What Would Jack Do? He would vote for Prop. 19!!!

There has been so much speculation regarding Jack Herer and whether or not he would vote for Prop. 19. As this question is continually brought up by those who point to his last fiery speech at Hempstalk where he passionately states, “I don’t want to give one fucking dime of taxes….” as a clear referendum on his disapproval of Prop 19. Many of the interest protecting opposition try to lay the burden of a vote to legalize cannabis on the doorstep of a dead man (RIP) to tug at the heart string of a movement. One of Jack’s close friends and ongoing friend of the family, Todd McCormick, wrote this to clarify the point and reiterate what I believed all along…JACK WOULD NEVER CAST A NO VOTE AGAINST CANNABIS REFORM. The family may be issuing an official endorsement statement on his behalf in the near future. Below is what Todd had to say to those who doubt Jack…

Todd McCormick wrote:

As I sit here editing the next edition of ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ and reading this missive from some anonymous person who obviously doesn’t know
jack about Jack I would ask everyone to look at Jack’s OWN INITIATIVE:


III. The legislature is authorized upon thorough investigation, to enact legislation using reasonable standards to:

1. License concessionary establishments to distribute cannabis hemp euphoric products in a manner analogous to California’s wine industry model. Sufficient community outlets shall be licensed to provide reasonable commercial access to persons of legal age, so as to discourage and prevent the misuse of, and illicit traffic in, such products. Any license or permit fee required by the State for commercial production, distribution or use shall not exceed $1,000.00.

2. Place an excise tax on commercial sale of cannabis hemp euphoric products, analogous to California’s wine industry model, so long as no excise tax or combination of excise taxes shall exceed $10.00 per ounce.

As someone who not only filed the above verbiage with Jack in 1995, but also as someone who sat with him night after night watching him fuss over every little word and passage in that initiative I can tell you that Jack KNEW EXACTLY what he was writing when he wrote to: “Place an excise tax on commercial sale of cannabis hemp euphoric products, analogous to California’s wine industry model.”

Jack Herer did indeed support taxing Cannabis, as he WROTE IT INTO HIS OWN INITIATIVE!

And I am also working on a letter that will be released by his children clearly stating that Jack would support Prop 19 and that Jack WOULD NEVER walk into a voting booth and vote anything but YES to LEGALIZE CANNABIS!

Wake UP PEOPLE: if you don’t like Richard’s efforts then get off your derriere and go do better! This is hardly the last step in winning back our freedom and releasing all the pot prisoners.

If you people arguing against this initiative actually prevail in causing this to lose on the November ballot then this WHOLE MOVEMENT LOSES and people will be sitting in jails much longer the world over because of your stupidity.

So Sincerely,
Todd McCormick

P.S. I would also like to ask everyone on this list to take a moment and fill in my survey as I work to build a better THC EXPO/SHOW that will be touring to at least 5 states in the next 12 months. I really would treasure the opinions from the people on this list on what can be done better.



So there you have it. Can we put the “What Would Jack Do” conversation to bed and those who oppose the Prop 19 effort can go back to speaking for Dennis instead of Jack and Dennis. That would be great….

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