Is today the day? Tired of being a criminal.

Today is a historic step for the cannabis movement. Today we will have the closest election ever on a cannabis issue, and regardless of it passing we have succeeded in changing the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. I am proud to be able to walk into a voting booth and vote yes for real change today. I am tired of being a criminal. I am tired of ducking and dodging cops because I like weed. I am sick of feeling like I have something to hide because i use pot. I am sick of feeling inferior for my choice to use cannabis.

Yes. Our society is in dire need for a change of direction. While 19 is not the bill I would have written, the one I would have written would have no chance of passing. I am far to liberal for most who have fell victim to the hype of the drug war. Prop. 19 has done a good job of realizing the need for certain compromises, and on this election day, most polls show it trailing slightly but within the margin of error. That is HUGE! If people get up, go vote, and make a difference in their world we may just win this yet. Remember, Michigan’s medical cannabis vote came in 10% higher than the polls had it, so anything is possible- especially with cannabis. So get out and vote.

I am proud to be a voice for change and look forward to the day when cannabis is no longer criminal. I hope to wake up tomorrow and no longer be a criminal in my own community. I look forward to watching an industry blossom and for more people to find cannabis as a safe and legal alternative to booze. I love cannabis. i am not a criminal.