Destroying Our Comfort Zone


I often struggle with my own human existence. I would like to believe that this life has real meaning and that my place in it is one of importance.

But too often I find myself lulled into complacency, and my drive for a better life and a better world are greatly diminished. It is easy to let the world distract us from our mission. We allow ourselves to be pulled off course by shiny objects and meaningless banter, and before we know it our objectives are out of reach and we are struggling to find our way back.

Our comfort zone is an interesting place. We all have a level of comfort that we desire and a level of comfort we accept. It is the latter that keeps us from the former. As long as we are “comfortable enough” we often lose the motivation to be as comfortable as we really would like to be. As long as we can avoid the pain, we settle for less than what we deserve. Often our motivation is linked directly to this comfort zone, and when our comfort begins to erode we become more motivated to do something about it. When there is enough comfort to avoid the pain it can be more difficult to see the need to do more and be better.

Humans are fairly lazy creatures when there is little to worry about. But humans are also the most resourceful and innovative creatures on the planet when desire, need, and trouble arise. It is an amazing transformation to watch, as a person evolves from a complacent being to one of fierce motivation and competition in order to make ends meet and find their comfort again. We can all remember a time when we were thrust into doing something and/or bettering ourselves because our lives had become too uncomfortable. Whether it is finding a new job when losing one, or looking for ways to overcome tragedies when they arise, every person has to overcome the loss of their comfort zone at some time. The world is a tricky place and we can never take for granted that what is today will be again tomorrow. It just does not work like that.

The human brain can make us quickly forget that we are in a constant battle for what is right and just. It can trick us into believing that things are good enough and that we do not need to work harder or try more to make things better. Satisfaction can be our enemy, and often stand in the way of our full potential.

Personally and as part of this movement, i am guilty of allowing my comfort zone to fool me into believing things are better than they are. I must find ways to remind myself that every moment is an opportunity to do more and to be better. I must not let the illusion of comfort get the better of me. I have to understand that even my most comfortable moment is only temporary and that all I have can be gone in an instant. I must continue to fight even when it seems like I am winning because there is no end game. Evil and greed are not going away. Pain and suffering will always be lurking around the corner.

I try to always remember what it is like to be hungry. I look to my fears for inspiration. It is in these moments when I am scared and worried that I create and move. I find a path to greatness in the darkest corners and I work to be the light in the room. We have choices. It is up to us to decide if we are okay with things as they are, or if we want to strive for a better universe.

My comfort zone is my enemy and the place where I lose the most ground in my personal journey. I must destroy this comfort zone at all costs and never let it fool me into believing it is truth. It is a mirage. There is no real comfort as long as many continue to suffer. There is no comfort in knowing we could have done more or have been better. It is all a lie.

Destroying our comfort zone is necessary if we want to continue to make progress. Do not let the world, or our society, dupe you into believing things are good enough. They are not. That is the lie that your brain has told you. Do more. Be better. Get uncomfortable and then do something about it….