Words from a rational activist….

“This week I saw someone post that they were going to vote against Prop 19 because it was of no benefit to them. To the people who believe this, and the people who sympathize with this argument, I ask you to think of more than yourself. Because I strongly feel that Prop 19 could change the world. Consider that it is theĀ only legalization bill with any funding in California. Please vote to LEGALIZE, even if the law is not perfect. Prop 19 affects so much more than you.

How lucky you are to be able to even discuss the ability to legalize freely among your peers, rather than be forced to hide your hobby from your colleagues due to possible reprimands. How privileged you are because you live in a place where you can get a card and walk into a store and purchase the finest strains of marijuana, instead of crawling like an animal in back alleys, outside of view, like a common criminal. How fortunate you are that illegal possession of cannabis is decriminalized, so you need not worry that your possession of a flower is not considered a state felony, or that your small baggie might land you in jail.

Perhaps, right now, you might consider that throughout almost the entire planet, people just like you worry about these things every day. Thousands are arrested, incarcerated, and convicted for what you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy every day.

In addition, we cannot find friends to smoke with. We cannot tell our parents about it, because of the stigma against cannabis. We are stereotyped, marginalized, and underrepresented. And on the first Tuesday this November, you can end this.

Were California to legalize, perceptions would slowly change. Even if California makes little in tax revenue and saves little on its police budget, people would see that California was unchanged. It did not descend into a hell of stoners. People would see that the complete legalization of cannabis doesn’t harm society.

At first it might be slow. But maybe Germany, seeing the success of California, would finally pass a medical marijuana law. Maybe a few states would decriminalize. Maybe Washington would also legalize. But it will begin to spread — full legalization in several states. At that point the Federal Government would have no choice but to legalize — perceptions will have shifted and a majority of Americans will favor legalization.

And when America legalizes, other countries will follow. Perhaps we will establish trade routes for cannabis. Maybe designer buds will start showing up, with as many strains as there are different alcoholic beverages, and maybe we’ll have cannabis stores around as often as we see liquor stores. Maybe we’ll have cannabis bars and pizza pubs that also serve cannabis. Maybe we’ll finally have our say in congress.

The world is looking to California. You, the privileged ones: be the beacon of hope for the world.”


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