Finding Motivation When Things Do Not Go Our Way


Life is a series of victories and defeats.

We are challenged to define ourselves by the victories and work to learn from our defeats. There are a lot of things that will not go our way here on planet earth, and yet we must learn to press on and stay inspired even when things suck. It is easy to be inspired when everything is hunky dory. But we must learn to stay inspired when things are not great and the pressures of the world are closing in on us.

How does one do this? How can we get past the frustration, depression, and anger of situations that suck and still be motivated to move forward and reach for the stars? What must we do to convince ourselves that despite the issues we are facing there is still the need to find our inspiration and keep moving forward?

It is hard. There is no question about that. Life can be a real bitch sometimes and make you not want to get up and face the world. No matter how blessed we are life still presents each and every one of us with our own unique obstacles and challenges. No one gets out unscathed. So knowing you are not alone can be helpful.

A lot of how we understand things comes from our own perspective. If we allow for difficult things to wear us down and make us feel defeated then we should not be surprised when they chew us up and spit us out.

If we look at the difficulties that life presents as an opportunity to overcome and create light from the darkness, then we can shift our perspective from one of “poor me” to “fuck them.”

We can use the actual problems we face as motivation. Here is this gigantic problem standing in your way challenging your ability and resolve. Are you going to let that stupid problem get the best of you? I would hope not…

You are better than that. Kick that problem in the nuts and crush it. What else are you gonna do? Roll over and die?

We inevitably have to face the issues that stand between us and our goals. One must not be afraid to take a challenge head on and do what is necessary to make the best of a bad situation. It might seem too much to overcome, but running from problems never helps. Accept the challenge and let it inspire you to overcome.

Look at cannabis prohibition. For decades our government has waged all out war on folks who use weed and have locked up innumerable people as a result. Yet the plant is still winning the battle.

People have pressed on in the face of agression and have worked tirelessly to free the plant from the clutches of tyranny, even when risking their own freedom. Cannabis is more prevalent than ever and their war of misinformation and lies is coming to an end. Where would we be if people gave up, or decided that the challenge of prohibition was just too much to overcome? plantwar.1

Understanding that life’s challenges are part of the deal, and that we can either overcome them or be rolled over, gives us an edge. It enables us to see more clearly the path we must take to find victory.

Never let the dumb shit get you down. It will not do you any good, and you will waste valuable time bitching and moaning about things while you should be kicking some ass and taking some names.

Be motivated by you. Do not wait for the world to come to you; but take it to the world, and make a difference. They want you to be down. They want you to feel defeated.

But there is not a lot that is worth getting down over in the big picture of it all.

We live. We learn. We work. We make money. We have fun. We become our experiences. Then we die. It is all relative and very temporary, so try not to get hung up on the bullshit.

One foot in front of the other….Keep on moving. Don’t stop. We got places to go and people to argue with… get moving. Time is of the essence. You will never get more time.

Quit wasting it on worrying and start finding that motivation that lives inside of you. It is there. It is your duty to realize it and use it to overcome whatever challenges face you today, tomorrow and forever.