REAL TALK: Why "they" don't want prop. 19. by John Troll

CW: This is a great posting from John Troll that I found on Facebook. It is very well thought and is filled with truth. If you are one of the anti-19 crusaders who have talked SO MUCH SHIT that you have backed yourself into a corner publicly with your crazy opposition campaign, know you can still vote YES in the privacy of the voting booth on November 2nd. We won’t be mad at you.

Just a posting of my thoughts… Agree or tell me I am crazy and way off base. Your comments, anger or praise are welcomed. I won’t judge you. I just might disagree that’s all.

Activists have historically put others rights before their own freedoms in order to bring about change. They don’t look at the here and now they look to how they can affect the future for ALL.

Will Prop 19 change the dynamics of the cannabis economy in California? Without a doubt! Will it be for the better or worse? We can’t be to sure right now, we have a lot of speculation but no hard data. Why is this? Well because something like this has NEVER happened. We have no framework to go by, we have no model to go by. This is uncharted territory for sure. There is speculation on BOTH sides.

However, this goes beyond the state lines of California. This is so monumental because it WILL thrust MJ into the mainstream. If prop 19 passes and the sky doesn’t fall, if accident fatalities don’t increase (and they won’t) if MJ use in teens doesn’t increase, if violence surrounding MJ goes down drastically, if revenue can be created both in taxation of cannabis for consumption and industrial hemp. Then when CCHHI comes around then we will have 2 years of data to back up what we have been saying for 40+ years. Not only that, the public and politicians will see for themselves first hand that society didn’t collapse. It will start to change the way many think about cannabis. Paving the way for even more change. For the better.

I am willing to make some sacrifices in the short term and take some risk (yes, I have it good right now with a Dr. Rec) if it will help change the tide in this country (and outside this country) towards the way people feel about cannabis prohibition. If other states follow suite (and they will WA isn’t far behind) it will be WELL WORTH the risk. Other states will come up with their own take and use CA as a test area so to speak. They will see the flaws and pros with Prop 19 and make changes accordingly.

If prop 19 passes it doesn’t mean we stop and consider it a victory. It means we get energized and fight harder for what is a human right! It means we become more active locally and ensure whatever changes are made are for the good of cannabis users and non cannabis users alike. We can show the world that cannabis use is not a detriment, we are NOT all stoners and potheads. Just simply people that enjoy responsible cannabis use.

If prop 19 passes there will still be be a need for civil disobedience. Change will still need to occur. Prop 19 is not just a change in the laws in California. It’s a change in the thinking of the society as a whole. And THAT is what the most important aspect of Prop 19 is, not how big your grow area is, not how much weed you can carry on you, not how much it can or should be taxed. It’s the message it sends to the world. The headline will be “CALIFORNIA LEGALIZES MARIJUANA” or it will be “CALIFORNIA REJECTS MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION”. Which ever one of those headlines gets printed will have a HUGE impact on this country. The media is NOT going to dissect the reasons why it will take the simple headline and run.

Let’s not forget that Industrial Hemp will also be allowed under Prop 19. This is RARELY discussed in debates. However it’s very important to point out that many things can be made and sold (exported) from this wonderful plant. <— this is HUGE if you’re an environmentalist type.

Also research will open up in this state. This is HUGE and it’s one of the aspects this government fears the most (along with industrial hemp). Their lies are starting to topple down. Keep the momentum going.

Stop thinking of yourself if you claim to be an activist… being an activist isn’t about you, it’s about EVERYONE else. Will Prop 19 negatively affect a small group of people that have their livelihood revolve around SB 215.. probably. But it will have a positive affect in the minds of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people.

We have it TO good here in California, and that’s part of the problem. You put any of you in Florida, Mississippi or Georgia and you’d be WISHING Prop 19 would pass in your oppressed state. You’ve become complacent and want to continue with the status quo. So you’re no longer an activist you’re just a pothead that wants to use and be left alone.

Prop 19 allows anyone over 21 to grow, there will be SO much weed in California. It will spill into neighboring states. Regular people will be growing not just activists out of civil disobedience. Or dealers for the dollar. It will be so plentiful it will be given away!

Thank you Marc Emery! You’ve helped pave the way for California, I see your sacrifices and while you sit in your Jail Cell I am going to Vote YES on Prop 19 and continue your idea to OutGrow this government.

These pipe dreams need to stop, you guys forget just how much opposition there is to cannabis. You’re so in to your MJ community you forget how much Hatred there is for it. That people are opposed on a MORAL level. That’s tough to fight. There is no way right now in this state that 51% of the people will vote for CCHHI. After a couple years of Prop 19 that very well could change though.

Since they aren’t “Against” prohibition just prop 19. I’d like to hear how CCHHI would be different and stop the spread of the evil corporate gmo that they all seem to talk about.

I think many of these others are just simply against legalization completely. They like the niche closed market they have gotten used to. Side stepping grey areas of the law. They feel entitled since they did the foot work.  Or they just want the notoriety that goes along with being the ones that ended prohibition. To go down in history. That’s what a lot of this is… a childish pissing contest.

Are you an activist that opposes the prohibition of cannabis or are you just a cannabis user that wants to be left alone and continue with the status quo of complacency

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