OG: Ed Rosenthal calls cannabis opposers to Prop. 19 "Self-Hating Traitors"

In true Ed form, the “Guru” calls it like it is and pulls no punches on the continued and ludicrous hypocrisy of those in the cannabis community that continue to oppose the Prop. 19 legalization effort. He affirms assertions that Jack would be on board and ridicules those who believe otherwise. In his own words….

I was very close to Jack and we discussed legalization at great length. If Jack was alive there is no doubt that he would have reluctantly voted for this initiative. Ultimately, anyone who uses marijuana and votes against it has serious mental problems or is a self-hating traitor. It’s as simple as that. If you would like to see why we need this marijuana bill go onto my blog (EdRosenthal.com) and look at the chart of arrests for marijuana by county in┬áCalifornia. Ask the 1000’s arrested each year what they think. Anyone who votes against this bill needs either counseling or to do penance.

Ed Rosenthal

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