Disingenuous: California Cannabis Association are cowards…

This report was sent out yesterday about an event held Friday night.

Generally, older folks in the crowd at HempCon seem in favor of Prop 19; younger ones aren’t, hoping instead things will “stay as they are” long enough for them to cash in. They were largely unaware of who Steve Cooley is, or Meg Whitman, etc. They want stickers, but not newsletters.

Skunk Magazine hosted a “Share the love–NO on 19” party last night, promo cards had “Mary n Jane” shotgunning each other and the $20 donation going to the California Cannabis Association, apparently housed at www.cannlobby.com.

Ed Rosenthal and I went to the “Mary and Jane” and “Skunk Magazine” booths to inquire why they were opposing 19 and were informed that the California Cannabis Association wrongfully included them in their flyer and they were not in support of the “No on 19” message. In fact, Sean, the manager of the “Mary n Jane” booth went as far as to say that they put it on their side of the flyer because they did not have the balls to put it on their own side. He also stated that Mary and Jane (who are lovely) had no idea about the discourse and BS purported by the CCA. He also stated the Skunk Magazine was from Canada and did not have much interest in California affairs.

It is a shame that an organization would not have the courage to put their own message out without lumping in other groups, who obviously could care less about their mission to undermine CA legalization efforts. The group has a website that says “coming soon” and has no credible information on who is behind the efforts. Just another group of cowardice haters that want to keep the status quo so they can get paid off of the backs of patients for a while longer I suppose. It is sad. The leader of this effort should grow a sack of nuts and admit that they were involved in deceptive bullshit that attempted to include organizations in their efforts that did not want to be and furthermore did not appreciate the negative exposure.