ASA calls for help to defeat Steve Cooley


Do you remember California eight years ago? I do. I remember being a patient who had to buy my medicine in parking lots. I remember when there wasn’t safe access and law enforcement did not respect patients’ rights. Unless we stop Steve Cooley in his bid to be our next Attorney General, on November 2nd we may be forced to relive that memory.

Steve Cooley, the frontrunner in the California Attorney Generalrace, reminds us every chance he gets what will happen to medical marijuana if he wins. He will ban the sale of marijuana putting dispensing collectives out of business, send the bureau of narcotics enforcement (BNE) to bust cultivators, file amicus briefs against us in all our cases, and lobby against our anti-discrimination bill that is works to protect patients’ employment rights.

If Cooley wins, you won’t be able to purchase or safely growyour medicine. If you get arrested or unfairly loose your job, you won’t be able to defend yourself.

Cooley will set California back a decade. Every stride we’ve made, every protection we’ve gained, every step forward this movement has taken, will be wiped away in 83 days if Steve Cooley is elected Attorney General.

ASA has a strategy to win. Cooley is just 3 points ahead in this race and with over 400,000 patients in California and a base of over one million voters, we can swing this election; but campaigning costs money and if ASA doesn’t come up with it, no one will. We need to raise $150,000 by November to win, and we need you to help us get there.

Your donation today will help us launch a ‘Get Out the Vote Campaign’ to mobilize all medical cannabis patients, their friends and families. When you donate today, you will be keeping California safe from its biggest threat in over a decade.

Ask yourself: how important is preserving the political space we have created, how important is living in a state with safe and legal access to medicine? Now, YOU must join me and make this campaign your #1 priority for the next 83 days. And then, click here, and donate that amount, because without your donation, we won’t win. It’s that simple and that scary.

In Solidarity,

Steph Sherer

ASA Founder

This picture may be from 10 years ago….Don’t kill me, Steph. LOL.

3 thoughts on “ASA calls for help to defeat Steve Cooley”

  1. Alright, now I’ve been worried about this Steve Cooley thing ever since I heard he was running for AG of California. I know that we will be completely screwed here if he wins. What I don’t understand is why the medical community hasn’t completely come out in favor of prop. 19. These anti-19 people like Dragonfly De la whatever need to realize that if Cooley wins, (which he is ahead in the polls)and prop. 19 doesn’t pass, all store front dispensaries will be illegal as soon as Cooley issues new guild lines which will declare all cash transactions illegal. One of the few things dispensaries have to protect themselves from overzealous bloodsucking DAs like Cooley are the guide lines laid out by Jerry Brown (our current AG)which specifically allows for cash reimbursements.

    I understand that ASA only advocates for patients rights and nothing else but there is one thing that makes no sense to me. If prop. 19 passes it will cement cash transactions into the legal language of the law thus eliminating the gray area of SB 420 which only mentions people forming collectives and cooperatives to cultivate and never mentions cash transactions. There is no way Cooley would be able to justify not allowing cash transactions for medical dispensaries and at the same time allowing them for recreational dispensaries. Why doesn’t ASA want approach this issue from 2 angles. I feel that if ASA were to just endorse prop. 19, that would give us the momentum we need to win. Steph Sherer even said above that things are not looking in our favor at this point with the Cooley election. If things are this close to ending to being so bad as Steph described above, why are we not taking every possible precaution? So please ASA, I beg you, endorse prop. 19 before its too late. If I am off point at all on this someone please let me know.

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