration with her self promotion, which annoys some people, but are there actual instances where she’s hurt, or really wronged somebody in a malicious or severely damaging way? You told a story about Mykayla and I understand why people might think it was poor form to use Mykayla’s moment for self promotion, but so far, it sounds to me that self promotion is Cheryl’s only crime she’s really guilty of.

    I’m not trying to defend her. I’m just trying to put things in perspective and be fair because it makes me sad to see so much hate and in-fighting in our movement. If people are really, truly hurting others, that’s one thing… If there is proof of anyone in our community causing real harm to another (e.g. violence, stealing, etc.) then I can understand the outrage. But most of the in-fighting I see seems to stem from less severe things like misunderstandings, petty disagreements, differences in opinion on policy, political strategy, or in Cheryl’s case, personal style and how she presents herself.

    1. Cheryl goes crazy on people when they confront her about her lies and starts trying to ruin their reputation. It is one thing to just be a con artist but when she’s been confronted she does viscous attacks on people and calls everyone a hater. I think lying to a community and telling them she has 100 million dollars to invest in the movement and has never given a dime to it is a manipulation and it makes people believe she had power and she doesn’t.

    2. I’ve never been impressed with Cheryl. She’s a zionist who’s stuck in her ‘breck girl’ days. My experiences with her were brief (thank God), but she had this attitude that she was everyone’s boss. I have not would not ever work with her. @’Prefer to Keep My Name Out of the Debate’ if you did your homework and read the above comments you would already have your answer. Please consider the testimonies of those who have posted and ask yourself, why would so many take their precious time to write something unpleasant? Perhaps there’s something to this after all. She’s disrespectful of others and appears to be a self consumed zionist.

  11. This has been going on for years, be very careful of this woman! All her new social media friends are showing her support but seriously beware. She has created drama with all of the cannabis community and told too many lies to count. She manipulate and tries to take advantage of the vulnerable people in this country looking for a leader for this movement. She lives on the side of the 405 freeway in a 1 bedroom apt and says she’s a jet setter? Why lie? The truth will come out more and more. People just need to keep sharing stories about this woman because she’s trying to take advantage of the community to capitalize on it!

  12. I can’t believe you didn’t comment on the Satisfied Client list (front page, scroll down).
    FX? What did she do for them? who wants to be the one to call them for a reference?
    CBS? Ditto – same answer as above.
    Rapid Fire Marketing? Didn’t they fire her?
    Cannacig? See above (redundant)
    QVC? what pot product did she get on QVC? Or is that for some mystery product from something she worked on 40 years ago that has nothing to do with anything she’s done in recent history?
    Kush Magazine? I don’t think so… Maybe when she used the word “satisfied” she meant “horrified.”

    What do you suppose the celebrities she has claims to have “work with” would say about her work? Here’s a guess: “Cheryl who? Never heard of her.” I dare somebody to put a call into their representatives to request a reference.

  13. Hey Micky, you should start a betting pool. The person who guesses the right number of days/weeks it takes her daughter to realize she’s being whored out by her mother and runs away like everyone else who got used wins the pot. I’ll give it until Christmas.

    1. Her daughter was on one of the interviews and they said she just started using pot 3 weeks before the interview but is now all of a sudden the vice president of her company? What is her medical condition? She goes on these shows and says she NEVER uses alcohol or smokes only vaporizes but she definitely drinks and posts pics of her with joints. Everything she says is a contradiction and she has attacked many people in the industry and takes selfies with everyone and pretends like they are doing business together. I also heard she is under investigation. Beware of this lady!

  14. “Her relentless pursuit of self-recognition has yielded some fruit.”
    Some fruit, Mickey? Have you gotten the message to end the negative stigma of cannabis into mainstream media? Have you been asked to discuss the issue intelligently on any cable or network program with millions of viewers watching on a regular basis? Cheryl is actively getting the message out there in a bigger way than any cannabis causer has for decades. I come from television, I know how it works. It’s the most competitive market out there and you have no idea how deals play out unless you have produced at that level. Nielson raters don’t give a shit about inbred fighting or who anyone slept with years ago – all they see is the positive message of cannabis as good medicine from a good looking woman in a nice suit, period. Am I a media whore because I share my own stories on cancer and other personal health issues relentlessly? I get paid for stories and companies give me product to tout all the time, what’s the difference between me and Cheryl? If Katie Couric wanted me on her show I’d do it in a second – I’d talk about my own personal experiences, and if a company wanted to give me product to promote, I would. Would you then rip my cancer story apart? After-all, I wasn’t even diagnosed. It’s probably one big lie to get attention, right? When I write my stories I substantiate everything. There is nothing here that is substantiated. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s backing up accusations with facts, and I do not see it here. The only substantiated accusations I see are feelings being hurt by her alleged aggressive product promotions. Micky I admire your edge, but all this kind of negative blogging does is hurt the cause. It shows the powers against us that we are weak within, nothing more.

  15. This article goes hand in hand with my gut feeling of her from the first few months she got involved in our industry just a couple of years ago. Where’s your piece on Bruce Perlowin and the rest of these plastic vultures destroying our industry?

    1. The comment posted under my name on Oct 3 was not done by me. I do not know Ms. Shuman and did not make the post. In regards to Bruce, I also have no comment at all.
      This was not my post….someone has used my name.
      Don Steinberg

  16. well said and thank you!! I fear that evil souls like this will unfortunately be the norm in the future marijuana industry..

  17. I’ve been seeing this chick on TV a lot lately. I wasn’t sure what to think of her so I’m glad there is somebody out there keeping things real. If so many people think she’s full of shit, what good is your silence? Speak up. I saw a couple responses saying that people are afraid of her freak outs and threats but since it seems like lots of people agree that she’s full of shit, you have strength in numbers so she can’t hurt you.

    I’m a social media guy and she uses every trick in the book. You just have to play her game better than she does. Write letters to the reporters to tell them you saw her and tell them the truth about her. Every company monitors the social space, and they all want feedback so tell them. Start tweeting back and tagging the reporters or TV show so they know they had a liar on the show so they stop putting her on TV. Write comments on articles about her. Write a ripoffreport about her company, with how she didn’t live up to her promises or ripped off investors. The more people that speak up and warn others about her, the faster you win the information war.

    She floods the internet with so much self-hype that the balance of information is tipped in her favor. All you have to do is put even more information out there than she puts out on herself and you tip the balance away from her. Imagine what would happen if every time she was on TV, the station got hundreds of letters and tweets from angry people that told them they suck at their job for putting a fake on TV and embarrassing whatever show she’s on by showing they can’t be trusted to get the facts right.

    Somebody else said it already but the news is lazy now and they need lots of stories, and they need them faster than ever so they don’t have time to fact check which is why its so easy for charlatans can get on TV. I’ve seen her tweets tagging TV producers. If you do it enough times, you might get their attention. Get a lot of people to do it enough times, its almost guaranteed that they’ll notice.

    Why is everyone so afraid of her anyway? What do you really think she can do to you?
    Good Job Mickey for getting the ball rolling. Now lets hope more people follow your lead and tell their story so that the truth about this chick really comes out.

    1. HA! Now that is some funny shit! Wow! There needs to be a full story with all the links that Ted just posted because it’s so crazy it’s pure fn comedy. Those links should not be reduced to just some comments on a blog… they need bigger billing. I know we shouldn’t laugh at the mentally ill, but she can’t stop herself from giving us more reasons to laugh at her, so I can’t stop laughing at her. It’s not our fault, she’s forcing us to laugh at her. How can we not? Its goddamn funny. She’s got a clear case of a serious personality disorder (maybe a few of them) and she loves the negative attention as much as the positive attention, so why should I feel ashamed for giving the girl what she wants? Who would put up all those pathetic attempts to get attention if they didn’t WANT to be attacked and made fun of? She loves it! She’s begging for us to laugh at her, and I simply cannot help myself. She’s an idiot, which is both vomit-inspiring and hilarity inducing.

  18. If you’re going to critique Cheryl Shuman, someone definitely needs to comment on Jodie Emery. The similarities are striking. Both are in love with the camera, to the exclusion of the cause, both are shameless self-promoters, Cheryl with her canna cig and Jodie wanting to take donations off the backs of poor people when we know she lives pretty comfortably. Both have their minions attack if they feel threatened. Last summer there were some death threats made on Jodie’s behalf and she still gets VIP treatment at Seattle Hempfest. And, speaking of VIP’s, surprise surprise! Both were pretty cozy at the VIP Hempfest party. Who was the first person to come up to Cheryl Shuman –it was more like, RUN UP!–and hug Cheryl to death after she received the award? Who was there to engage in yet another photo op? They are definitely two peas in a pod. Would love to know your opinion of Seattle Hempfest for giving Cheryl the “national activist award”—WTF????!!!!!!

    1. Amen!

      I think this calls into question Seattle Hempfest’s credibilty. Their recent show of favoritism has spiraled out of control. Why they would even pick Shuman as their choice for National Activist? What has she done other than promote herself?

      How is HF benefiting? Is she donating money to Hempfest? If so how much? Do they think she’ll scratch their back somehow? They couldn’t have done this purely as an altruistic measure.

      And, Jodie Emery. A mediocre speaker, (I’ll be kind) yet Vivian McPeak felt the need to single her out this year as his favorite speaker in the entire spectrum of Hempfest? What happened to Hempfest being neutral? How many speakers did they have this year?200+ ?
      What makes her so damned special he’d single her out? If I ever were a speaker I’d feel damned insulted that the playing field isn’t so level.

      I think both the Emerys and Shuman are giving Hempfest some kind of pay off. How else can you explain the level of ass-licking that’s going on?

      Somebody please hand out the sanitizer.

    2. I can’t say that I really know anything about Cheryl, but Jodie Emery? Yeah, she’s a huge cunt. Fuck her and her husband for insulting every medical marijuana patient in Washington State.

  19. i heard she is bitterly hated by some of the high ups at high times mag. wish they’d expose her bullshit. so many people hate her but thet all too afraid to say anything. grow some balls and speak up or she’ll keep getting handed awards for doing nuthing. yeah, WTF hempfest?

  20. Her ghetto ass public apartment pool in that bikini video is funny. Beverly Hills my ass. That apartment complex looks like it’s straight out of Van Nuys. I’m not trying to pretend to be some rich bitch, but damn, at least I live in a real house, which I own, and I have a beautiful pool and jacuzzi in my lushly landscaped private oasis that beats the shit out of her dirty public ghetto apartment pool. Who the fuck do you think your kidding Cheryl? You’re a fucking fake. You don’t live in Beverly Hills. None of the celebrities you mention know who the fuck you are, and if they do, they hate you (like Rickie Lake who regrets ever meeting you). I don’t know why you think you’re so hot. You are old and all “acid attacks” in the world can’t wipe the years off your used up granny ass face. FAIL.

  21. I hope I don’t get attacked for saying this, but Cheryl’s always been nice to me so I felt like bringing a little bit of positivity to the discussion here.

    First off, let me say that I am sorry that some of you have had bad experiences with her and I can’t comment on those individual situations because I don’t know anything about them.

    I understand there are culture clashes within our movement and we don’t always like the way some of the others conduct themselves, but I felt it was worth asking my fellow activists if we can try to set our differences aside, do our best to see the good in each other and not dwell on the things we may disapprove of so that we can be strong in our fight.

    I’m not asking you to like her if you don’t, I’m just asking all my brothers & sisters to consider the greater good & stop giving the opposition so much power by letting them see the cracks in our seams. If they manage to get us to turn on each other, they win. Lets not lose sight of who the real enemy is here. If we can find a way to work with all the various types of people in our movement, no matter what subculture they represent (suits, stoners, etc.) and keep our energy focused on defeating those that want to maintain prohibition and persecute cannabis users, then there is no stopping us! We are making so much progress – lets not let internal squabbling hinder our momentum.

    There are a lot of people in our movement that aren’t perfect. Some are very misguided, some have outrageous egos, some have made some really big mistakes that reflect poorly on our culture as a whole – to be honest, some days I feel like I’m in the land of the misfit toys lol, but then I remember we’re all in this together and I appreciate every single person who has decided to join our fight, no matter how imperfect or misguided they may seem to me. We’re a mixed bag of people. There are all kinds in our movement – and that’s the beauty of it. They can’t stereotype and dismiss cannabis users under one big ugly banner anymore, because now the world is seeing just how diverse we really are. Maybe Cheryl represents a segment of this diverse group that doesn’t resonate with you, and for all I know, maybe she IS full of shit. I don’t know, I’m not trying to investigate her claims. I don’t have time for that, and if I start going down that rabbit hole with Cheryl, it would only be fair to do the same to others in the movement, and my guess is there’s be some interesting revelations uncovered in their lives too. Everyone has a past, and its not for me to judge. I’m just taking the end result at face value. She’s getting at least one perspective out to the world, and it must be resonating with somebody or they wouldn’t keep booking her. Maybe it doesn’t resonate with you. Maybe it annoys you because you don’t like what she represents. Maybe it all just looks way too pretentious to you. I won’t attempt to argue with any of that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I’m not trying to change it. I’m just asking if its possible for us to set aside our hatred and find a way to accept the things we don’t like about each other so that we can conquer prohibition once and for all.

    Sorry to be such a hippie about it. 🙂 I love and respect you ALL and appreciate what each and every one of you bring to the cause, because at the end of the day, no matter how different the message, every voice counts. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

    1. Mary, Cheryl put herself in this position when she decided to attack the people that question her and threaten them. She is the one who always wants to pick the fights. I could show you proof of her vulgar behavior towards others that she doesnt want people to think she has the dark mean side to her. She started the FIGHT with her fellow activists and people are sick of her smiling in front of the camera and being abusive behind closed doors. She doesnt represent anyone in this movement but herself. No valid organization wants anything to do with her BECAUSE OF HER BEHAVIOR but she tells everyone shes the “Queen of Cannabis”? And she lies and that’s why people dont like her. WHy would this movement want a person who lies like her to represent it. Seems you have been dooped as well.

    2. Mary, Cheryl brought this on herself. She has attacked many people in the pot movement and thats not very cool. I have evidence of it. She has lied to everyone and the press to get them to pay attention to her. This isnt about her past, its about her current behavior and information she puts out currently about herself that is constantly conflicting. You must have not questioned anything she has said so you have never been a victim of her wrath. Keep your blinders on if you wish but everyone here is telling stories of deception and being taken advantage of. Not cool.

    3. Just because someone’s always been nice to you, doesn’t mean they aren’t being assholes to the rest of the world.

  22. What one of Cheryl Shuman cronies had to say about Weed Activist on IHUB. He’s the Joke

    Never Heard of these “Activist”, ROFLMAO , Who are they, haha… ??

    etc etc.I don’t see anyone from the Industry. * If I’m going to takes someones Opinion into consideration it will be THROUGH HER PEERS! Not a Micky Mouse Website! haha.



  23. Pretty curious..

    Cannabis Culture (Jodie/Marc Emery) has DEFINITELY contributed money to Seattle Hempfest. But the odd thing: Hempfest has chosen to hide this from their current pages. You have to go to an archive site to find this out. It’s rather hard to find.

    1) (2008)

    2) (2009)

    3) (2010)

    There is NOTHING saying “Cannabis Culture” on 2011, 2012 and 2013.

    Other sponsors too, seem to be hidden in the dark now….not so open to admit they are pouring money into the event.

    Throw Hempfest enough cash, and you’ll be ensured you will speak there, year after year, get the very best time slots and the best treatment. It’s really not about who the best activist or speaker is, with the most important message. It’s who can kiss up the best. Which goes against their whole “We’re neutral! We’re a PROFESTIVAL!” theory.

    So sad, as many of us, myself included, used to LOVE our time at Hempfest.

    Which leads us back to Shuman. How, really, was she chosen for this Award they decided to bestow upon her? Money involved perhaps? Some kind of favors?

    BTW, I know this is a low blow, but did anyone see those photos of her speaking at Boston? Those are the FUGLIEST kneecaps I’ve yet to see on a person.

    I know, low blow, but, gross and noteworthy, nonetheless.
    (You’re all very welcome for the visual, lol!)

    P.S. Mickey, thank you for allowing us this forum without deleting any “negative” comments. Seems like Shuman and Emery, among others, disallow any dissent, any critique no matter how constructive. It’s time to de-throne those in this movement who feel they are royalty and totally infallible.

  24. Saying that the government will never legalize marijuana until everyone in the movement stops the in-fighting is like saying the government will never legalize alcohol until Al Capone & Bugsy Malone stop shooting at each other. I love you hippy stoners, but god gave me the ability to judge honest people from dishonest people. I think as long as fakes and phonies are allowed to present themselves as being the leaders of the movement we will never see legalization. You don’t have to be an insider to smell B.S. and people who look at the movement as being a bunch of pathetic stoners will only think that smoking pot makes you gullible.

  25. Anyone know a good investigative reporter? Shuman has blown so much smoke up so many butts. Everyone eventually figures her out and runs away, & hopefully before she runs roughshod over them like almost everyone in her past. That woman should be in jail for what she did to those Cannacig stockholders. She promised them the world and left them with nothing.

  26. When do when get something rolling to put an end to Cheryl Shuman… I am one of those RFMK holders and lost quite a bit. Dumb on my part, but she seemed so convincing at the time.

  27. Aimee Shuman posted on face book.

    After months of hate campaigns targeting my mother Cheryl Shuman with blatant hateful deceptive lies, and a tireless schedule of donating her time to help others. After 28 tireless media appearances including women from all different walks of life, my mother finally lost her battles with her health. At what should have been a celebration of watching the Dr. Phil appearance. She was again confronted with an ugly hateful bitter woman who complained that Cheryl’s television appearances were offensive to her. After weeks of little sleep, little food, my mom collapses nearly lifeless to the ground while the woman who confronted her sat back and laughed as my mom went in to a full seizure and then, unable to speak, walk or move was rushed to the hospital at Presbyterian St. Luke’s in Denver. All of this happened at the Denver Conference DPA Reform Conference. I’ve seen the haters trying to destroy my mom’s work. I’ve witnessed the lies. I get sick to my stomach at how these hateful parasites have used my mother to get on TV shows with her to then stab her in the back and make up disgusting and vile lies to try to extort money from her “or else” as they put it. Do you have any idea what it’s like to see the only mom you have in your world to be unable to speak or move or walk with her face and limbs paralyzed? Well I have and its freaking terrifying. For those pieces of dog shit that have relentlessly targeted my mom with your vile filth and lies, I hope you are proud of yourself. She was a lady that never stooped to your level to tell the truth of what you had done to her. The truth will come out. I will make sure of it. Meanwhile. Please keep her in your prayers as well as our family. I’ve seen her go days without food or sleep just to help others. Put yourself in our families shoes. This is a nightmare that i wouldn’t wish on anyone. I hope and pray that she will get through this with strength and dignity. This photo was taken after she collapsed. I will keep you updated.
    Thank you.
    Aimee Shuman — in Denver, CO.

    1. On the road again.

      Cheryl Shuman

      We’re hiring! If you or someone you know is a fit for us and our company & clients, please send your resume, cover letter, photos and references directly to:
      Positions: Videographers, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Event producers, Event Promoters, Promotional Models, Social Media Pros, Speakers, PR & Marketing Execs, Live Streaming Video Experts. We are gearing up for a 15 city cross country media tour starting in Los Angeles on November 12, 2013. More information to come.

  28. Come on guys, what can we do about this? This isn’t funny, cute, productive, w/e This is insane. She committed fraud. I don’t give a shit what kind of act shes putting on. Its not going to cover up the fraud she committed against many REAL people.
    Amazing how unproductive this crap is. We’re in a soap opera…but she gets to take our money at the same time. We’re suppose to be in this together.

    1. I really like your approach on this article. Somewhere in me I’d like to think things will fall in favor of the people. With access to information (internet), people are becoming more aware than ever. Nice site in general.

  29. You’re right, she is full of shit. She just posted a video of herself today, with one of the Wayans brothers and said it was taken recently. BULL. You can see the exact same video on youtube that was posted on September 28th, 2012, 14 months ago. And this time, she is once again saying that there’s a movie deal in the works. She’s delusional.

  30. Yesterday, I heard an interview with Cheryl on KFI radio’s Bill Handel show. It was one of those “rags to riches” stories. I was intrigued and impressed, until I found your website and read more on her. She made many claims to her personal success and how cannabis had changed her life in a positive way. What was very interesting, was her confessions to being a chronic user of anti-depressant drugs for a long time, until she was introduced to pot by her therapist. It’s now obvious, that she has (or had) some serious mental issues that may still be unresolved. I wonder if Mr. Handel did his homework on her background, or was he fooled, too?

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