FULL OF SHIT: Shona Gochenaur of Axis of Love

So leave it to Shona Gochenaur of Axis of Love to ruin a perfectly good (and busy) Tuesday with her overblown criticism of Americans for safe Access and other “large drug reform orgs.” Here is what she had the nerve to say in an article done for by SF Bay Times:

“The way we change stories is we stand in unity with families that are being persecuted for serving our communities, our medical cannabis service providers,” she said. “I am going to say something a little controversial now: the larger drug policy orgs aren’t doing crap. They pay lobbyists and have expensive dinners and do nothing for the growers or the people who need medicine.” She clarified, “I am particularly speaking about groups like Americans for Safe Access, who just had a $500 a plate meal, and what are they doing for medical marijuana political prisoners? And poor patients? Nothing!” She said, “These are the people who need help and should be the first served by drug policy reform.” She concluded, “We need to change this story. We don’t need to pay lobbyists. We need to get things done!”

Really? You want to take a victory lap and in the process kick ASA and other reformers in the face because you think you have some moral higher ground? Well, let us shed a little light on the subject…

Axis for Love is a poorly run organization that has for years been a joke to those in this industry. Their Director, Shona, consistently picks fights within the community in an effort to gain some credibility. They are funded by local SF Dispensaries, including HopeNet and Alternative Relief Co-Op and Bach SF, (for some reason) so that they can provide services, including cannabis, to low income and distraught SF patients. On the surface it seems like a commendable mission and they often do some good work that directly benefits needy patients and those in need of support. But the mission is constantly clouded by Shona’s inability to play nice with others and her need to use her “position” to make a huge stink and cause chaos in the community.

I have tried to reach Shona in the past and thought that she was moving away from these attempts to demean others’ work in an effort to prop up her own. She often makes very public her dirty laundry, many times copying every public official on her rolodex on emails and messages regarding her petty arguments. Her game plan is to wear down those who oppose her and accuse anyone who dare criticize her of bashing gay people or hating the poor and homeless. Her thinly veiled efforts to use her good deeds as a means to prop herself up does not go unnoticed. It seems as if the only thing she does this work for is so she can continue to pat herself on the back and paint herself as some cannabis Mother Theresa. The reality is that she is an agitator who does the bidding of those who fund her efforts. She has used her position to maintain a role with City Officials and has helped to develop several splinter groups to flood the votes of the SF Medical Cannabis Task Force. The results have been more confusion and a constant effort to find sanity in the confusion.

The truth is that Axis of Love could be a very positive force in the community, but Shona’s willingness to use the organization to shamelessly promote herself and attack others in the community has made it impossible to take her, or the organization, seriously. On many occasion I have attempted to reason with her in an effort to find harmony and to get her to stop wasting the movement’s political capital on carnival barking and sideshows, but alas…it seems like there is no getting through to some people.

So here we are….another unnecessary attack on an upstanding group like ASA and an extremely disrespectful and misleading statement in the press. Why? Who the fuck knows? Sometimes crazy is just crazy….but I, for one, am done playing bullshit with her and her Axis of Whatever…..I have lost my patience and will no longer try to reason with insanity. If Shona wants to go to battle within the medical cannabis community I am game…Let’s do it….or she can humbly apologize for these volatile transgressions and we can get back to trying to change the world. I am good either way….

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  1. Thanks Mickey. Well said. I’ve long admired your courage and now you speak on a subject that is very relevant to San Diego.

    Love, Terrie Best

  2. IF Axis of Love SF {sic} were actually about LOVE? It would be called “for Love”–but instead it harms great activists–screws over growers and dispensary owners and is a MAJOR JOKE in the Medical Cannabis Community–however those that this org has harmed in major ways –I have to admit are NOT laughing!

    This org has infiltrated our community and has been harming it in major ways– while doing minor things to make itself look good for years–wishing it would all go away!

    Shona is a psycho thats needs to go! Please move away Shona! WE are ALL on to your bullshit!

    Having the Harvey Milk Club almost lose its charter because of your actions really sucked too! Go into the internet to read about that!

  3. Shona screwed Steve and Cathy Smith from Hope.net she told them both that she had a not for profit status with Axis Of Love {sic}. Shona LIED big time and socked Cathy and Steve with a two hundred and twenty thousand dollar IRS bill–telling them that if they did not pay it for her? That they would end up in a federal prison for the rest of their lives. Steve from that had two heart attacks and a triple by pass surgery–so now what do you think about AXIS OF LOVE SF?? EH??

  4. Shona screwed Steve and Cathy Smith from Hope.net she told them both that she had a not for profit status with Axis Of Love {sic}. Shona LIED big time and socked Cathy and Steve with a two hundred and twenty thousand dollar IRS bill–telling them that if they did not pay it for her? That they would end up in a federal prison for the rest of their lives. They paid it without question out of total fear. Steve from that had two heart attacks and a triple by pass surgery–so now what do you think about AXIS OF LOVE SF?? EH??

  5. Without Americans for Safe Access there would be NO ACCESS ANYWHERE! Axis of Love is a desperate wanna be org. that harms the medical cannabis cause and simply needs to go away! Their members are degenerates at best–G-d help the newbies that are unaware! All the good folks have left Axis–is it any wonder? Only the creeps remain?

  6. Shona Gochenaur’s “Love”

    Several years ago I was in great pain from a disorder that several doctors had not yet been able to diagnose, living on disability with high unreimbursed medical needs, and unable to afford medical cannabis to help with my pain. I went to Shona’s storefront, which was located next to HopeNet on 9th Avenue, having heard that free medicine was available there. Ms. Gochenaur’s employee was a young man at a counter who I had never seen before. I walked up to the counter and made my request, politely and in a quiet voice. I was in great pain. He looked me up and down, a process that took 2 seconds, and said, “You’re not eligible.” I said, what do you mean, you don’t know anything about me. He said he could tell that I didn’t qualify by looking at me. I was dumbfounded that anyone would make a statement like that with a straight face. His voice was cold as ice and his face had a look of disdain. I collected myself and asked him what the qualifications of the program were, and he said I didn’t need to know that, I just didn’t qualify, and have a nice day. Then I noticed a printed flyer on the counter which I picked up. It seemed to answer my exact question. It listed reasons for not being eligible to receive free medicine. The employee said, “Hey, give me that!”, but instead I just put it in my pocket and left. With my tail between my legs, still in great pain. I choked back my tears so they wouldn’t see me cry, until I got to the bus stop. Once there, I pulled the flyer out of my pocket and read it. Among the absurd things it said were, that patients did not qualify for medicine if they “appear to have their own transportation”, and if they were “seen wearing jewelry”. I had neither. Feeling humiliated and rejected as a person, I never went near Ms. Gochenaur’s operation again.

    I am certain they do not even remember me.

  7. I find that anyone the works as hard as members of ASA should be applauded. All, the members I have encountered have been hard working individuals:whose, only concern has been to advocate in a sincere manner for. medical cannabis consumers. Who happen to be a large and diverse group of indivduals. I applaude any group that sits down,stands up,goes to the diverse communities to serve, with no thought except to help. I applaude ASA and I am grateful for the service they give.I can not and will not applaude any group that takes it upon themselves to demean individuals or groups that have fought hard to bring about safe access to all.

  8. I lived with that evil bitch for way too long! She turned her boyfriend ( my ex-best friend of 35 yrs.) against me. Was able to force me out of my own home (her name was not on the lease). Then applied for my apartment and GOT IT! And she screwed me out of well over $2,000 in rent and bills! She is INSANE!!! I have seen her use the very tactics that you described in this article, in every aspect of her life! She is an evil, spiteful, ugly (and I do mean UGLY) bitch with no remorse for her actions! I would never do anything to intentionally harm another person, but if something bad were to happen to her, try not to judge me too harshly if I were to crack a smile.

  9. More dispensaries than just Hope.net has been given astronomical IRS BOE Tax bills after being told that Axis Of Love {sic} was a NotforProfit/NonProfit it is scary amazing that people are not checking out the status of this undercover cop run organization. Just shocking!

  10. Shona and Greg really enjoy finding new victims for Axis Of Love {sic}. Someone that has a grow, that gives her and her CRIMINAL Deceptive Organization, money and medicine. However once this stops? Watch OUT! Because YOU will be busted! After that Shona and Greg are famous for giving court support to their victims–

  11. If you have ever volunteered for this Criminal Organization called Axis OF Love SF {sic{ And for ANY reason Shona and Greg decide that they can NOT use you anymore? You will be attacked with false allegations! Ending up in court one way or another. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRIMINAL AXIS!

  12. Why Shona and Greg are permitted to still be apart of San Francisco Politics in anyway? IS DISGUSTING! SHAME ON YOU SF CITY HALL!

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