Stay Classy

As a weed activist, it is easy to let the world get the better of you. You are fighting an uphill battle that makes little sense to any rational thinking person. Here is a safe, enjoyable, and helpful plant that makes people laugh and enjoy their world more, and we take people to jail for it. While at the same time we allow people to buy gallons of dangerous booze at any local convenience mart. It is enough to drive you nuts.

Often in dealing with people concerning this issue you will find intolerant, uneducated, and sometimes just terrible people who have drank the kool-aid on cannabis prohibition. They are sure weed is evil and that it can kill you. They likely have an ex-husband or brother/sister who had drug problems that affected their lives and they have a hard time holding people they care about responsible for their actions, so it is just easier for them to blame weed. Of course…weed did it. Why didn’t I think of that?

The point is that you are dealing with a lof of irrational thinking that is masked as legitimate debate and argument. It just is not any more. The argument against cannabis is far more flimsy and unrealistic than the one for, which is why people are coming around in record numbers to the idea of legalizing weed for adults.

But no matter how off the rails a person is on the crazy train of cannabis prohibition, it is important to STAY CLASSY. Do not stoop into their level of evil or ignorance. You are better than that. You have truth and justice on your side. Some people you may never reach, but do not let them knock you off your game.

If all of us weed activists continue to tear down the walls of prohibition daily by having rational and meaningful conversations with those in our community about ending prohibition we CAN move this mountain. But we must stay classy and keep our heads clear in order to achieve this success. We cannot continue to humor those who lie and distort to make the case for prohibition.

Knowledge is the key to making the case for ending cannabis prohibition in any conversation. Know your stuff and change the hearts and minds of your neighbors with the facts, and make them forget their fear. Be the bigger activist and because you are on the right side of history the road will rise to meet you on your journey…