Colorado Loves Cannabis Cash…

CW: So he was against it before he was for it. Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is the latest in a long line of flip-floppers that have somehow seen the light on medical cannabis if it can save their ass on budget shortfalls. I would defer to San Jose, Oakland, and any other number of municipalities and even the CA B.O.E. as prime examples of cannabis cash making a difference. I understand many patients are upset over these types of revenues being put forth on their medicine. Truth be told, I wish it were different. But results are results. Many doors have opened not out of the goodness of anyone’s heart, but because of the opportunity cannabis can afford. Many patients and organizations are willing to prime the pot (no pun intended) a little to gain greater acceptance. This may in turn result in some higher prices for medicines in some areas. Hopefully these organizations are considering the plight of the low income patients in their models and offering reasonable priced and complimentary medicines to offset the costs….

Medical Marijuana Helping Budget Deficit, Colorado Gov. Says

DENVER — Gov. Bill Ritter is using $9 million from medical marijuana registrations to help the state meet a $60 million fiscal emergency.

The state anticipates ending the year with 150,000 applicants for medical marijuana cards, up from 41,000 in 2009. A marijuana card costs $90 per year.

Backers of medical marijuana legislation in a number of states and cities have touted revenue from possible taxes and other fees as a selling point at a time of tight fiscal funding.

A victory lap….