Dennis Peron ends his campaign against Prop. 19.

Steve Kubby reports that Dennis Peron has decided to end his campaign against Proposition 19. Does that means he is on board? Change of heart? Will be teaching at Oaksterdam again? All or any of these would be great news. It is time to join together and push 19 over the edge to victory in November.

A message from Steve Kubby:


I’ve asked Dennis Peron to cease his criticism of Prop. 19 and he has agreed.  Dennis gave me permission to make a public announcement, but I have also asked him to draft his own announcement as well.

This should not minimize the validity and importance of the issues raised by Dennis, but should be viewed as a recognition by Dennis that it is time to build unity within our cannabis community.  I respect Dennis even more than ever, for taking the high road, as we go into the final three months of this campaign.

Finally, I would like to again acknowledge Dennis Peron for his extraordinary leadership and vision.  Indeed, I do not believemedical marijuana would be legal in any state, if it were not for his leadership and courage.

Those who might want to personally thank Dennis can reach him at <>.

Let freedom grow,

Steve Kubby

We await an official response from Dennis and will update the story as we get it…

UPDATE: KC Kimber reports he just got off the phone with Dennis who said he was not ending his crusade. We still await confirmation from Peron…

UPDATE cont: What exactly was said by Dennis to KC Kimber: “Dennis said to me, and I suggest you call and verify for yourself. He doesn’t want 19 to lose by too much so he is done actively campaigning against it. Campaigning being the keyword.” via Facebook.

CW has not been able to reach Peron for a direct statement…

9 thoughts on “Dennis Peron ends his campaign against Prop. 19.”

  1. KC Kimber is a pathological liar and I wouldn’t believe a word that he says. Peron is a declining old man now and he is obviously in a power struggle with the Prop 19 people and not thinking of everyone’s welfare. If and when he can think clearly at all due to his illness. Who really cares what he thinks?

  2. What illness would that be. Stephanie? I’m not aware that he has one, although it has been erroneously reported that has AIDS.

  3. “If and when he can think clearly at all due to his illness.”

    What illness are you referring to, Stephanie? I know Dennis, and I’m not aware of anything other than what led to his stroke. Unless you’re referring to the false reports that he’s HIV-positive.

    “Who really cares what he thinks?”

    We are all indebted to him for a lifetime spent working to legalize and legitimize cannabis. I think he’s earned our interest, at the very least.

  4. he has worked hard but his opposition against Prop 19 was not really based on strong, good arguments. His stroke is probably the reason for his frailty. In his video, it is clear that he isn’t that coherent. Now there is a rumor that the feds took him into custody, did you see that?

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