RE-UNITED and it feels so good?

I have been hearing the “let’s come together” and “divided we fall” rhetoric around the movement in wake of the election. The calls to put our differences behind us clearly does not take into respect those differences, nor does it respect those who were attacked and slandered by a select few in this movement. Everyone saying “let bygones be bygones” clearly were not called “evil, money-hungry, youth hating, people that were out to steal access from patients and enslave growers.” I was. Many of my colleagues were. People chose to twist and turn the dialogue to not just convince people to vote against their interest, but to think that I was an evil dick that was out to get them. So forgive me if I am just not feeling the “kumbyah” shit right now…..

And I am united. I am united with those who showed up and worked respectfully to try and make a difference. I have never felt more united with the people that joined me in a quest to take the next logical step towards cannabis freedom. I was lucky enough to meet many good people in the journey towards 19. I have no need, time or energy to mend fences with the fringe that demeaned our efforts and demonized our personas to advance their own cause. Nor should they want to unite with me. It would be a falsified half-hearted unified front at best, so why bother?

But real talk- I can say that there has been a strong and active coalition of people across the country that I consider to be a strong and vocal force to run with on the next big thing. For that I am excited. Why would we want to unite with cowards and fear mongers? Because we all smoke pot? No thanks. Those kids are lost and will never be a part of my army of cannabis warriors.

What I will do is try to build a broader coalition and do a better job of educating those who still fear cannabis legalization. I will work to convince others to get on board, instead of trying to convince a group of crazy people that Monsanto is not taking their cannabis. We wasted hours of time on addressing these morons and it hampered our message. It put us on the defensive in our own community over an effort to make cannabis lawful. These same hurt feelings and tin-foil hat conspiracies will be present no matter what makes the ballot. And I am sure some of the same people will be on board to sink ANY effort, so why would I want to reach across the aisle and work with those cats. No thanks.

Those people do not even deserve a seat at the table. The best thing we can do is hope that they lose their voice between now and then. Hope that people quit buying things from CannaCare so that they do not have money to run scare ads in every magazine. Hope that publications will quit thinking D-flies is some sort of “stoner authority” and giving her a voice. Hope that the collectives that opposed with lies because they fear competition will be closed by ironically- competition. We hope that if we are lucky enough to see a next time, that these people will no longer be relevant. 2 years is a long time. 30 years is a longer time.

There is no excuse for the actions of these few. Let me be clear. I AM NOT MAD AT THOSE WHO VOTED NO. I will never understand it, but that is clearly their choice. I AM MAD AT THOSE WHO USED LIES AND DECEIT TO UNDERMINE THE EFFORT AND DEMONIZED PEOPLE LIKE ME. There will be no “getting over it” or “coming together” after the shit you said about me, my colleagues, and the effort that was made. So as Steve Cooley seems to be winning the race and “safe access” is at the very least at a point of concern, and at the worst is under attack, do not forget who decided to the status quo was a good thing. Do not forget those who used their voice to keep you a criminal. Do not forget those that lied and mislead their way to 15-minutes of fame. Do not forget the cowards that thought first about their income and second about morality and justice. Do not forget that these people made it so that you have to get that $150 doctor permission slip to use a safe plant. Do not forget when your 1/8 cost $50-$60 that it could have been $25-30. Just don’t forget what could have been because it is romantic to “be the bigger person” and “work together.” No it isn’t.

If you forget the past, then do not be surprised when that knife is in your back again. You knew they were a snake when you brought them home….

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