Si Se Puede! Latino Voter's League Endorses Prop. 19.

LOS ANGELES, CA*— “The so called war on drugs has been a gigantic failure, and approving *Prop 19* in Nov. in California will hasten its demise,” said *Antonio Gonzalez*, coordinator of the *Latino Voters League*(LVL) at a press conference at LVL headquarters in Los Angeles.

Latino and Black youth are disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition. They are arrested and jailed many times more than white youth even though cannabis use is roughly the same across ethnic and racial use.

“Legalizing and taxing cannabis will generate significant new revenues for public safety, health and education in California.  In addition to raising more than a billion dollars in tax revenue on this commodity, hundreds of millions of dollars will be saved by redeploying police services away from chasing and jailing casual marijuana users and onto pursuit of violent criminals.  At a time when our state is laying off firemen, teachers, and police officers, we must pursue common sense, revenue-generating policies. *That’s why I support Prop. 19,” remarked Hector De La Torre, California Assemblyman* from the 50th AD.

“Furthermore, approving Proposition 19 will strike a blow to violent gangs and Mexican cartels that prey on our communities by removing their profit incentive. Legalizing and taxing cannabis will surface and allow the authorities to control it. Parents worried about drug use today among their teenage children should support Proposition 19 because it will reduce the availability of cannabis among underage persons by controlling it and regulating it in the same way alcohol is controlled,” Gonzalez commented.

The LVL is a 501©4 group created by leadership associated with WCVI and SVREP in order to have a vehicle for use regarding initiatives and legislation. For more information on Proposition 19 visit **

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