Guns Suck

In the wake of the sickening mass murder that happened last week in Connecticut, I just want to make one point abundantly clear. GUNS SUCK.

I am willing to have this debate with any gun “enthusiast.” First of, what they fuck are you so enthusiastic about? Having to feel like you need to own a high powered killing machine because you fear for your safety so much? THAT SUCKS!

I understand many people feel as if they “need” a gun to “protect” themselves. Fine. Super. Then I should never know you have it until I come creeping through your window, right? There is no need for this “proud gun owner” bullshit. If it is is tool you feel you must have because you fear a person invading your home, and you think you would be better off having a shoot out in the crib should said home invasion ever happen, then it should be kept put away like your other tools until there is an actual job to do with it. I do not give a shit what kind of drill you got either.

But the reality is far too often this gun that is supposed to be there for emergencies and self-defense is used for anything but. More often than not the gun in your home will be used to kill you, or one of your loved ones. That is a reality. This super hero saving the family scenario rarely plays out. What does play out is someone in the home being really depressed, and in a moment of weakness and easy access to a firearm, they commit the terrible tragedy of suicide. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one to that tragedy can understand. Nothing is more devastating for a person to find out it was their weapon used to kill their own family member. But that is a stark reality.

Or the gun will be used in an act of violence by someone in your home, just as happened in Connecticut this last week. Guns registered to an “enthusiast” were used by her won son to kill her, and 25 others….mostly children. If that does not disturb the shit out of you, then you are not being real with yourself. Do you think this bright-eyed kindergarten teacher from Newtown, CT imagined her beloved 20-year-old son performing this act of mass murder with her weapons? Not a chance. Gun owners always have the same response after realizing it was their weapon used in an act of violence or suicide….”I never imagined…” Yeah. Well start fucking imagining.

It sickens me to think anyone is excited or proud to own killing machines. Where the fuck have we gone so wrong that people think it is a badge of honor to have an assault rifle? Since when has owning enough firepower to mow down a small village been “cool?” I do not get it. I just do not see it. GUNS SUCK.

There is always some bullshit straw man argument to be made by gun lovers about “Cars kill people. Should we outlaw cars?” Look. I have to go down to DMV in person every few years and take a written, vision, and driving examination. My car has to be inspected regularly. I have to buy insurance in case my car kills someone accidentally, or damages their property. So yeah…let’s do regulate guns like cars. I am down with that.

I am not saying people should not own guns. I am saying that IT SUCKS THEY FEEL THEY HAVE TO. I am saying that if a person wants to buy a Bushmaster AR-15 with a hundred round drum and thousands of rounds of ammunition, maybe they should have to tell someone why. If they have a valid reason, then what is the beef with having to look a person in the eye and telling them that reason? If people want to have weapons in their home, that is their choice; but when those weapons are missing from their homes, or leave that home to be used in an act of terrorism or intimidation, then that becomes my problem too.

It is sad that anyone would be okay with what happened last week, and what keeps happening with growing frequency. Have we become so desensitized to guns and mass murder that we think this is okay now? Do we love our guns so damn much that we are risking the safety of everyone in our communities so we can stockpile some insane weaponry for this perceived Armageddon? Do we really think we are solving problems with more guns?

I love to talk to “2nd Amendment Activists.” Most have never even read the 2nd Amendment, but want to boast about their right to “bear arms to defeat tyranny.” So here is the actual text of the 2nd Amendment for you to mull over:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

You got that? the first words are WELL REGULATED. Even the slave-owning forefathers understood that any crazy asshole should not have as much weaponry and firepower as they wanted. There is a reason you cannot own a nuclear submarine. I am not sure where all these freedom fighters are, as we see actual tyranny like the drug war rage on in our streets daily. Not a hero to be found, as our government terrorizes its citizens Where is this well-regulated militia? All I see is a bunch of self-serving wannabe macho losers who think their guns make them tough….or safe for that matter.

Here is a video that should make you wonder if maybe we should just tighten up gun control laws just a little bit….

Some dumbass with and AR-15 with 100 Round Drum. He is someone’s neighbor too!