Save Cannabis Education and Planning Conference


Education and Planning Conference

San Jose, California

October 19, 2012 

Friday October 19, 2012 @ 1PM

UFCW Local 5 Hall – San Jose, CA

An open invitation to all California Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Prohibition Repeal advocates:

Please attend this crucial and informative planning conference in San Jose, CA at 1PM on Friday October 19, 2012. There is no charge for this conference scheduled to be presented in three parts. The first portion will provide updated status of the pending Riverside Supreme Court case effecting potential bans of Medical Cannabis dispensaries statewide. The second part offers critical information regarding current tax cases, interpretation and legislation. The final portion will be a key planning session designed to coordinate ideas and actions from all sources with the specific objective of documentation and assignment of responsibilities. The ultimate goal is to coordinate this information in preparation for a major Spring Conference. At that event we will use the communicated results to facilitate completion of a workable California Cannabis Initiative for 2014 that protects and includes all medical and social use.

Advocates throughout California agree that there is a continuing need to enhance the coordination of all the various ideas and efforts being created statewide. We must consolidate and document those concepts into workable and passable legislation and then maintain a communication network to continually provide current status of the actions being performed. The best way to achieve this is by bringing all the ideas together, coordinating them in a presentable format and providing direction and leadership for taking those actions to completion. The Education and Planning Conference has been created for just this purpose.

The Education and Planning Conference is a major step to achieving the mutual goals of all California cannabis users. Your participation is greatly encouraged! You will be able to contribute ideas and opinions that will be used to formulate strategies and actions designed to provide the most positive impact. Through direct participation, you will become a part of a network that believes in not only discussing and formulating ideas, but who are interested in taking responsibility and the necessary actions to achieve results.

By initially focusing on the two key topics related to Medical Collective Bans and Taxation, new and valuable information will be shared for all concerned. We will address these at the conference with prepared speeches by informed leaders and then through moderated discussion sessions that will be documented to formulate responses and potential action items.

With many issues to be prioritized and a variety of different opinions as to which is most important, the final portion of this conference is designed to establish a set of priorities through mutual agreement of the attendees. The goal will be to then maintain responsibility for these priorities and objectives by regular updates through the communication network already established by Current information will then be available to anyone interested in observing or contributing to the progress of real actions taking place.

The final portion of the Conference will be to identify those individuals who are willing to accept responsibility for specific documented action items, can commit to providing regular updates to the communication network and will take the ultimate responsibility for following up on that task to completion. This event is expected to provide the opportunity that all advocates have been asking for – to give everyone a real opportunity to participate directly in the process and to take positive, results-oriented action!


1:00               Welcome, Opening Statement & Agenda                               John Lee

1:15               Riverside Supreme Court Case                                   Lanny Swerdlow

Effecting ALL attempts to Ban Medical Cannabis Clubs

1:45               Moderated Follow-up Discussion

2:15               Legal Taxation Update                                     Special Guest Attorney

Professional input and status of current legal tax environment

2:45               Taxation Presentation                                                         Dave Hodges

City of San Jose Tax and BOE communication and response

3:15               Moderated Follow-up Discussion

3:45               Break

4:15               Spring Conference Planning                                                     John Lee

4:30               Moderated Summary Discussion                                                        All

5:00               Conclusion & Adjournment

A variety of independent evening activities will be suggested but everyone will be free to make their own plans after the conference to socialize with old and new friends!


All accomplished leaders realize that any proven path to success is built on ACTION. The Education and Planning Conference is designed to provide guidance and support for the development of a common set of goals and objectives documented from conference attendees and supporters. We will work to identify “Action Items” with designated “Project Leaders” who will be responsible for coordinating, directing, documenting and reporting all activities. They will then report to an established communication network committed to providing regularly updated status to all. Several key steps have been identified to achieve positive results:

  • Solicit input of ideas from advocates from all points of view and demographics
  • Establish a core set of common goals and objectives
  • Identify key and achievable “Action Items”
  • Assign responsibility for Managing each “Action Item”
  • Establish and maintain a regularly updated communication network and forum


Due to potential space limitations, please confirm your attendance by October 12th via email to Enter Oct 19” in the subject line of your email. In order to guarantee your seat at the event, it is necessary for you to then provide each name of the attendees as they will want it to appear on the attendee list. Last minute walk-up attendance will be allowed based on availability.

There is no charge for this event and the UFCW Local 5 location has appropriate disability access. No outside photography or video taping is allowed but there will be a professional video and audio recording made of the conference to be made available to all attendees. As there will be a large amount of information presented over a short period of time, only light refreshments will be served. Each attendee will be responsible for their own meals and lodging.

Please forward any questions to

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