Massachusetts: Learn from Real Cannabis Outlaws


Foreman of jury in Rosenthal case issues apology for guilty verdict

Have you ever wondered what it is like to wake up to armed Federal officers swarming your home because you provided cannabis to sick people? Do you want to know what it is like to realize that your medical cannabis candy company has been raided and is on every major news network in America? Are you interested in understanding how cannabis intolerance affects families and their children?

While there certainly are many lawyers and consultants coming to Massachusetts touting their cannabis business bona fides, none of them have experienced firsthand the real dangers of the cannabis business…facing charges for doing the right thing.

Our panel of experts not only has nearly 100 years of experience directly working with cannabis, but they have the scars to prove it. They are true-to-life cannabis outlaws.

The Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal, was one of the first people to be raided and charged in Federal court for providing medical cannabis. His landmark case propelled the cannabis movement into the mainstream and his story was heavily covered nationally. Ed became the poster boy for the battle between the Feds and states with medical cannabis laws. An incredible activist effort (and a team of great attorneys) kept Ed from going to prison, as the Judge gave him a sentence of one day time served.

mickey.pressconference.1Mickey Martin ran a company called Tainted Inc. that made medical cannabis foods for patients in California. His company caught the feds attention for producing candy’s that mimicked mainstream brands, such as the world famous Reefer’s Peanut Butter Cup. His company was raided and he was charged with several felonies for his role in providing cannabis foods for qualified patients. At his sentencing, the Judge noted that he was not motivated by profit and believed he was providing a service to sick people, and sentenced him to two years of community confinementinstead of the three years in prison the US Government was asking for.

Addison Demoura operated a dispensary in Oakdale, CA and was raided by intolerant local authorities in Stanislaus County. During the raid officers traumatized his wife and children, and charged him with several felonies for operating his dispensary. After finding officers left out important information when requesting the search warrants the case was dropped and Addison Demoura successfully sued the local authorities for damages. Stanislaus County settled with the Demoura’s out of court for a hefty sum, and was forced to return what was taken in the raids.

So while many so-called experts come to Massachusetts touting their credentials, none of them have the real life experiences to help people understand the true risks and rewards of the cannabis industry like the speakers of the Massachusetts Cannabis Knowledge Forum. If people want to learn the honest truth about the industry and learn from the experiences of our cannabis outlaws, then they have got to buy the ticket and take the ride on July 12th, 13th, and 14th for the Massachusetts Cannabis Knowledge Forum events in Lowell, Boston, and Dartmouth.

Come and learn from our panel of cannabis outlaws and pioneers. Before it was cool to provide medical cannabis our speakers were doing it, and doing it well. Their colorful and interesting stories make for a great special interest piece and their interviews always provide good information for readers, viewers, and listeners. Come out to the events and find out not just about the beautiful side of the industry, but also the very real challenges that we all still face.


To set up and interview with one or all of our speakers feel free to contact us by phone or email. Thanks.

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One thought on “Massachusetts: Learn from Real Cannabis Outlaws”

  1. I have to agree. Most if not all of my work with cancer patients is classified as illegal. There are still only 3 States that permit the RSO/MMO (CA, CO, ME) and I have friends who have called CA dispensaries and can get no date on when more RSO/MMO will be available. If I called “a CA dispensary” today, they would probably tell me that they cannot guarantee when it will next be available.

    There are hucksters in CO who sell “oils” and God only knows what’s in it.

    The Oil in Maine is $75.00 a gram. I know that this is really good oil… but the cost? Come on.

    If we could legally grow it, it would only cost me $239 a pound (using LED’s) +/- 12 gallons of water. I could get close to 68.5 – 70.4 grams of oil using a more proprietary method of RSO; made with more “love.” I would take 4 days to do one lb. Materials would cost about $230.00 to make it. That is less than $600 to make 68 grams of oil, or; about $8.99 a gram (vs. $75 per gram).

    Even if we had to pay a care-giver for (the 4 days/5 hours a day it takes to make it with “love”) 20 extra hours at $60 per hour, it only adds $1200 to the $600, or; $1800.00 total. This would make the cost $26.50 per gram; almost 65% less than a dispensary would charge.

    We need to help these people and legalization is the only way. When will we begin teaching the Endocannabinoid System in our Medical Schools? This is still Big Pharma/FDA/DEA imposing their will and might to protect profits.

    When is this insanity going to end? IT IS A PLANT, that has 421 properties; none of which are known to cause any health problems. Combined, this plant turned into oil would threaten the $956 Billion/Year Cancer industry. I have seen it with my own eyes and have had the oncologist’s nurses call me to help their relatives and friends after curing pancreatic cancer in 91 days. I rest my case.

    We just will not beat the big money until we vote out politicians who allow this to continue to be against the Federal Regulations that still make this a Scheduled Drug threat.

    If anything, we should make Chemo a Scheduled I Drug since 97% of the people who take it die within 2 years of receiving it. It is the only drug that a doctor gets a Kick-back for and this is legal. This is really how backwards our lives are.

    When is our generation going to wake up and smell the coffee?

    Obviously, we need to become activists and I’m asking the owner of this site, what should I be doing to help others (more than I already do) on a political level to end this insanity (IYHO)?

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