City of Fallen Angels?


So thousands of people in LA lost their jobs today. Super. I find it hard to believe that some in our community are celebrating this loss of access and return to 2007 levels of access in the nation’s second largest City.

Here is where Prop. D in LA gets a little crazy for me now that it has passed…

All existing medical marijuana businesses must immediately cease operation; except that any medical marijuana business that that does not violate any of the medical marijuana business restrictions described in Section, Limited Immunity, may continue to operate but only so long as subsections A through D and G through 0 of Section remain valid, effective and operative.

And here is the definition of “medical marijuana business” just so you know who all must cease operations immediately….

(1) Any location where marijuana is cultivated, processed, distributed,
delivered, or given away to a qualified patient, a person with an identification card, or a primary caregiver.

(2) Any vehicle or other mode of transportation, stationary or mobile, which is
used to transport, distribute, deliver, or give away marijuana to a qualified patient, a person with an identification card, or a primary caregiver.

Yup…You got a pot grow that cares for more than 3 people? CLOSE. You got a delivery service? CLOSE. Not on the pre-ICO list? CLOSE. Edible kitchen? CLOSE.

But then peep this further…..

Then it says this:

Every medical marijuana business is prohibited that has one or more Managers who are also Managers at the same time of another medical marijuana business in the City;

So even your dispensary cannot have a pot grow in the City because technically a “medical marijuana business” is defined as a “location” meaning your grow facility is indeed a different business and you are now the manager of two businesses in the City…a NO-NO.

WTF? Chaos, baby…….

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  1. I wonder if Stockholm Syndrome should be a qualification for medical marijuana. It seems that these so-called activists and voters who embraced prop D are afflicted with it. Keep up the good work Mickey and thank you for holding their feet to the fire.

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