The Art of the Sellout


Welcome to the show, kid. You have made it……or have you?

We are seeing the industry move in strange directions these days. There are a million little weed growers and producers looking for their shot at the title, and they are ready to do what it takes to succeed. But most do not have the time, energy, or resources to build something great from the ground up. Most are looking for that quick ride to the top, and are willing to sell out who they are, and what they stand for, in an effort to appease the overlords who are really running their game.

Seems like a new sucker joins the Legion of the Doomed every day. Some bozo in a clown suit with an idea and a bag of goods takes the walk down sellout street, and we are all supposed to pretend like nothing happens. You have seen it….You may or may not have noticed; but it is there.

Notice that the once robust and colorful person is now taking muted and safe positions to protect the interests of those who they just sold out to. They disguise their rhetoric as seemingly normal conversation, but there is always an underlying commercial there. The real sellout is always selling. You can’t miss it. They will do everything in their power to have you believe they are legit, but will constantly flood the airwaves with the “me, me, me…look at my stuff” bullshit. It is so transparently obvious what has happened that only they cannot see it.

Some folks are good with being a sellout. They lack the ability to stand on their own two feet anyways, so it is easier for them to take their marching orders from those who have “invested” in them. There is nothing wrong with that, if that is your thing. But let’s not pretend like we are some shot caller, when really your shots have been called by others for a quick minute.

But most sellouts have a hard time swallowing the fact that they sold out. They try to hide it and pretend like they are not being directed by forces outside of their control. They pretend that it was their idea to “quit being such an asshole” or to quit posting pictures of themselves dabbing the fuck out. There is always some explanation of being all growed up, or some other worthless bullshit, to mask the fact that they got chewed out from the people writing their check.

It is okay, Mr. Sellout. Embrace that shit. Love your new position as the mouthpiece for those you work for, but quit trying to pass your retarded scripted bullshit off as some sort of genuine communication, and quit trying to interject your worthless babbling into every conversation to “get the word out,” as your masters have requested. We can all see right through that shit.

Just write the company’s name on your forehead and wear your branded polo shirt everywhere you go like a real sell out. Stop trying to still fit in. You cannot have it both ways. You are either a shill for the man, or you are not. You cannot be an undercover shill trying to maintain your position as some independent thinker when everytime you speak you have to watch what you say in order to not piss off the Bobs.



You can see the shift a mile away. The only one who cannot see it is the sellout themselves. They have convinced themselves that their new found fortune is golden, and that no one else will notice their shift in rhetoric and behavior. They believe they have you fooled because they believe you are a sucker just like them.

Do us a favor…try to keep the bullshit to a minimum and quit using the affection we had for you at one time as a building block for your corporate adventures. We are smarter than you think.

As more real big money players come to the table and offer the world for folk’s loyalty and intellectual property, just watch the evolution happen. It might be subtle or it may be overt. Either way, it will be there. Everything comes with a price. Nothing is free. Your desire for the quick paycheck will cost you a little bit of yourself and the respect of your peers.

But don’t worry…you got that sweet one bedroom apartment and a steady check to keep you going. Life is sweet.

One cannot be surprised when their selling out results in people walking away. Not everyone wants to be in the commercial that is now your life. Take whatever chips you cashed in and go buy yourself some friends because the real folks who you used to know do not think you are the same person anymore. You have changed, and usually not for the better.

But who needs integrity and independence when you can have money anyways?

The Art of the Sellout….Coming to a hustler near you.