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Just Say Now Launches Online Phone Banking for Marijuana Reform

Just Say Now is proud to announce a new tool to put marijuana reform directly in the hands of activists: online phone banking to identify supporters of marijuana reform before November’s election.

There are thousands of voters in Arizona, California, Oregon, and South Dakota who we need to vote for marijuana reforms.  We’re targeting calls to young voters and “surge voters” – people who turned out in 2008 but who are not yet likely to vote in the midterm elections.

Anyone can log in to the tool with their email address or Facebook account to immediately start calling voters in any of four states voting on marijuana reforms. When you call, you’ll identify supporters of the initiatives, and the Just Say Now campaign will later organize to bring those voters to the polls.

Check out Just Say Now’s online phone banking tool – you’re just a phone call away from helping to end the war on marijuana.

Our online phone bank tool allows anyone to be a part of this historic election from the comfort of their home. The goal is to put this election in the hands of the people so we can pass these ballot initiatives and help end the war on marijuana.

You can choose which state you want to call: California is voting on marijuana legalization with Prop 19, Oregon is voting on Measure 74 to allow non-profit pharmacies for medical marijuana patients, and Arizona’s Proposition 203 and South Dakota Measure 13 are being voted on allowing medical marijuana in the state.

We’re specifically targeting young voters, and people who voted in the 2008 election but aren’t voting in the midterms. Young voters are more likely than any other group to support marijuana reforms, and are the least likely to turn out right now. We want to shift that balance and bring young voters to the polls that no one else thinks will show up.

“The path to victory for marijuana reform leads straight through young voters,” said Aaron Houston, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and a Just Say Now partner. “It’s imperative that young supporters of marijuana reforms are identified, especially those who wouldn’t normally vote in this election. That’s why Just Say Now’s online phone bank tool is such a critical tool for passing marijuana reforms this year.”

It’s important to call these voters so our campaign can identify who supports the initiatives. That way, when it comes down to get out the vote, we can spend our time contacting just those people whom we know support marijuana reform.

Our phone banking tool will convert enthusiasm about marijuana reform into votes.  It gives marijuana reform supporters who don’t have initiatives in their states a way to have an impact. No matter what state you choose to call, you’ll help us end the war on marijuana. Your calls are critical to our efforts to pass these marijuana initiatives.

Pick up the phone and make the call for marijuana reform – check out Just Say Now’s online phone banking today.

This is just one part of a big GOTV push Just Say Now is rolling out before November 2. Help support our organizing efforts and donate to Just Say Now’s campaign today.

Thanks for all you do to end the war on marijuana.