Weed will Be legal. Get over it.

As weed becomes a more and more accepted reality every day, it is almost comical to watch people squirm and wiggle trying to figure out what this all means for them and their previously held beliefs about weed.

NEWSFLASH: Weed will be legal. It IS coming. You should just accept it now and make this transition as smooth as possible.

The most visible squirmers are obviously the drug warriors. Here is a group who has sold a pack of lies to a society that is now waking up to the fact that these assholes have sold them a pack of lies. Talk about uncomfortable.

Those who have demonized and criminalized weedheads for private gain and position have got a lot of fucking questions to answer. This “war” has cost our society greatly in blood and treasure. We have spent over a trillion dollars fighting the drug war with NOTHING to show for it. It is hard to justify I am sure.

The conversation goes like this….”So you guys spent a trillion dollars over the past four decades fighting drugs. Are there less drugs? Less crime? Lower addiction rates? More public safety?” The answer to all of those is an obvious “NO.” So then the follow up is “Well what the fuck did you do with all of our money?”

The answer is simple…they have lined the pockets of private corporations who profit off of the drug war, including prison companies, drug testers, and the weapons and tactical industry who have sold military industrial equipment to every police force in America to help them “fight drug crimes.”

It has all been a lie. Drugs have never been the problem. The laws prohibiting and criminalizing drug use, manufacturing, and sales have been the problem all along. People are beginning to wake up to that and wondering how we have managed to lock up 25% of the world’s prison population, while only having 5% of the actual population. Go back to sleep, America. There is nothing to see here.

But we will not go back to sleep. People want their weed and they want it now. people want to stop taking their neighbors to jail for weed. People know this is not working. The jig is up.

Even conservative evil assholes like Rush Limbaugh know the jig is up:

Hell, yes, they should do that.  Now, would liberals end up loving Big Tobacco if Big Tobacco was allowed to put marijuana in cigarettes?  Because it’s coming.  Marijuana will be legal.  Just like gay marriage, never thought that would happen.  It’s going to happen, folks.  And it could save the tobacco business.

-Rush Limbaugh (November 28,2012)

So it is super funny watching these evil bastards try to come to terms with the reality that weed will indeed be legal. What is more funny is watching the weedheads deal with this reality.

Check out this recent exchange I had with a person who supposedly supports cannabis, who will remain unnamed:

You probably don’t care that the commercialization will affect those who grow for themselves and others.  If large corporations come in, as they are already planning to do, then the medical folks will be affected the most.  Commercial operations simply will not do business in a market that could be affected by those presently growing.  That is one effect.  You’ll see astronomical permit fees and increased taxes for establishing sites to sell cannabis.  This and restrictions on growing will increase the price once they have a stranglehold on the plant.  The deep pocketed 1%ers will be thwarted from having their exclusive domination of the market too.  I’m proposing a decriminalization such as applied to prostitution where there are fines only.  I’m proposing we have fines only for cannabis offenses and NO jail time.  This is a proposal to keep local governments at bay and the fines are a way of placating those ass-kissing moralists and patrick kennedy-type hypocrites.

-Unnamed Weedhead

Here was my “delicate” response:

Why should I be fined for weed? That is silly. You have no idea what a truly legalized market will bring and your cynical speculation is no better than the prohibitionists who want to keep fining us, and drug testing us, and taking people who grow and sell weed to jail, and let the cops search our homes, person, and vehicles because we smell like weed, and keep us as lesser citizens who need to hide their weed to avoid your fine….all so you can keep what you have now? Which on most days you shitbag on saying Prop 215 offers no protection? I do not get you, bro….weed will be legal. You should probably man up and figure out how to deal with that fact before the world passes you by like it seems to have so many others…..

And that is the truth. Everyone…drug warriors and weedheads alike, need to pull their head out of their ass and understand that this IS gonna happen. And YES….there will be large companies selling weed products one day…likely soon.

There will also probably be a lot of small companies selling weed too, just like most free markets. Look at wine, or beer, or even food….sure, there are behemoths in every industry; but there are also good, small, local, niche providers that do quite well and offer awesome products. And if these small businesses are lucky, one day they become big businesses. It is the American dream of entrepreneurship.

The fact that any weedhead would want to keep weed semi-illegal, decriminalized, or not absolutely 100% legal and available for any adult to use as they please is beyond me. I am not sure whether I hate these folks, or feel sorry for them.

There is no denying that we are moving towards that day and until we can come to terms with that and accept it for what it is, and not what we color unicorn we dream it to be, we will limit progress and likely lose our position as the current experts of this outlaw commodity.

If we get ahead of the game and envision what this legal market will look like, and begin to tool our plans and strategies to evolve into that market, then we may not get left behind. The choice is up to each of us individually. I am not shying away from the reality that it is only a matter of time before this thing breaks wide open; and I am planning for what that will look like.

I am excited for a competitive, commercial, and legal weed market where the marketplace is filled with high-quality and affordable cannabis. The folks that grow bad weed will have to get another job, but hey…thems are the breaks. Good weed will always have a place on the shelf, and I for one am still looking forward to weed Disneyland.

Join me in the serenity weed prayer.

Big Magnet in the Sky….Grant me the serenity to accept that weed will soon be legal. The courage to believe in myself that my weed will be good enough. And the wisdom to know that anything less that 100% legal adult use is crazy talk.