Prop Hate(8) backers find new enemy- ME!

Where does one begin? Obviously we knew that the haters and liars would be out in full force. With a resounding defeat in the case against Prop 8, it would seem that the holier-than-thou group that lead the efforts to remove the rights of Californians to marry are at it again. Only this time they want to take your cannabis. It never ceases to amaze me the pure distortions that groups like these will use to make their points. They should be ashamed really. I mean, if you have a valid argument then why distort reality to make a safe and benign plant seem evil and destructive? The fact is truth is NOT on your side and in order to continue to influence the political landscape with hyperbole means having to flat out misrepresent facts and outright lie. Way to go. I am sure there is a special corner of hell for the FALSE PROPHETS.

In response, I am launching the “How Would Jesus Vote (HWJV)” campaign. HWJV will attempt to reach a reasonable percentage of Christians that are being force-fed this rhetoric, and provide them with a more reasonable and truthful debate on why Jesus does not see locking people up, taking good parents from their kids, and kicking in the doors of those who use cannabis as moral and Christian values. These Drug Warriors (and downright immoral haters) should find a real enemy to fight…like themselves. So here we go the official launch of the HWJV campaign. Stay tuned for flyers and information to spread far and why at every church on every Sunday morning until November….

What is interesting is that those in the community who oppose 19 are now in bed with thee folks. Is that what you are shooting for? To emulate the H8ters?

California Anti-Gay Group Attacks Prop 19 Marijuana Initiative

by Phillip Smith, August 10, 2010, 09:20pm, one of the “family values” groups that led the fight for Proposition 8, the ballot measure  overturning gay marriage in the state (which was just ruled against by a federal judge), has joined the fight against Proposition 19, the Tax and Regulate Cannabis marijuana legalization initiative.

Prop 19 would legalize the possession of up to an ounce and cultivation of up to 25 square feet by adults 21 and over anywhere in the state. It would also give counties and municipalities the local option to tax and regulate the sale of marijuana.

According to, Prop 19 would mean the end times are upon the Golden State. The group has announced a web site,, which should be active by mid-week. In the meantime, it has released aYouTube video, which provides a taste of the group’s Reefer Madness rhetoric. Marijuana is the “gateway to meth and cocaine,” the group claims. Pot is “the number one addiction for 60% of teens in rehab,” the “public service announcement” says. Marijuana is “50-70% more cancer-causing than cigarettes,” it warns.

Never mind that the gateway theory has been repeatedly debunked, that the majority of kids in drug rehab for marijuana are there because a court ordered them, not because they are addicted, or that leading researchers cannot find a link between pot-smoking and lung cancer.

“Marijuana could be sold in grocery stores,” if the initiative passes, the ad warns, in a hyperventilating preview of opposition arguments. Passage would mean “skyrocketing” teen drug use, increased “drugged driving,” and “higher costs for everyone as addictions soar.” Passage of Prop 19 means: “Messed up minds, messed up lives, messed up families, California out of control!” as ominous drums sound in the background.

The man behind both the fight against gay marriage, and now, this opposition to Prop 19 is moral entrepreneur Randy Thomasson, who has for the past 15 years fought against “the homosexual agenda.” During the battles over Prop 8, the Orange County apostle of traditional family values espoused views so extreme he alienated even his allies in the anti-gay rights movement.

Looks like his extremism extends to marijuana policy as well. At least this time, he doesn’t have the deep-pockets to gin up another media campaign like he did with Prop 8. At least, not yet. Watch Thomasson’s anti-Prop 19 video here

MARIJUANA, LIES, and Videotape…


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