FACT: Dads who smoke weed beat their children far less…


Okay. Maybe it is more of a hypothesis than a fact, but I am pretty sure the data would back me up on this one.

The unspoken reality is that if weed were legal, and even a small portion of our society used weed instead of booze, there would be a decrease in violence and careless crime. Why? Because booze makes people do retarded shit, and then they wake up feeling super depressed about the stupid things they did, so they drink some more to make themselves feel better……and then more stupid, and often violent, shit.

So I think it is pretty much a fact that if more dads smoked weed there would be less cases of child abuse. It is a no brainer to me. Whenever I hear a friend recall their painful stories of abuse, almost every time the phrase “drunk asshole” is used. Booze makes more dads lose their mind and do terrible shit. Weed just is not like that.

Sure. There are dads who probably smoke too much weed and neglect their children as a result. But rarely does a person smoke a fat joint and think, “I am going to kick my dog and beat up my kids real quick.”

Pot just does not bring that beast out of people. So I can confidently say that fathers who smoke weed beat their kids far less than fathers who do not smoke weed.

It is not just the boozeheads either. There are the gigantic stressball assholes who cannot take their life at work, so they come home and take it out on their poor kid.

I firmly believe that if these jackasses took a minute to smoke some weed and think about life, that they would be far less stressed and could manage their emotion better. Weed is good to take the edge off of a terrible day and make one worry less about the challenges they face. You cannot smoke your problems away, but you can find a deeper consciousness in which to find a better solution.

People who beat their kids deserve to die a special kind of death; but if weed could help even one parent not to beat their kid then weed has to be legalized, right?

I mean, that is the argument of the opposition, correct? “If we can even save one kid from going down the path of drugs our trillion dollar war on drugs that has ruined innumerable people’s lives is worth it.”

Yeah….Well let’s get real. Far more innocent kids get their ass kicked by some drunken maniac because booze are legal and readily avaqilable while weed is a crime. If we allowed people to substitute their desire for booze with some weed brownies and a bag of Doritos, and even if one (or a million) child ass kickings were avoided, it is all very much worth it.

I think a lot of the reform community is spooked by the booze industry. They fail to mention the real societal benefit of cannabis…less drunk people. I know that sounds dickish to say out loud, but it is true. Less drunk people means less drunk crime and violence. That is a net positive for anyone. I do not know one person related to an alcoholic who would not welcome that they be “addicted to marijuana” instead.

So ponder my loosely evidenced “fact” for a moment. Dads who smoke weed do beat their kids far less…..I think that is a solid argument for cannabis legalization for adult use.

Happy Father’s Day to all you weed smoking dads out there. Burn a fat one today and enjoy it.