Getting your Hempfest on….

Most of the industry is walking the cool shores of the Seattle Waterfront winding their way through the maze of Hempiness that is Myrtle Edwards pPark right now. This evening there MAY be a party or two, but none like the Tainted days. Still, Seattle Hempfest is a time of year I usually look forward to and am saddened that the actions of our Federal Government have left me homebound for this year. Oh well…life goes on. I will say that to those of you who are reading this and probably are not there either, do yourself a favor and put it on the calendar for next year. Even donate to the World’s Largest Cannabis event at It is one of the most worthy causes in this industry and for years has been a beacon of hope and legitimacy for the movement. Looking out over a sea of people from the Main Stage at 4:20 on Saturday afternoon reinforces the fact that WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR. Multitudes of like-minded people gather in honor of the cannabis plant and its many uses. Vivian McPeak continues to direct this event to huge success and his army of volunteers all deserve our gratitude. So Hempfesters and the like, I WILL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR…I HOPE. If you are in the area, go, and give them money too. Olympia Hempfest and Portland Hempstalk are on the horizon as well, so go get your festival on and have a fair day….