Reality Check: Unity Collective in Sac loses mind over Warrior

Check this shit out….from CBS 13/upn 31 Sacramento:

The director of Unity Collective, Don Johnson, says the thieves got away with several thousand dollars in medical marijuana and $15,000 worth of money, food and toys the Collective had been collecting for the Sacramento Food Bank.

Johnson believes the dispensary was targeted because he took a stand against Prop. 19.

An on-line blog called “Cannabis Warrior” called for people to boycott certain organizations that were against the measure to legalize pot.  Yesterday, the website posted the name and address of the Unity Collective as one of those organizations.

“I have a really hard time believing that that’s coincidence, we’ve been open for two years without an incident, and the same day we were put on the list we not only were broken into, but just ransacked,” said Johnson.

CBS13’s Nick Janes emailed the author of the “Cannabis Warrior” block who wrote back saying ” I think you giving his epic tale of sorrow shows it must be a slow news day.  My opinion is that the entire story is an irrelevant conclusion.”


Take some responsibility for your life, Don Johnson. My blog is not the reason your shop was broken into. Nor is it the reason your grow burned down. Nor is it the reason dozens of collectives have been robbed and burglarized this year. Sorry.

No matter how much you want to stretch the truth and use this blog to create sympathy. I think you are a fraud for even suggesting this shit. Get a grip, Don.

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  1. u are bunch of idiots to think this has anything to do with the boycott, maybe it has to do with your shiestyness and not caring for patients and lieng about your meds! your collective is one of the crappiest in sacramento, been once and never went baqck, overprices schwag…. you guys suck and deserve everything u get, hey mayb try being true to your patients!!!! quit being shiesty and stupid…..

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