Learning to Learn Again


Humans are often paralyzed by their own education. We have a tendency to quit learning once we think we know something. I am the worst at this. I hate revisiting my education and relearning things.

But this is very necessary to succeed in the human experience. We must not stop learning…..ever.

It is humbling to come to understand that we are not as smart as we thought we were. When we consider ourselves to be educated on a certain subject, we move from a desire to learn about it, to a false sense of security on the subject that discourages further learning. It is unfortunately human nature.

We miss out on a lot of learning by the assumption that we are already educated and do not need to take the time or energy to learn anything else.

Where cannabis legalization and freedom are concerned, there is a lot that has been learned and assumed; but there is still SO much more to figure out.

The most interesting thing to consider when looking at cannabis and the cannabis market is that this is a rapidly evolving beast right now. Everything we beileve we know about cannabis this very minute is likely to change in the coming months and years. The systems in place now for producing and distributing cannabis will cease to exist and will eventually be replaced with a more robust and commercialized market. That is inevitable.

In the current market, at least where it is semi-legal- but also where it is not, retail is king. The retailer controls the market and serves as a gatekeeper to the public.

Why? Because most of the companies producing cannabis have a hell of a lot to lose and choose to fly under the radar. You usually do not know the name or the company that produced the weed you are smoking. There is no heavily branded product market where marketing and demand fuel the marketplace. But you can be sure that it will one day…and likely soon.

Everything we know about the price of cannabis will evolve as the black market ceases to exist. Right now there is a very inflated market price that considers risk into the equation.

Risk limits supply. A lot of growers keep it to 99 plants, but what happens when the risk is gone and farmers are growing tons of weed in the light of day with no risk of prosecution? What happens to the price then?

It drops as supply increases. But how will the entire crop of outlaw farmers who have spent years getting thousands for their pounds do when that number becomes hundreds? Hopefully grow ten times as much.

There will be a lot of folks who will fail to evolve and who will get crushed by the market because of their failure to learn and understand the changes that we are all going to be facing.

If we can learn to learn again, we might just make it. If we do not see the writing on the wall and refuse to learn, we will become dinosaurs….extinct.

I personally have made a conscious effort to wake up in the morning, look myself in the mirror and tell myself, “You don’t know shit.”

When I start from there I can set myself up for more learning and understanding. I have no intention of letting my own education, and what I think I know, get the best of me….and you should not either.

One thought on “Learning to Learn Again”

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