Dragonflies Reports Dennis Back on the Anti- 19 Trail


i spoke with dennis by phone 3 days ago, so steve kubby’s news is quite irrelevant now:


On July 31, an email was circulated claiming that Dennis Peron had been asked to cease his public “criticism” of Prop. 19 and had agreed. Some people in the movement thought this meant Peron was admitting defeat and ending his campaign against Prop. 19. I spoke with Peron a few days later and learned that this was not at all the case.

Peron stated emphatically, “I didn’t call off the campaign, I did not. I hate this bill.”

He said that Steve Kubby had told him he was “beating a dead horse,” and Peron said he briefly thought that it could indeed be true that perhaps he had said enough against the initiative. But then he reconsidered.

“Well, maybe I am beating a dead horse. But it’s just too ugly, too awful, to not beat it up,” he said about Prop. 19. “I like beating it up.”

Peron has resumed his campaigning by circulating flyers encouraging voters to “Get the Greed Out of Marijuana.” When asked if he thought the CCHHI/Jack Herer Initiative was a better alternative to Prop. 19, he exclaimed, “Anything’s better than that!”

As far as division within the marijuana movement, Peron insisted, “We’re dividing ourselves, but we have to… But as for campaigning against Prop. 19, I’m back, I’m back.”

-dragonfly de la luz