"This card will make law enforcement respect you…"

While I appreciate the effort, R. Brumfield spreads a bit of false hope in his rhetoric.

Richard claims this card makes him “bulletproof” and that he has been raided 7 times with no issues. While I would like to believe that all I needed was a another $150 card-like permission slip to grow “a mountain of marijuana,” as Richard claims, it is a bit disingenuous and a bit dangerous to go around telling people this. None the less, I thought it was some funny and interesting stuff for y’all to ponder upon…

Besides badmouthing Americans for Safe Access at every juncture and blaming people for getting raided because they are ┬ánot “bulletproof” like him, Brumfield claims to have “cured cancer.” His favorite activities are listed on FB as “saving lives.” Okay Jesus Complex, we get it. Thanks for the video on how to become bulletproof like you.

One has to wonder why a bulletproof person would remove several pictures that showed him on top of his mountain of cannabis from his FB profile right after the election? Hmmmmm……

One thought on “"This card will make law enforcement respect you…"”

  1. This guy is a loser and an idiot.

    I argued with him many times about Prop 19.

    I told him how I got arrested with my girlfriend (with a bail of $135,000 each)and the government took my 1 year old child – and I HAD A STATE CARD.

    He is a cannabis criminal.

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